• Published 16th Jun 2021
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Pine Apples - Starkeeper_Ponyfic

One small change can have myriad effects. Dipper and Mabel Pines are about to live some of these effects.

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The Rift

Dipper realized how his words had sounded and he winced. “Mabel, wait! I didn’t mean it... like... that...” He trailed off, voice filled with regret. He sighed and grabbed the backpack sitting by the door, intending to take the rift down to Ford, but then noticed a scrap of construction paper. “...What?”

He quickly opened the pack and realized that Mabel had taken his on accident. He grimaced and darted after.

“Mabel, hold on!” he called out as he barreled down the path through the forest. If the rift cracked in her backpack, or she didn’t realize what it was and dropped it, or if Bill managed to trick Mabel into letting him get it...

Dipper shuddered at imagining the kind of nightmares Weirdmageddon could unleash, only fueling his adrenaline as he pushed his legs to their absolute limit trying to get to Mabel in time.

Mabel hugged her knees to her chest and sighed, wiping the tears out of her eyes.

“Ugh, only party chocolate can cheer me up now,” she lamented, blowing her nose into her sweater before opening her pack to look for it. “...wait, nerd books? Chewed up pens?” She groaned as she realized what happened. “I must’ve grabbed Dipper’s pack.”

A moment passed as she watched the sunset fall. She quietly murmured, “I just wish summer could last forever...”

“I-I could help with that!” a familiar voice piped up.

Mabel shoved part of her sweater over her head. “No thanks. Sweatertown isn’t accepting any incoming calls.”

“M-M-M-Mabel, it’s me!” the voice continued.

Mabel sighed and tried to place the voice. “The... time travel guy?”

Blendin’s camouflage disappeared as he fiddled with his watch. “Y-Yep! You don’t want summer to end, d-did I hear that r-right?” he asked.

“...Yeah, why are you asking?” Mabel wondered.

“Mabel!” Dipper’s voice suddenly called. “There you are!”

“Dipper?” Mabel moaned. “Why are you here?”

Dipper walked into the clearing, Mabel’s pack in hand, and explained, “Realized you got my bag by accident. There’s something in mine that we really wouldn’t want to crack- wait, Blendin? What are you doing here?”

Blendin froze. “I-I-I was just gonna help M-Mabel have summer f-forever if she w-wanted!” he hastily explained, but... something about his voice struck the Pines twins as odd.

Dipper swapped packs with Mabel and clutched his pack protectively. “...That feels... out of character for you.”

“H-Hey, you could d-do the s-same! I just n-need a little g-gizmo from you uncle a-a-and then I’ll be able to make a t-time bubble around Gravity F-F-Falls!” Blendin stammered, his voice growing further away from Blendin’s normal voice.

Dipper’s eyes narrowed. “Blendin, take off your goggles.”

“Dipper?” Mabel murmured.

Blendin cackled. “Oh, we’ve got a real smart guy here!” he replied viciously, his voice fully transitioning to a horribly familiar one.

“Bill!” the twins cried in unison.

“Give me the little rift, Pine Tree!” Blendin-Bill demanded.

“O-Or what!?” Dipper retorted.

“Dipper, there you are! I was wondering what was taking so long!” Ford suddenly called, rushing to join them.

“Great-Uncle Ford, be careful!” Dipper warned, barely dodging Blendin-Bill’s leap. “Bill’s possessing him!”

The next few seconds were blurry and fragmented. Simultaneously, Mabel leapt beside Dipper to keep Blendin-Bill away, Blendin-Bill leapt forward to snatch at Dipper’s bag, and Ford fired a shot at Bill-Blendin to knock him away from the kids.

Ford’s expression shifted from determination to terror as interdimensional energy spilled from Dipper’s pack and encased Bill-Blendin, Dipper, and Mabel.

Kids!” he cried, voice filled with terror.

And then, in a blaze, they were gone. Blendin’s unconscious body remained, but Dipper and Mabel were just gone.

Ford dropped to his knees. “Not like this,” he whispered. “This wasn’t how stopping Weirdmageddon was supposed to happen... Kids, please... be safe...”

The wind breathed around Stanford Pines as his tears fell.

Bright Macintosh was perhaps not a simple pony, but he had a very straightforward view of life and the world around him.

As such, when the apple trees started screaming around him he was startled, to say the least. Then a ripple of starry darkness split the air in front of him and two creatures were launched out. Bright Mac examined their unconscious bodies. They weren’t ponies, certainly, and didn’t match any creature he’d ever heard of. As far as he could tell, they were infants, potentially twins, but any chance to examine them further was denied when a voice Bright Mac could only describe as demonic cackled.

“Oh, man, that was clever, you two!” the voice admitted. Within the ripple, a triangular shadow began to grow. Bright Mac stood his ground, pulling the creatures behind him protectively. “Seriously, Pine Tree, absorbing the rift’s interdimensional energy onto yourself? That’s a hilariously insane move, props! Good thing Shooting Star was there to take some of the energy load, or you probably wouldn’t have survived! Even if you did, you'd have been stripped of your little fleshbag of a physical body.”

Chills ran down Bright Mac’s back as he braced himself. He swore to himself- no matter who or what this thing was, he would not allow it to harm the two behind him.

“Oh, man, isn’t this my old buddy’s world? Hahaha, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I turn it into my playground! This’ll be great!” the voice finished as the triangle stopped growing larger.

“Ah-Ah don’t think so,” Bright Mac growled.

The voice snickered and a glowing white eye opened. “Aw, look at the little Applebutt, trying to act all big and strong!” the voice mocked. “Give me those kids and I’ll spare your li-”

Before the voice could finish its threat, six beams of light colored in silver, pale lavender, light pink, burnt orange, light cyan, and turquoise, blasted the dark ripple and the voice shrieked in pain.

“GAHHH!” the voice complained. “WHY, YOU-”

The lights returned again and Bright Mac risked a glance backward to check where they were coming from, and saw them emerging from somewhere deep within the Everfree Forest by his estimate.

With one last burst, the ripple was burned away and the voice screamed in agony before fading altogether. Bright Mac took several deep breaths to calm himself before lifting the creatures onto his back and carefully making his way home.

He was terrifyingly unsure how Buttercup or Granny Smith were going to take the situation.

Author's Note:

I'm not perfectly happy with this chapter, if only because Bill Cipher's entrance and (I promise temporary) defeat feels a little awkward, but I said I'd publish this today and don't feel like reworking it.

In other news, I put together a group for this series now! So far it's got one forum post where you can submit ideas for more pairings and that's about it.