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There were times where she could've done something to help Twilight and her friends, but she didn't. Many times she stayed in her bedchambers or attend to her royal duties instead of helping her student when she could do something.

It fills Celestia with guilt, and Luna tries to comfort her sister.

Takes place during Magical Mystery Cure.

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You may want to look for an editor or reread the story and correct a bunch of spelling mistakes. This is an interesting concept but it needs a good look over, between the incorrect spellings and missing words it makes it a bit hard to read in my opinion.

It's not exactly my best work either so I'll try! How do I find one though? I'm new to this website.

There might be groups that are made up of editors or just asking around. I’m not totally sure though as I’m not an author.

A few grammar errors here and there. Many tense errors mostly. Have vs has and the like. But it was a good concept. It did feel rushed but not a lot of writers brave the concept of Celestia and Luna discussing Twilight's ascension with each other before it happened. So good on you for that.

Thank you! I am looking for an editor in a group so hopefully whoever is willing to help can help improve the story!

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