• Published 16th Jun 2021
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Pine Apples - Starkeeper_Ponyfic

One small change can have myriad effects. Dipper and Mabel Pines are about to live some of these effects.

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Solar Reformation

Princess Celestia looked out from Canterlot at the location that Harmony’s light had found itself shining at sunset and sighed. Her students needed her... but she couldn’t afford to ignore Harmony itself taking action of its own accord.

She made up her mind and sent for the captain of the guard, a valiant pegasus mare by the name of Storm Shield, and explained, “There was an unexpected burst of Harmony magic at sunset near Ponyville. I can’t simply ignore it, so I’ll have to leave my students until I can ascertain the source.”

“Of course, Princess, I’ll try to answer any questions they may have and note down the ones I can’t answer for you,” Storm Shield promised. “I’ll do the same for any nobles that come to complain.”

“Thank you,” Celestia replied gratefully before she activated a teleport, golden light streaming from her previous location. The world around her blurred back into shape as she arrived in Sweet Apple Acres. A quick magical scan of the surrounding area revealed far more than she ever would have guessed. Within the apple trees lay a highly concentrated source of interdimensional energy, lingering concentrations of Harmony magic, and enough chaos energy to make Celestia feel sick. She shuddered at the possibilities of what the chaos energy could have brought before focusing the spell further to make absolutely sure that the source of the chaos energy wasn’t loose in Equestria.

Her spell didn’t find any chaos energy close enough to exist within her field other than Discord’s statue, but it did find traces of the interdimensional energy leading toward the house.

She sighed and made her way to the house, knocking on the door. A red Earth Pony colt with an orange mane came up to the door and opened it. A startled look crossed his face. “Uh... Ma? Princess Celestia’s here...” he called.

An orange earth pony mare hurried to meet Celestia. “Um, howdy, Your Highness!” she quickly said. “Please, come in if you need to.”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, I’m just here about something that happened near here around sunset.”

The mare and the colt shared a look of understanding. “Ah, I see,” the mare sighed. “My husband was just telling us about what happened, and... yes, I understand. We’re all in the living room.”

The mare led Celestia through the simply decorated hallways into a cozy living room where two fillies, an elderly mare, and a stallion sat, all of them earth ponies. Curled up together on the couch laid two figures that took Celestia a moment to identify.

Humans. Infants, and twins by the look of them. Celestia made eye contact with the stallion when he finished bowing and said as calmly as she could manage, “Your wife said you were explaining what happened.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” the stallion confirmed. “I’ll... try to explain it as best I can but I’m not entirely sure what happened.”

“Would ye like a cup o’ cider, Yer Highness?” the elderly mare asked. Now that she was looking more closely she realized she’d met this mare, Granny Smith, before, though it had been a fair amount of time ago.

“Alicorns and alcohol mix very poorly,” Celestia explained teasingly.

“We got some nonalcoholic,” Granny Smith rejoined. “Uh, somewhere.”

“Perhaps another time,” Celestia apologized.

“Yes, the story,” the stallion nodded. “Alright, so... at sunset, I was just checkin’ up on the fields for the night when... I don’t rightly know how to explain it other than that... the trees just started screamin’ in some horrible mixture of terror ‘n’ pain.”

“That’s... fairly common around malevolent sources of chaos energy or chaos magic,” Celestia murmured. “Flora reacting, I mean.”

The stallion shrugged. “Couldn’t say either way. Eventually the air in front o’ me sorta rippled and turned like a night sky before those two-” the stallion pointed at the sleeping humans “- came flyin’ out of the ripple.”

“Then what happened?” Celestia murmured, gazing at the humans worriedly.

The stallion shuddered. “What happened next... this triangle appeared in the rift and a horrible voice- at this point I feel like I can assume it was the triangle speakin’- said... something about ‘Pine Tree’ absorbing the... inter... interdimensional energy from a rift thing, and that this Pine Tree fella shoulda been glad ‘Shooting Star’ was there to ‘take some of the energy load,’ if I’m rememberin’ its words right.”

Celestia shuddered.

“I dunno what those two are, but... they look young, prob’ly Apple Bloom’s age. I couldn’t let em get hurt so... I moved to protect em, and then the triangle got zapped with six colors of light comin’ from the Everfree Forest before the ripple vanished. And then I brought those two here.”

Celestia sighed as she took in all this information. “Alright, I have a general idea of what happened. Those lights were Harmony magic, and the fact that this... triangle creature was specifically targeted by it without an obvious wielder... it’s concerning.”

“How much so?” the orange mare murmured.

“It means that this creature is more powerful- or at least more dangerous- than even Discord,” Celestia stated flatly. Even the older of the two fillies looked terrified at the assertion.

“And it was targeting these two younguns,” the stallion whispered.

Celestia began to speak again, but hesitated. “...Everything in me is saying I should take them to Canterlot to be secured, but... I just can’t bring myself to do it...”

“We’ll take care of ‘em, Your Highness,” the orange mare whispered. “I-If that’s alright with you and Bright Mac,” she added, glancing at her husband.

Bright Mac nodded. “I promised myself I’d protect these two from that creature. I can allow myself to revise the meaning to extend for as long as I’m able to.”

Celestia paused. “Are you certain?”

“I wouldn’t feel right about doin’ otherwise,” Bright Mac insisted.

Celestia turned to the humans. “I can at least do something for them,” she whispered, and her horn lit up in a work of magic. The humans were encased in magic and light before collapsing back to their previous position, but in their place were two unicorn foals. One was a navy blue colt with a short brown mane and tail and the other was a light magenta with a longer brown mane and tail.

Bright Mac’s eyes widened.

Celestia chuckled. “If you’re going to be taking care of them I imagine this will ward off some of the awkward questions from other ponies,” she explained. “Plus it’ll give them a chance to live at least somewhat normal lives... but, if you need anything, my court will always be open,” she promised.

Bright Mac took off his hat and lowered his head in respect. “Thank you very kindly, Your Highness.”

“Be careful,” Celestia warned. “Again, let me know as soon as you can if something happens.”

She teleported back to Canterlot with a lot to think about.

Bright Mac sighed deeply. “Well, this evening’s been eventful,” he finally joked. Granny Smith giggled and Buttercup just rolled her eyes.

“So... guess the three o’ you’ve got two new siblings,” Buttercup said to Applejack, Big Mac, and the sleeping Apple Bloom.

Big Mac smiled slightly and Applejack grinned. Apple Bloom made various baby noises in her sleep.

“What, uh, what do we call ‘em?” Granny Smith asked.

Bright Mac frowned. “Well... Those names the triangle thing said... Pine Tree an’ Shootin’ Star, they ain’t terribly strange for pony names. Even if...”

Buttercup nodded. “Unless we can think of some better names, I like those.”

“So, the colt’s Pine Tree and the filly’s Shootin’ Star?” Applejack asked.

Bright Mac nodded and the Apples gathered around the foals.

“Welcome to the family,” Big Mac whispered.