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Keep one foot in front of the other to move on

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Very well done, though there was a few grammatical errors. If you ever feel like getting an editor, I'd be willing to do it for free.

Comment posted by Viirtax Skannus deleted June 23rd


I don't know what their talking about either? Does he/she meant "ban"? Why??!!

it means he looks away for a second then when he looks back there is already another story thats what he means by BAM it just used as a word for something that appers out of nowhere

I'll give ya a plus for the research my friend. and it's opening really hooked me...it is something I have never seen before in truth... gonna keep an eye on this

Please continue this story. It is so good already and you made it better by adding Rivet in it too.

No bro it’s good, I just feel like every time I get on this site I have notification for a 40k story, I like 40k but damn there’s probably more on FanFiction.net though lol

Nice and loving how this started and cant wait to see more

Great fight here, shame Shining was to head strong, but thats part of the stories plot. Interesting on adding Rivet from Ratchet and Clank here but a welcomed one nun the less and hope to see their reactions when they learn of the others respective dimensions. Yeah that make sense on why they are in prison and hope they get out soon and the ones that put them behind bars better apologize. Wouldn't surprise if they dont but they better do or at least get a smack to the head if they dont and be racist at the two

Nice weapons on Hunter here but I wonder what set of power armor does he have?

....... Why I don't see any magic in this fight?....

It is a bit odd Shinning wasn't using any spells, I bet we'll find out why later.

Yeah. Just like they have magic but leave that like a toy. (Or maybe because the author don't like magic :) )

P/S: I like the balance fight more than the one-side battle like this.

Comment posted by Divine Avenger deleted June 23rd

A drawn out and even fight is definitely more tense and exciting, but this is just the beginning the stage is being set and a villain worthy of that fight yet to be

Ya know I absolutely love rivet and this is the first story I've seen with her outside of ao3 and even then there aren't many so I'm loving this even more.

*Yawn* This is Sombra, you know? He can be a boss fight. Besides, seeing the author is writing... I'm sure that future fight will pure of ... Technologies.

P/S: if have technology in my fic. I rather buff the magic. For balance.


Oh, makes sense.

Personally, Connorcooper does keeps making new stories after another, no offense to him.

he had his horn covered in the crystal... I knew I fought something

dood! a new chapter so quickly?! HOW DID YOU DO IT?! I've been stuck working on a chapter for a long time! got any tips?

:yay: ... :pinkiegasp: ... :ajbemused: ... :rainbowdetermined2: ... :twilightangry2: ... :eeyup: ... :heart:

Keep up the great work

Great work

Just getting into the zone lately

I wished he bitch slap Twilight to knock some sense through her thick skull and into her tiny ass squirrel brain

Not bad looking forward to see what you do next if you ever need any characters to add just let me know

'Can't believe I watched that show,'

What show



Found a missing part of sentance

"Good lord this might be a record," The guard said walking to the back. "Ke

Thanks, man... need to fix it was Equestira slang


Oh boy the trial went good yes but Twilight is pissed as can be... but who came blame her? Her brother is dead and these two who were there when it happened seemed a bit sus to her but lucky the two weren't ejected.

Really dude?! "who can blame her"??!! I don't f**** care what she thinks, especially if she false accusing the heroes that save her foulsitter and niece, and the Crystal Empire, full of innocents ( Especially a goddamn Space Marine Loyalist, and Rivet. ).

They DIDN'T even killed Shining! Sombra did! And Hunter himself did warned him of the potential trap, but Shining was naïve, cockheaded, and a even a untrained rookie in battle ( In Warhammer 40K's Standards!!!!!!! ).

And she even has a audacity to 'banished/exile" those two HEROES away from Equestria??????!!!! I'm glad that Celestia and Luna take their RIGHTFUL leadership, away from Twilight's naïve hands. If not? If I was even their myself, and she also threaten me, or my loyal friends, soldiers, worshipers, or even my own lovers from my harem with this bull crap?!

THIS is what's happens to her! Just like the Doom Slayer did to those very weak Zombies from Doom Eternal. Plus, it's a funny Glory Kill to add here:


And I won't hold back either or even hesitate, and I doubt she will survive looking like that!



It’s just a fan fiction

No Bullshit, But I'm a child at heart and I refuse to watch the last season of My Little Pony because I don't want my childhood to end just yet. I saw snipits and concept art so I know it was over. I have come to terms with it and have accepted the fate. That's why I'm reading this story. Believe it or not.


I know, I just like to be invested in them. And besides, I'm not the only person that express this way in this story. Other people are rightfully upset for Twilight being a total bitch too!


When I read this commit this is what I heard in the back of my brain:

That’s what I was going for

Weirdly enough I never did play that game

Slightly Disappointed

Yes a new chapter and this fast to! Man if only they could see Hunter's helmet camera (not interlay sure if 40K SM helmets have those but would make sense if they do) or look into his and Rivet's memories to see what actually happened. Got to say if we ever see Silver Rush again hope he gets hit by either of the twos respective hammers

I get that Twilight lost her brother and all but dear GOD she way out of line and need to be removed from power and maybe later on get some sense slapped into her! Both figurately and literally. I like the reversed role Rivet is in with her on someone's back and being carried and I suspect we will see more of that. Wonder why the crystal ponies where rushing them, hope we see get an answer in the next chapter. Wonder how long until Hunter meets Ember and other Dragons like Spike and such

Took the words right out of my mouth brother!


I sadly didn't have it or play it either. But, I did watch the playthrough, story, memes, and more on YouTube.

And it's from GTA: San Andreas. To those that somehow don't know that?

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