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Apparently, all I write is Applejack.


When Sunset started imagining her and Twilight together? That was weird. They were friends! Best friends! Friends who saved the world from evil magic creatures and who danced together and teased each other and…

“Oh boy,” Sunset muttered out loud.

Written originally as part of Quills and Sofas’ B Contest (B is for Bisexual!) and expanded to this (the original version was only 500 something words :O). The prompt used was “The colour of the sky”. Thanks to everyone there who preread the original version during the contest!

Submitted to the Pride and Positivity event. Please check out the donation links below and donate if you can!

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Via #1 · June 21st · · ·

Cute and enjoyable.

One word: Slippers.

Sunset and Sci-Twi, disaster bisexuals

Okay, that was adorable, wholesome and really, really sweet. Thank you for some wonderful sciset.

aw thank you for the comment! im glad you enjoyed :)

Really enjoyed it, and since I am a big sciset fan myself.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

IIRC, Sunset's canonically bi, so this is quite fitting. Nice bit of romance fluff!

Yeah she is! That's why shes the first person i thought of when i started writing a bi story ^^


Cute and yes, it is a bit scary being young and unsure. Fluff like this is always welcomed.

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