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This story is a sequel to Dark as Chitin

Proceeding the events of Dark as Chitin, our protagonists finally have time to relax and settle into their roles within Equestria, or so it seemed. Chimera and Luster Dawn are faced with a new challenge, guardianship of a, particularly naughty filly. Chrysalis, on the other hoof, is having trouble re-entering society and conforming to the norms of pony-kind. Meanwhile, Soul's adjusting to his role as The Lord of...Nothing.

As everypony carries on with their lives, a threat looms just outside the edges of perception, possibly threatening all that ever was, is, and will be.

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Why is it so hard for me to write compliments to an author's work?
Anyways i'm looking forward to see how you continue Dark as Chitin.
I wish you success with the story.

Oh yeah, chimeras wild ride is here once again. Cant wait for what will happen again. And ch

Upss, and chimera adopting cozy? That can be start of nice character development. Once again keep up the good work.

"Adopting? You're not even one!"

Good that Chryssie didn't become too nice. I still want to see her do a friendship piledriver when meeting Thorax. :V

Subtle there, Soul.

Nice start. I am kinda sad you didn't keep Chimera and Chrysalis' original reformed appearance. They fit really really well.

Who knows, those forms might return.

Well that's one way to counsel...

Hehe Cozy is going to get so frustrated with Pry.
Poor Chrissy, the first step is admitting the problem...

Nice to see both Cozy and Chrysalis doing well, although I question Discord being used as a psychiatrist. Sad to see that bullying is a thing in the school though.

I'm half-hoping that they try locking Thorax and Chryssie in a room together so that they can sort out their differences.

<Twilight> *outside the locked door* They'll soon become best friends again!

<Chrysalis> Get back here you traitorous brat!


<Chrysalis> Let me show you some FRIENDSHIP!

<Thorax> It's not supposed to bend that WAY!

<Twilight> BEST FRIENDS!

Right, reformation was what you were aiming at all that time ago, not sacrificing them to build Twilight's confidence. Riiiight.

<Cozy> ... Are you stalking me?

Pry is putting on some serious big-brain moves. So big Cozy can't see it. This might be a good thing?
Family bonding, yay!

I see that Cozy's quite grumpy with her current situation. At least she has a nice supportive family.

Stranger danger!

Cozy Ramsey.

'a week with strangling' - without

Eek, yeah, foregoing sleep is definitely not recommended for long stretches.
Ohboi timeless being is coming to die? That's always fun.
Always remember your support networks, they keep you aligned when things start to drift...

Just talk to your other kids, Chryssie. Just try not to suplex Thorax too hard.

Ancient evil incoming!

Yeah, always a great idea to work until you snap.

When will a doctor inform Chimera that there is a plant growing in his stomach?

huh someone actually got through to Chrysalis this early. Now she just needs to talk to Thorax. He won't exactly be happy initially but if your honest and earnest in wanting to make amends he just can't stay mad. Also, yeah, get some sleep Chimera. Nice chapters.

Somepony is getting twitterpated!
Figures Thorax would fail to hear the apology over the identify confirmation. Still, everyling else was too stunned to respond so that's a start, right?

At this rate, Cozy may end up forming a crush on "Pry", which would be rather awkward.

Nice to see Chrysalis making more progress.

I think Chryssie broke Thorax's mind with her apology. She might need to suplex him to calm him down.

At least she's making some progress.

Smooth, Cozy, smooth.

'casted' - cast (it's an irregular verb)

yep. I didn't expect Thorax to go for the defenestration defense. Nice chapters however.

I don't think that there's more to Thorax's behavior then just being afraid of Chrysalis or feeling guilty. I wonder what happened to Pry. Hopefully Cozy won't get into too much trouble for worrying about him.

Chrysalis wins! Flawless victory.

At least she's did stop him from escaping, though getting him to talk might be a tad difficult now.

Oh, hey, the evil one flexes him muscles. Too bad Soul got metaphysically b*tch-slapped in the process.

tattletail - tattletale, unless it was supposed to be a horse pun

Heh, he tried to demonstrate a different lesson on generosity but that unintentionally broke the rails of the lesson Rarity was trying to teach. Whoops!
The intruder really should be more careful. Another move like that and it risks premature exposure...

But now, things have changed. I've been assigned a job that is possibly the most important one I've ever been assigned. I'm a babysitter. Alright, so maybe not a babysitter exactly, but that's pretty much was it amounts to. Luckily, I perfectly fit for the job. A little shapeshifting here and there and I'm in.

Isnt he babysitting the universe alongside Faust?

Quite different but very entertaining. But i came for Changeling... Guess im hooked anyway... :rainbowderp:

If I could just use my magic, this would be so much easier. However, for whatever reason, Twilight made it very clear that under any circumstances am I to use it on Chrysalis. I can't imagine why. The princess works in mysterious ways. All she permitted was using an alternate persona to converse with her and "scheduling" appointments.


Damn... 'God of the Void' is really awesome :rainbowkiss:

Cooking wile bonding. Neat!

This chapter was so confusing :facehoof:

Quite the mindblowing story chapter. For many characters and probably readers :derpytongue2:

Now i finaly understand. Basicly a imortal wanting to die become the next big bad guy. Interessting.

"no you hang up! No you hang up!"
The difficulty in finding low-level modifications is that, without a verification method there's really no way to be sure...
This is why contracts use very precise verbiage. What a hard way to learn that lesson!

A update today, keeps the boredom away. ♡

Yay for the future of Changeling kind

I just figured he was an angel

Throwing my hooves out, I was shocked to find that they stopped short, suspended in some sort of matrix. There was like some kind of invisible force field in the way. The harder I pushed, the more resistance I was met with. A barrier? No, that wasn't it. The farther I reached, the slower I went. At this rate, I would never reach him. Darn Colt, cheating with magic. I can't even dispel it, I don't even know what spell this is.

is he using Zeno's paradox on her?

I think the forgoing of sleep is a result of Chimera trying to escape his night terrors after all it is a common belief that if you limit your sleep you don't dream. It's not true but you hear it a lot.

"Forgive me!"

"Forgive me first!"

This is the part where an airstrike is called to destroy them both and end the problem. You will agree if you have witnessed this type of stuff.

I see they're dealing with it like mature adults, good.

No, angel was correct. It literally means "messenger of God" since Faust is God and Soul is her messenger that makes him an angel.

I checked, your right in the first story but in the sequel hes a god.

Oh nice it’s like two Canadians trying to be more sorry but they are trying to make up with forgiveness. I also love this sequel

And after months it returns from the realm of the dead

Well Cozy isn't wrong, the mane six are literally neurotic. But, Harmony helps them anyways, the alternative would be... dangerous.

I think I finally understand it all now. All this time, I just couldn't see it. Twilight Sparkle and her friends... are all bucking insane!

You've finally realized the truth. We're all so proud of you:pinkiesmile:

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