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Sweet, gentle and compassionate Celestia, just the way I like her. With 1000+ years, not much escapes her notice.

1000+ years to learn and set the ground work for an effective info gathering network works wonders

This is interesting. I look forward to more.

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Oh most definitely, comes with the experience and wisdom.
It'd be sweet if Kyle broke down after she recognized that he wasn't from Equestria, and she gave him a big old wing hug.

he doent know her well yet so mabey in a bit? at least after they have a little bit to get to know eachother and for kyle to see for himself how other humans are treatid through seeing himself or reading reports

You mean trust her enough expose any sort of weakness? All while appearing string and keeping a level head beforehand?

It's been to long since a story like this was written. I'm really looking forward to it

If Kyle Williams is an anthropologist, doesn't that men he's got a doctorate and should introduce himself as Dr Kyle Williams?

cool. I hope to see how the rest of the story turns out.

Another 'Williams' ends up on Equus.

I guess that the hole between Earth and Equus that Firefly made all those ages ago on the Williams farm in Kentucky has been drifting around and reopening fully at random.

Very interesting. Always good to see another story inspired by "your human and you"

Not necessarily. Anthropology is just the study of humans and those closely related to humans. An anthropologist can have a bachelors masters or PHD. That doesn't necessarily mean he has a doctorate.

I know someone is going to bitch that the human is too calm, there is always one. I like this story, I think its refreshingly different. The guy is intelligent, and using his head, which isn't usual. My only minor complaint is if Kyle is naked, there would be some minor mention of being uncomfortable about it. Don't get me wrong, having the main character blushing like a twelve-year-old is over done and writers here need to stop. But he should some discomfort about it.

All in all, Im following and interested in seeing more.

EDIT: I made the above comment mid-story and just finished. I have to say that I would be somewhat insulted. Every other human is sold according to their value, and here I am, not even worth a single bit. Not even one bit. That's kind of kick in the teeth.

"I was butt naked......and buff........and had white hair on my no-no region......." -Delta-Boio

Nice work.

Having a PHD makes you a doctor

Yeah and I am saying he may not have one. We do not know his level of education

“Don’t forget on who’s good graces you continue to operate this venture


Well... Thing is... what Kyle can tell about humans, the ones he is kin to, not the feral ones here... is that it is a THOROUGHLY bad idea antagonizing them. Apart from the number thing [Eight BILLION anything is going to be troublesome] there is the HUGE attitude in making anything they encounter dead...


this has the same vibe as this: FIC and while its a great read it made me furious to say the least.....:facehoof:

good chapter though cant wait for chap 2!:rainbowlaugh:

Why are you mad? Your human and you was a decent enough story with fairly good pacing and character development.

Extremely preachy.

My Draconequus Emperor OC: I sense a terrible disturbance in The Void, of a poor human soul is trapped in a dimension wherein humans are treated as mere animals and mindless beasts to be auctioned. General, I want you to send your human star fleet and wrecc whoever are selling your fellow humans.

Me who is the General of the army: At once Milord!! I shall send forth a massve human star fleet to this dimension you speak of and deliver the most AWESOME PAIN!!!! Annihilate those who would treat us Humans like that?!! No Sir!!! We will rip and tear them all until it's done.

“Depends who you get,” Swift said bluntly. “Some mining companies use humans for dangerous work. The guards use them like watch dogs and replaceable training dummies. Private citizens use your kind for a number of different tasks. I know one mare who taught her human to read and respond to complex commands.”

Would Celestia please explain this... It does not paint a pretty picture.
And does this world not have any formal animal rights?


If they were related, Faust help them if Megan found out. I don't know what the Rainbow of Light would pull on human abusing ponies (griffins, horses...).

dude you clearly misread my point! im furious about the humans in the story not the story itself. a good read to me invokes my emotions be it happiness , sadness, anger, envy and any other emotion there is. so this invokes a DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, VERY DEEP anger inside and with that i say that im clearly FURIOUS about it and love to read chapter 2!:facehoof:

You just said it made you furious. You didn't say why.

They like the story because it pulls strong emotions from them; they're furious because of the circumstance that's happening. I hope you understand now! :twilightblush:

I think this would be a good romance with celestia story well if there was romance just saying

Interesting premise. Looking forward to the journey on this one.

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