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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.

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Bendy #1 · June 7th · · ·

Color me intrigued. Gotta read this stuff.

Sex time!

I promise you'll be impressed.

10851308 Congratz, ya got featured. 6/7/2021

Definitely an entertaining piece. Good work, Vis!


Happy to have met your high expectations, Steel.

When I has munnies to comm it o3o

Bendy #10 · June 8th · · ·

The man lived the dream. It felt wholesome and sexy at the same time. Having one's cock squeezed between both of their lovely rumps must be wonderful.

My only complaint that their bodies and butts didn't grow bigger. XD

I am honestly I’m surprise there’s no romance tags in either of your stories I still really like it though

Heh, nice! Lucky bastard...

I hope the commissioner is wanting a part 3 for this.

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