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"Angel Midnight and Ramirez are a deadly duo, able to inflict pain and misery upon unfortunate souls. beware Los Pequeños" -Ired


” nature always wins...” -Travis Manawa

everything was perfect for a changeling named Ramirez: she had just moved into an apartment in the city (with the help of her ex-stallionfriend of course), she's getting married next month, and she has great friends. but everything changes when an unknown plague swept across the planet turning everypony into violent undead monsters with an everlasting hunger for flesh, now she and her friends do their best to survive this disease-ridden new world and avoid getting bitten because if you get bitten...its all over...

cover art by me, Ired.

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I like it!

Also...Star pizza

keep sharing this type of info


Nice one man! Also next chapter when?

still dont know when

I think I might make a cringe sequel to this! ( if I have your permission that is. )

This is a great story! You deserve a follow! I can't wait for the next chapter!

kinda hard when writers block is being a fuckin' bitch

Oh. I'd be happy to help you with the next chapter.


“Nah, don't worry about it Rami. I’m sure then within a week or something it will all calm down and return to normal”




look it up, internet historian

what do you think? you can be honest, it wont hurt me.

I'm just asking so I can improve in my writing

I think you're improving, you just need to work on capitalizing your sentences

Thanks, I'll work on that :)

I think this story would be like residents evil or walking dead type but a different point of view of location where it being a normal life but slowly becoming grimmer the virus might be magic immunity from the world natural magic, there will be characters death by stray bullet, tripping into a infected that wasn't double tap, accidentally shot in the dark ect I guessing this is after season 9 where grow and the other are stone being the most safe, while away watching the the infection happening around them, while princess twilight and other lab investigation the cause of recent events unknowingly few scientists been infected by careless by cut and rip though there hoof. Back to the characters the polices having more cases have the injured stallion question why he killed his wife flashback he noticed his wife action more out of it and just attack a friend by biting first and ripping though the flesh he had beaten and the shot killed but the friend of the wife coming heard and saw he killed his wife ran and called the police, police investigation only saw the dead wife been shot in the head but not the friend. Just throwing ideas here:derpytongue2:

in simple words, yes, its kinda like the wildfire virus in twd and ftwd

"-Oh Lord, the great collapse. Won't be our end" "When the world falls into the flames. We will rise again"

This was my fav line in the whole chapter. Btw, you did a great job! I can't wait for the next!


(btw, pulled those lyrics from a song I like

You're welcome. Which song is that? (I think I'll love it)

"we will rise again" by dan romer

Nice job

Only remark is that when describing something, you only really need to use adjectives once. Like, the sweet tea line? If you tell us Rami's drinking sweet tea, you don't need to say that she enjoyed its' "sweet" taste, that's kind of redundant. You can just say she liked the taste of the tea.

sorry for some of the mistakes I made, didn't pay a whole lot of attention to English class (too busy fucking around)

if there's anything else to fix just let me know, I'll try...my...best...*sees a butterfly pass by and follows it*

*wanders off like a derp*

"What monster would do this kind of thing!?"

I wonder what did that.

Btw, this chapter was great! I can't wait for the next!

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