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The Usurper and the Ape - Amilition

Umbra shall reclaim her rightful place on the throne! Don just wants to get away from the cold. (R63 Sombra)

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Where the Silver Tower Stands

Left! Left! Left-right!

Running. So much damn running. Don hates everything about running. The scorching heat, the never-ending red track, and God damn he hated the sweaty aftermath. But he knows if he stops his ass will be grass. So he ran, ran against his own will.

There were others with him, running as he did, their faces blurred. The faces didn't concern him but while Don seemed to be on the brink of collapsing, they ran without trouble. Not a gasp for air nor a cry of exhaustion. They continued in perfect unison.

As he ran, he noticed that more seemed to appear, running onto the track from seemingly nowhere. From hellish running quickly turned into pushing past one another. He was desperate to get to the end for something unknown awaited him.

Left! Left! Left-right!

The sky darkened to a blood-red, and a commanding shouting boomed above him. The voice was unintelligible but Don knew it wanted him to pick up the pace.

Soon the unknown 'people' combusted into flames around him, one by one, but it didn't seem to influence their performance. They continued running to an unknown destination.

Don wanted to scream for help, but he knew all too well that if he did the devil himself will manifest. So he endured the scorching heat from the others, the ache he felt in his calf's, and the horrid shouting from above.

A hill, he could see a hill! Why he was excited to see it was beyond him, but it had to be the best hill he's ever seen!

Shoving a flaming person to the right, he pushed on with all his might. Pushing his way past the people, he climbed the hill.

The sky grew darker and the shouting got louder. But he continued.

Left! Left! Left-right!

It repeated in his head louder and louder. He just had to make it to the top!

With one final thrust, he collapsed on the hill. The shouting quietened and the sky returned to its natural blue. Don was filled with a sense of satisfaction.

He laid there, gasping, looking at the blue sky. Clouds would harmlessly pass over, varying in shape and size. A buffalo here and a butterfly there. He had done it, finally. Maybe now, his father could be proud of him.

But it soon turned to dread as he heard distant cries and shouts. He flinched as the red sky and the yelling before returned in merciless full force. Shakily getting on his knees, he looked over the edge of the hill.

There, below the hill stood a burning city. People littered the streets, screaming and crying, as bat-like creatures terrorized them.

A break in the sky was seen and white light cast down. Trumpets sounded and the screaming was silenced. Looking up he could see a pale figure descend. Don looked in awe as the figure floated to the ground. It sported big white wings and wore golden armor that seemed to radiate the rainbow. As soon as the figure touched the ground, a giant, fiery mushroom cloud rose.

Don could only watch as the city he saw below him was destroyed, the shockwave and smoke, consuming buildings in its wake.

He closed his eyes as shockwave and smoke reached him, yet, he didn't feel any pain. It was just. . . a black void. Opening his eyes, he found he was still intact. Not a single mark was left on him.

He soon realized he wasn't alone as maniacal giggling surrounded him.

Looking around to try and find the source of the laughter, Don's eyes landed on a pair of bright green eyes that seeped out purple smoke.

The giggling turned into full-blown laughter as soon he spotted it and with great haste, it charged him.

Don only had enough time to cover his face before. . .

- - - - - -

"Holy fuck shit!" Screamed Don, shooting up from his bag.

Gasping, he quickly scanned his surroundings. He only found was his clothes folded neatly on a log, an extinguished fire, and Umbra sitting upon the other log, strapping on her chest plating.

Seeing him awake she grinned.

"Didn't think you'd last that long," Umbra said, leaning back.

"What?" Heaved Don.

She hummed, examining him before she spoke.

"You know, when I would have prisoners, I'd like to play with them in their sleep sometimes. With a sprinkle of magic, I would have them screaming awake almost instantly. But you. . . you lasted quite a while. Honestly, I'm impressed."

"Wait, was that you?" He asked coldly.

She shrugged her shoulders at him.

"Not really, no. Your memories did my job mostly, I just enhanced it." She gave him a toothy smile.

Don's face scrunched up.

"Why would you do that you, ass?"

Umbra snorted and her eyes narrowed.

"Well, I apologize that the monkey forgot he had an overdue punishment. But if it makes you feel any better, I fed on your fear to charge my magic. Something you seem to desperately rely on." She explained waving her hand about.

Don stood up and marched to his clothes, the cold hardly affecting him. She had intruded on his dreams, his space. It's already a pain in the ass to try and watch what he thinks. Does he now have to be careful of what he dreams of too because God forbid he has an intimate dream he has no control over?

"You are a tremendous cunt, you know that?" Don said through gritted teeth as he pulled his sweater over his head.

Standing up, she scoffed.

"Don't tell me you're mad that I needed to charge. You knew it was going to happen eventually."

"You invaded my privacy. That's what I'm mad about." He fumed, tugging the pants up his legs.

"What privacy? We are bound, Don. Have you not figured that out yet?"

She didn't get a reply, not a scream or a shout. Don only closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"The problem with that is only you get to peek and prod at my mind. From reading my memories to even invading my fucking dreams!" Don then pointed a digit at her, "You know, ever since I met you, you've been a giant bitch."

"Last time I checked, I was a pony you brain-dead ape." She sneered.

Don shook his head as he continued putting on his clothes.

"Cunt fucker"


"Shit stick!"


"Ass muncher!"


They screamed names back and forth. A 'slut', here and a 'klutz' there. It continued while he dressed until Don got fed up with her.

"Where are you getting these fucking names, woman!? I don't understand half of them!" Don looked at Umbra as he pulled a glove over his hand.

She was deadly quiet before a slight smile graced her lips.

"I had an ambassador who liked to hurl insults whenever he could." She said with a calming breath, "But the same could be said for you. I have never heard such vulgar language in that manner." Umbra asked.

Don's scowl then cleared. Where did he hear those names? Memory be damned, he had it on the tip of his tongue.

"I-I don't recall. I just remember some asshole who kept calling me these weird strung-up names." Don told her. He scratched the back of his head, trying to remember exactly where he heard them from. The more he thought, the more he got heated. It was right there, teasing him. Why can't he remember?

His mind went into a tizzy. Don soon realized just how much he can't remember. Yes, he already knew his past was hazy but he didn't know the severity of it. It came down to the simple things, he can't remember where he was born or the high school he went to. All of it was behind an untouchable murky window.

Oh gosh, even his mom! He forgot his mother. How can he forget his own mother's face? Don began panting and nausea crept on him. But before he went insane, Umbra tapped him on the shoulder.

"Come, we got to keep moving."

Taking deep breaths, he looked up at her. Through the darkness, he swore he swore he saw sympathy in her glowing irises.

With a roll of her eyes, she shook her head.

"I do not sympathize, Don. I was just tired of hearing your mind going in a frenzy. Now let's go, traitors need to be shackled and a throne needs a new occupant."

Had Don been able to see through the dark, he would have caught the red on her cheeks she was trying to hide.

Umbra did a one-eighty and marched off towards the woods. Hastily grabbing the strap of his bag, he chased after her, grabbing the sleeping bag along the way and quickly stuffed it in an open back pocket, caring less about rolling it up.

"Traitors? What traitors?" Don asked.

Umbra's face scrunched up. The thought of those turncoats had her knuckles white. Oh, did she loath those that turned on her. The things she would do once she got her fingers wrapped around their throats.

"The ones that give the illusion of being your comrade. That they'll follow you through combat and glory. I guess I should have known better." Umbra sighed in defeat, slumping her shoulders.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Your condolence is duly noted but isn't needed. I'll have revenge once I return to my palace."

The thought of those that crossed her had Don thinking, especially what would happen once she got them. Execution? Torture? Humiliation? He shivered at the thought. Unknown to Don, his thoughts only gave fuel to Umbra's revenge scheme.

But to Umbra's disappointment, his thoughts soon landed on her.

-'Traitors huh? I wonder if Umbra would-'-

"No, I won't, Don. I need you as much as you need me."

-'Maybe not now, but once we get back she'll probably-'-

"I wouldn't gain anything from killing you. And if anything my subjects would surely praise you for returning their Queen."

-'Only a traitor would say that! Trying to lure me in a false sense of-'-

"Don, please clear your head." Umbra groaned.

He cleared his head by instruction but narrowed his eyes.

"I don't know. You can sack me in the middle of my sleep for all I know. Give me a good reason why I should trust you?"

Umbra kept silent and continued walking, paying him no mind. Acknowledging this, he sighed.

"Fine, I guess I do trust you." He mumbled

She turned her head at him and flashed him a smirk.

"Thank you for coming to your senses, my little monkey." Umbra purred.

Hearing the pet name, he gave her a questioning look.

"My little monkey?" Repeated Don.

Umbra giggled at his question. "A little name one of my friends would say to her denizens. Of course, replace 'monkey' with 'pony.'"

The thought of Don being her little monkey had her heart skip a beat. The thought of the only human to exist, to her knowledge, being obedient only to her had somewhat excited her. A trophy to show off to other kingdoms, maybe an exotic animal to display in a cage or maybe. . . a toy to use in her seclusion?

"Why would someone do that?" Don's question interrupted her thought process.

Umbra shrugged her arms. "I never knew. Some superiority complex I would guess."

Ducking under a branch, Don quizzically looked at her.

"Like you don't have one?"

She flicked her hair and looked at him.

"The difference is, my little human, I flaunt my superiority. People know who walks among them and know they deserve their undying loyalty. She, on the other hand, hid behind mind games. Flaunting her expensive jewelry here, enhancing her height there, it was all the same. A bit cowardly if you ask me."

"Height enhancement?"

With a simple flick of her wrist, she grew several heads taller than him. It was weird having to look up at this now Amazonian woman, not that he minded of course.

"A simple illusion trick that requires almost no skill. The tricky part comes into play when you need to conceal the illusion." She explained, shrinking down back to her normal height.

"Is it hard doing that? You know, the whole hiding thing." Asked Don.

Umbra shook her head. "No. Unless you find memorizing all three-hundred fifty-two ways to expose an illusion hard. Then finding a way to counter every single one," She twirled a finger in the air, "But that number may have increased in my absence."

Don lightly whistled at her response. "Wow. Three fifty-two, huh? And you memorized all that?"

"A queen has to know all she can to stuff up her sleeve."

The memories of restless nights at the library had her mentally crying.

"You keep talking about your absence from your kingdom and your return and everything. It's just had me thinking, how old are you?"

Umbra laughed at the question. My oh my does the human have great charisma.

"I'm reckoning you weren't popular with human mares, were you?" Teased Umbra.

Don snorted and crossed his arms. "That's not a fair question and you know it."

"Life isn't fair."

"I'm jealous of people who don't know you," Don grumbled.

"I'm surprised that your small brain can keep up with just my voice."

"Kinda hard when it sounds like a dying hyena."

Umbra snickered. "We're coming full circle, aren't we?"

A smile graced Don's face. "Yeah, I guess so."

Umbra hummed in thought before a mental lightbulb appeared.

"You're cute. Like my old dog. But he also chased his tail for entertainment."

Don snorted at her retaliation. "So that's how it is?" He then pointed a finger at her, "Somewhere out there is a tree tirelessly producing oxygen for you. You owe it an apology."

"You have an entire life to be an idiot. Why not take today off?"

"You're as useless as the 'ueue' in 'queue.'"

"Can you tell me who let you out of your cage? I promise to punish them severely."

Don and Umbra went on to exchange insults again but neither took offense and instead laughed at each other's witty comments. Umbra even found herself cracking up more than usual and when Don noticed, he made it his goal to try and get her to smile more.

Insults soon turned to crude jokes, the silent goal seemingly to try and get the other to laugh harder. Both found joy when the other laughed to the point of silent gasps.

- - - - - -

Bright beams of light glared down onto the snowy ground, the storm was all but gone. But this was only duly noted by the pair walking through the woods for they were walking side by side In conversation.

"And a little Barney took it?" Don joked.

Umbra was going over the story of how six mares and one little dragon invaded her kingdom and exiled her. The way she explained it had Don feel bad for her. To return after a thousand years only to have your former friends come take it again. Don was no expert but that seemed to be a douche thing to do.

"Yes, and I was about to take it back until that pink whore got her hands on him. I knew I should have killed her first!" Exclaimed Umbra throwing her hands up.

"So. . . over a thousand years old, huh? Talk about not a day over two hundred." He teased, jabbing at her with his elbow.

A twinge was felt in Umbra's heart but played it off cooly with a snort and a slap to his arm.

"As nice as it is to know I'm still desirable after all these years but don't you have human mares to court?"

Don held out his arms and displayed a toothy smile.

"That's the thing, I don't- oomph!" Don was promptly interrupted as his right leg caught onto something and tripped.

Looking up, he saw that Umbra was standing above his head, peering down at him.

"Careful there Don, it seems you tripped over some sharp metal wiring."

Looking at himself, he discovered he had fallen into a small bunch of barbed wire.

"What the hell is this doin' out here?" Mumbled Don, carefully pulling his leg back through a loop of wiring.


Don arched a brow. "It's. . . barbed wire."


"It doesn't take a genius to know that it's used to keep people away from something. Someone put it here."

"Then there must be an area of high importance ahead." Umbra then pointed off in the direction they were previously walking.

Don coughed and caught her attention.

"A little help here would be nice."

"Maybe watch where you're going next time, Don."

Don rolled his eyes. She's lucky the environment hardly phases her, he has to be stuck with the harsh physical world. Like barbed wire placed in the middle of the forest, conveniently placed to have him trip over.

"Hardy har, now give me a hand you ass."

She held out a hand and he grabbed it, hoisting himself up.

"I thought we discussed that I was a pony?"

"I don't know, looking at you now makes me wonder if your a pig dressed up in some revealing armor." Don joked, laughing to himself.

A well-placed punch in his arm made him silent.

"Call me a pig and I'll bloat you up like one." Threatened Umbra.

Rubbing his sore shoulder, he looked worryingly at Umbra.

"C-can you do that?" The thought of being blown up like a balloon and then popped didn't seem appealing to him.

Reading his thoughts, Umbra giggled to herself. To have a little human balloon by her side amused her.

"You should ask the old goat ambassador that- oh wait, you can't. Oops."

Don shivered as a picture of a bloody room entered his mind. "You are cold, woman."

The chatter went quiet as the duo strolled through the dimly lit forest. As they walked more piles of barbed wire appeared. All of them were either buried halfway with snow or outright destroyed, bits of wiring strung across the snow-ridden ground.

Soon they seamlessly walked into what can be only described as a battlefield. Craters of all sizes were strewn about, trees had blown out holes in them, there even ripped sandbags scattered around.

Umbra and Don both had questions within their minds but knew the other had no answer.

Passing by what was a destroyed metal fenced gate, they found themselves on a barely visible road. Following the road, they arrived at a clearing.

In the middle of that clearing was a cement building that held a long metal tower above it. This was the place which heavy fighting seemed to have accrued.

The building was riddled with small holes, remains of trenches were dug around the installation, and sandbags were placed on top of the building indicating a high vantage point.

"Well, one thing is clear, this place has seen a serious battle," Don observed.

"Why would someone fight for this small structure?" Umbra asked.

Don pointed at the tower above the building. "It seems whoever came here wanted control of the radio tower."

"Radio tower?" Inquired Umbra.

"It can transmit messages from miles away," Don explained.

"Interesting," Umbra hummed, "Another thing, if there was a fight here, where are the corpses?"

"Yeah, where are the bodies?"

As Don once again surveyed his surroundings, a howl was heard beyond the treeline. Soon a second was heard to their left and a third was shortly heard to their right.

"It seems like you're being watched, Don."

Don tugged at his backpack, regretting not building his weapon sooner.

"God, I hate the woods." Muttered Don.

Umbra patted his shoulder and walked to the building. "I'll be in here if you need me."

Don, not wanting to be dog food, followed her inside.

The interior had nothing really to note besides the fact it was a mess. Papers and rubble littered the ground and wires were dangling from the ceiling. It was relatively empty too, the only furniture being a table with tipped chairs surrounding it. To the right held what seemed to be the communication center. Of course, the machines were gutted to all hell but Don spotted a glowing red button upon one of the consoles.

Don went to investigate, Umbra seeing this followed. At the blinking button, Don observed it read the words 'Play'.

"What is this?" Inquired Umbra.

"That's what we're about to find out."

Don clicked the button and audible static filled the air. Listening intently, the duo could make out a voice.

The message would buzz in and out with barely comprehensible words cutting through.

"Bzzzt. . . this is- bzzzt. . . -et you know that Bravo Blue Eyes are re- bzzzt. . . -bush Tango Rolling Tracks at- bzzt. . . loaded bzzzt. . . -plies- bzzzt. . . -marry-bzzzt. . . -nd good luck-bzzzt. . . -ission over."

"What the hell is 'Tango Rolling Tracks'?" Don asked himself.

"A code name of sorts."

Another howl was heard outside, slightly muffled by the walls.

"You said you had a weapon didn't you, Don?"

Don slung his backpack over his shoulder and stuck his hand in. "Yeah, buts it still needs to be built." Said Don, fetching out a rolled-up cloth that contained all sorts of parts.

Don walked towards the table and sat the parts down. Standing up one of the chairs, Don sat down and unfurled the cloth. Parts and pieces varying in sizes and shapes laid bare to a confused Don.

"Seems you got yourself a project," Umbra said over his shoulder.

Don, ignoring her, picked up a narrow cylinder and inspected it. Not knowing what he was doing did what any sensible human would do; he started putting random pieces together, testing what clicked and what didn't.

A scoff was heard above him.

"Clearly that piece connects to that long one over there," Umbra said, leaning down over him. She plucked the spring from his hands and fitted it around a tube.

The pair worked on the little puzzle, Don sitting in the chair while Umbra leaned over him. Fitting a piece here and clicking a piece into place there. Don would feel Umbra's hot breath against his cheek now and then and sometimes their faces would brush against each other when either one would move.

Don's heart thumped, mind a race, giddy at the proximity. Umbra read the exciting thoughts that passed his mind, like a teenager who got his first kiss. But instead of getting angry at his childish thoughts, a small smile crept onto her face. Don was probably the only one that saw her other than a horrifying monster and that filled her with warmth. Although it was probably her fault that people were scared of her but that was beside the point.

- - - - - -

The rifle came together really nicely and they even managed to have some spare parts! Grabbing one of the two magazines, Don snuggly fit placed it into the rifle.

"A beauty isn't she?" Don asked Umbra, giving his gun a small shake.

She gave a slight nod in acknowledgment and spoke, "What does this do anyway?"

Don laid the gun across the table and grinned, "Basically this little sunshine can shoot a bad guy from a great distance. Not to mention this caliber can almost go through anything like butter. Think of it as a more powerful crossbow." He explained, caressing his rifle.

That piqued Umbra's interest. A weapon that can pierce through most surfaces? The tool would have been greatly useful during the Siege of the Crystal Empire. Had her soldiers been equipped with such weapons they would have been able to fire upon the oncoming Equestrian army, cutting down their meager gold armor.

However, roar had her mind trail onto a more important matter.

"I hope you'll know how to use that, Don. I wish to keep going." Said Umbra to Don mid caress.

"Um, wouldn't it be better to wait here and kinda just shoot them as they come?" He asked, looking up at her.

A snort sounded from Umbra.

"The longer I'm away from the Crystal Heart, the weaker I grow. I would rather not show up and try to retake the empire vulnerable."

"Easy for you to say, you can't get murked. One good bite to my throat and we're both goners. I'll be dead and you'll return to being an immortal crystal." Argued Don.

"Yes but if we were to show up, me defenseless, you would probably just be thrown out in the cold and I would certainly be eradicated." Countered Umbra.

"Can't you feed off my fear or something?"

"Feeding off one person doesn't give much, Don. I had masses of people to feed off of!"

Don hated to admit it but had Umbra's statement been true, fending off wolves seemed more pleasing than being thrown out in the cold again.

"Damn it, fine." Don conceded.

Umbra smiled in victory as Don grabbed his rifle and sack. Slugging the backpack over his back, he headed for the door, Umbra in tow.

Once outside, Umbra pointed to the clearing.

"We'll walk across the clearing. That way if any wolves were to attack you would have a clear shot."

"Wait, you want me to go out there? Where I can be spotted in all directions?" Scoffed Don.

"Well, do you want to sit here and wait for your imminent death, or do you want to get me to my kingdom?"

Don held a glaring contest with Umbra before angrily muttering. Walking past her, Don started to walk across the clearing. Umbra quickly followed him but only made it three steps before bumping into him.

Blinking owlishly, she looked to him with a raised brow. Before asking what the hold-up was, she quickly figured out why. In front of them stood a large black wolf, growling and baring its fangs at Don.

Tapping him on his shoulder, Umbra spoke, "I believe it would be wise to use your weapon, Don."

Wordlessly nodding, Don gradually leveled the rifle at the wolf.

"Sorry doggo, but it's either you or me," Don whispered before. . .


Bewildered, Don looked at his trigger. Testing it with a few tugs of his finger, Dons face shaped to pure fear.

"Don, why is the mutt still standing?" Impatiently asked Umbra.

"The trigger's loose."

"What do you mean?"

"I-I don't know. It won't fire!" Don stuttered, furiously clicking the trigger.

As if the wolf heard his fear, it let loose a loud howl that was soon joined by others.

"Can't you use your magic or something, Umbra!" Don shouted, pulling back the bolt over and over.

"Do you know how much that will drain me?" Scoffed Umbra.

"Well, it would be pretty useful right now!" Don franticly shouted.

The wolf soon then charged at Don. Seeing this, Don screamed.

"Ah fuck this!" He shouted, throwing the rifle at the wolf.

The wolf only brushed it off and continued to rush him.

"Umbra, please for the love of fuck!"

Umbra was going to speak but was cut off by his scream as the wolf pounced on him. Another, more high-pitched, scream was sounded as the wolf caught Don's left arm between its teeth.

Don wacked the wolf's head in a fruitless attempt to have it let go. Umbra could only stare in shock as the wolf mangled Don's arm.

"Umbra~, please!" Don chocked out.

A loud snap resounded, and Don could only gasp a half-hearted scream. Don mustered a hard kick to the wolf's stomach had it let go of the arm. But it only deterred it for a bit as it went for Don's leg next.

Umbra, lost for words, looked around for anything she could do to help but only found that more wolves emerged out of the thicket of trees.

Another scream had her snap to Don again to find that the wolf was trying to get to his neck, biting and clawing at his upper chest.

Quickly making a plan, Umbra mustered the strength she could and summoned a fireball and shot it at the wolf. The effect was immediate, as the fireball pushed the wolf off of him while also catching it on fire. Yelping frantically, the dog ran wildly. Seeing the other wolves drawing near, Umbra mustered more of her strength to cast a wide fire barrier between her and Don from the wolves.

Gasping, Umbra fell to her knees. Gradually looking over, she found a bloody Don, crying out softly for help.

Shuffling over to him, she grabbed the hem of his jacket and started to drag him back to the building.

Opening and closing the door, Umbra only made it a few steps before slumping down on a nearby wall.

Don was still choking up incoherent words as he continued to sob.

Watching him, Umbra's eyes welled up with tears.

"I lied, Don, I fucking lied. I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry. I was impatient, so stupidly impatient. And now you lay before me bleeding." She sniffed.

Don seemed to pay her no mind as his cries and pleas started to fade into mumbles. His breathing slowed and his eyes started to drop.

Seeing this, Umbra knew she had to act fast. She desperately tried to conjure a quick healing spell but only yelped in pain. Her magic had depleted significantly. It will take at least a day or two before her magic recovered back to its original state.

Ideas raced through her head wildly as she tried to think of something to help, Don. A plan quickly formed in her head and she hurriedly put it into action.

Grabbing his hand, Umbra looked at Don's glossy eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, Don. But I'll make this right. I promise!"

Not waiting for a reaction, her horn glowed and Don was soon enveloped in that glow.

After a few moments, Umbra opened her eyes at Don.

His eyelids were shut but his breathing continued at a slow pace. He was asleep. Seeing this, Umbra let out a breath she didn't know she was keeping in.

But she didn't have much time to work with, so she quickly enacted her plan. Looking at Don's face sorrowfully she muttered another apology.

She doesn't have enough energy for another spell, so she will have to make some.

"I hate to do this to you again, but your wounds need help." That was all she said before invading his mind.

He soon started to jerk every so often and it pained Umbra oh so much. But she had to do this.

- - - - - -

Gasping, Umbra looked over Don. He was still wounded, but that only encouraged Umbra to hurry. She scrounged enough magic she collected to provide a simple healing spell. Not a Quick spell as she hoped but she didn't have the time for it nor the heart.

Closing her eyes, Umbra laid her hand upon his chest and started to cast the spell

After a few moments, she gasped and fell back. It had took out more than she thought it would.

Hastily getting up, she looked over Don. His wounds were covered in a gentle glow, signifying it had worked. Seeing this, she sighed in relief.

She soon found her eyes drooping, and looked at Don's side with want.

Using the last bit of her magic, she stripped Don and herself naked, caring not informalities.

Laying on his right side, she used his arm as a makeshift pillow and gingerly wrapped her arms and legs around Don, careful to avoid any wounds.

As she lay, she found that his scent was strangely soothing, and soon found herself slumbering.

Author's Note:

Why are you back? Wait, don't tell me you actually like this?

I may of rushed editing a bit, so if anything sticks out, point it out and I'll get around to fixing it.

Anywho, I return now to my little hermit cave to slack off and write.

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Bewildered, Don looked at his trigger. Testing it with a few tugs of his finger, Dons face shaped to pure fear.

"Don, why is the mutt still standing?" Impatiently asked Umbra.

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This is why you should test fire your gun first before facing the enemy. Well it could have been worse, the gun could've backfired.

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"You cute. Like my...

Should be 'Your' or 'You're'.

Thanks for spotting those out! I'll jump on them right away!

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Please tell me this story is not dead, I love this story to much. Please continue if possible...

Yeah, it's dead. I'm done writing it. Think I'm gonna go to Hawaii for a vacation now. . .

Nah, I'm just joking. I'm halfway done writing its just going slow at the moment. But I'll get it out, so don't worry.

HUZZAH!! This is great news!!

Loving this story so far rarely see umbra actually care for someone tell the sequel of so. She must of really come to like him while adding desperate to have a friend who didn’t fear her to grow attached to him so quickly but it’s fairly good so hope to see more soon!

Damn this is interesting! :raritystarry: Can't wait for an update. :pinkiehappy:

imma throw this in my read later box...imma just wait for a few more chapters before beginning:twilightsmile:

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