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I like how female characters always have dicks in your stories. It’s like something out of Rick and Morty. "Oh, right. Of course they have to be dickmares. I keep forgetting that."


This story was posted 7 minutes ago.

Did you manage to read 5 thousand words during this time? If you already said that this is a good job.

And you left a comment 5 minutes ago.

What can you say about this?

I allow some folks early access to my stuff, so he's read it

This is quite logical.

Zoshe #6 · June 16th · · ·

Wow, that was pretty toasty.

Also, I saw it said "love-but" in the description. Is that supposed to be "love-bug?"

I was wondering that too, and "one of the Ocellus"


Damn it. I fixed it :fluttershbad:

One more, it should say "There’s a lot Twilight doesn’t understand "

Futa changelings, a favorite

nice work:twilightsmile:

This was a collab and goes along with an animation Hatter's Lye made.

Hm... How did you get into such a collab? Sounds like it might be fun to do!

Wait, is this legal?

Collabs with artists/animators?
NGL, I just hang out with a bunch of artists and animators. A fair number of those folks are into literary works, so pulling collabs/trades isn't all that hard!

Woof - very hot, and nice to see it was spontaneous all around not Twi trying to manipulate things.

Though, word choice wise, you may want to change out "gypped," being a word derived from anti-Romani slurs and stereotypes .

I'll bear that in mind!

So then. Twilight may or may not have drugged Ocellus to motivate compliance from her. And in turn Ocellus screwed Twilight senseless without even asking her if she wanted to go that route.

One could say they took advantage of each other in a mutually assured destruction manner, with neither one of them being in the right on this one.

Twilight is being very mean at the end there. As the princess of friendship she should share with all her friends! :trollestia:

On Twi's end, I think it's pretty clear that she didn't intend for this to happen, and she did tell Ocellus what it was. Unforseen side effect rather than drugging.

As for Celly... She's just lucky Twi didn't object, though if she had Twi is in a position to defend herself at least.

My, with all those fertile descriptions I dearly hope twi is properly knocked up now~

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