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When ever you try to do something nice, its always, "Who are you!" or, "How did you get into my house!" and usually, "I'm calling 911!" People never appreciate anything anymore.


A man far away from home comes across a bright red crystal. Said crystal happens to hold one tyrannical mare. A deal is struck up and so the human and mare journey through this God forbidden snow.

Featured 6/29/2021
"(Chuckles) I'm in danger." - Some yellow kid on a bus

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I'm liking where this is going :trixieshiftright:

I'm excited to see more chapters!

Edit: Honestly with the...ahem.... red tag and romance tag it would be interesting to see what could be made with those two tags. Plus, it adds excitement to future chapters.

maybe a little bit too much excitement...heh

Loving the story so far so don't worry too much over small details, as for the red tag... I don't mind getting blue balled if the romance is good enough :moustache:

Great start so far man cant wait for more and as for the red tag..........c'mon man you cant tease me like that and then leave me high and dry!!! that's just cruel, but honestly? you do you man its your story and I look forward to more whatever you chose.

Hey vato, you got some promising writing here!

Good start, I hope to see more!:raritywink:

Congratz, ya got featured! 6/29/2021

Neato burrito

So why was he stumbling through this dreadful blizzard? Don does not know. Don doesn't even know how he got here. Don doesn't remember a lot, with his past being but a distant blur. Don thinks it might account for the fact there's a large gash on the side of his bandaged head. But Don doesn't want to think about that, he just wants to find somewhere warm.

Because FAMILY

always enjoy a possible umbra romance

Very well done, I hope to see more of this.

Usurper Eren Jëager do you have any last words.
-Lady Tybur

Fast and Furious summarized.

As he walked, he would break off any low-hanging sticks with his hand and used his hatchet for those thicker, stubborn ones. Once with a sufficient amount, he tried locating Umbra.

She hadn't introduced herself as Umbra quite yet.
A good start tho.

Thanks! Fixed it right away.

An Umbra fic. My favourite. Can't wait for more. In regards the the red tag, I like to think of it as the cherry on top. Amazing without but perfect with. Also its red like the tag.

Good so far! Please continue.

Don’t blue ball us, I’ll stay for the story though, I came for the red tag honestly.

Haha! I'll never add the red tag!

In all seriousness, I think I decided to add it, so no blue balling my friend.


Bewildered, Don looked at his trigger. Testing it with a few tugs of his finger, Dons face shaped to pure fear.

"Don, why is the mutt still standing?" Impatiently asked Umbra.

"The trigger's loose."

This is why you should test fire your gun first before facing the enemy. Well it could have been worse, the gun could've backfired.

I knew once it was stated that they had 'spare parts' that the gun would malfunction.

If Umbra was voiced, who would her voice actress be?

I'm already in love with this story. Hope you continue it on a regular basis. This is wonderful so far,

I also feel like umbra was sooooo glad that someone would share some physical affection with her in the form of cuddling.

The rifle came together really nicely and they even managed to have some spare parts!

Just like when I rebuild my laptop. Always an extra screw. A man after my own heart it seems

Comment posted by Marmo deleted August 16th

Hey, I'm glad to hear that! It's nice to know I can write things people enjoy. I'll try to get the next chapter out ASAP.

radio tower ?? barbed cables ?? rear corpses and everything where it snows ?? why does it seem that the caribou is to blame ??

I thought about putting that in the chapter but ultimately decided not to for the risk of putting in too many 'clues'. So at the moment it's up to the readers imagination 'till later.

No shit it wouldn't fire. You left out bits.

always the greedy changeling huh? ;)

Hm, I'm not even sure the story happens in Equestria anymore...

Noticed a few typos.

...the ache in he felt in his calf's...

The first 'in' is not needed here.

"Fine, I guess I do trust you." H mumbled.

The 'H' should be 'He' and missing the full stop/period.

...had Somewhat excited her.

Should be lower case 'somewhat'.

"You cute. Like my...

Should be 'Your' or 'You're'.

Thanks for spotting those out! I'll jump on them right away!

Comment posted by TheNumberOfTheBeast deleted September 5th

Please tell me this story is not dead, I love this story to much. Please continue if possible...

Yeah, it's dead. I'm done writing it. Think I'm gonna go to Hawaii for a vacation now. . .

Nah, I'm just joking. I'm halfway done writing its just going slow at the moment. But I'll get it out, so don't worry.

Hey, look at the nerd who made it to the end. Let's laugh at them!

Fuck you!

Loving this story so far rarely see umbra actually care for someone tell the sequel of so. She must of really come to like him while adding desperate to have a friend who didn’t fear her to grow attached to him so quickly but it’s fairly good so hope to see more soon!

Damn this is interesting! :raritystarry: Can't wait for an update. :pinkiehappy:

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