• Published 17th Jun 2021
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The Nightmare Procession - Dashie04

A young griffon is diagnosed with a terminal disease, and is given an ultimatum, he still wants to use this time to make a difference.

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The Sharpest Lives

With Goldflower dragging me out of bed
To change griffons’ hearts with a pounding head
I wondered how far it’d actually go
Honestly, we had no way to know.

But still, we’d valiantly try.
To get griffons living the sharpest lives.

Goldflower’s proposition was very appealing, but I quickly brought up to her that I really had no idea how to execute it. We couldn’t just go and hit a couple dozen places over a few weeks, as I didn’t have the strength to do that then. Goldflower thought for a couple moments. The very next thing she said was, “Let’s busk!”

I had no idea what ‘busking’ was. So I had to ask her about that.

“Geode, you don’t know what busking is? Well, you know those griffons who play like an assortment of rocks with sticks on the sides of streets or something like that for gold?”

I nodded.

“Well, those are buskers,” she finished.

“But, Goldflower, we aren’t doing this for money...” I pointed out.

“Well, the idea’s the same, we just walk out of the hospital and talk about it to anygriffon who wants to listen. Tell them like stories and aspirations and stuff,” Goldflower explained.

I didn’t really want to give my story out for everygriffon to listen. But, I agreed to give a small speech on the street corner outside of the hospital.

After Goldflower went outside to scout for any doctors who would’ve stopped me from leaving, I saw her golden face peek around the corner, her claw was on the doorframe, and she nodded. I got up, ignoring everything practical, and followed her outside.

In the clear, if only for a moment, she led me outside, and I finally realized how tired I really was. The sun seared my eyes with celestial intensity, and I blinked a few times to get my eyes to adjust. Goldflower, who I realized actually looked rather pretty that moment, said, “And welcome to the outdoors, Geode!” Her eyes were still a little irritated from crying, I noticed.

The warmth was making me a little tired, but I couldn’t sleep then! Not when I very well could’ve passed away in my sleep.

Griffons were busy going about their normal day, some in the sky, some on the land talking with one another. It was a rare sight to see, especially since most of them worked most of the time. I could only assume they were on their one day off or in the military, who usually had slightly more flexible schedules.

I found a nearby street corner and started awkwardly saying, “We’re here to change your living conditions the best we can, or at least rally your support for a change.”

A few griffons turned and looked at the wacko who had just started screaming about making a change in an incredibly hoarse voice, that wacko being me. I knew most griffons felt similarly, they just didn’t want to admit it. Some actually seemed to want to listen.

I obviously don’t know everything I said that day, but if my brain isn’t lying to me again, I believe it went a little like this:

“I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely tired of living in subpar homes, where the schools and hospitals have generally better conditions than houses. I mean, at least make them better than schools...” I trailed off and laughed awkwardly. Most of the griffons continued on their way.

“Wait! I’m tired of being dirt-poor and never seeing my parents because they’re busy working all the time. I want enough gold to spend on sufficient food and not food that went bad before Grandpa Gruff was around.

“Speaking of him, do you want to ruled by a single power in charge of everything? That rarely works. Trust me, I’ve lived it...” any griffons that had their attention on me had since left. Nogriffon cared enough.

I sighed dejectedly. Goldflower, however, was there to cheer me on.

“Come on, Geode, you can do it. I’m sure if you say it enough, somegriffon has to listen.”

I agreed with her, and gave the short little speech two more times. There was still a lacklustre response, if any.

Once again, Goldflower cheered me on, “Come on, Geode! Just a little more.”

To that I responded, “Goldflower, I’m tired, I think we should call it quits.”

“I still think we should keep going,” Goldflower stated.

I still agreed with her though, so I gave the speech some more. Then, I gave it some more after that, soon, some griffons genuinely wondered why this chick kept talking like he had something to say. So, they listened.

After a sizable crowd had gathered, much to the chagrin on my voice, growing tiredness, and head, I launched into a different part of the speech, which I believe went like this:

“I say we weigh our options and write a petition, any griffon with actual paper at home. Those who have enough to afford it. We need to write a petition...” interrupted by a yawn, “and send it to Grandpa Gruff. Just some general reforms such as more representation, better conditions, and whatever...” I trailed off again. The world seemed to be swimming. “Then we might be able to do something about the terrible conditions we live in,” I was incredibly tired at this point. The griffons kind enough to clap’s sound reverberated in my skull.

I felt myself losing consciousness, and my brain hurting more and more.

I faintly heard a “There he is! Get him!” from somewhere behind me. Then, my world faded to black.

Author's Note:

Get prepared, the big event is next...