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Nightmare moon returns to her former glory, trapping Celestia in the dungeons and starts to terrorize the citizens of Ponyville in the town hall. Things go smoothly at first, before she notices a young, lavender unicorn, glaring at her like some sort off insane lunatic. As much as that hurts, she could get over the fact that her spell worked perfectly. Now in-front off her, stood Twilight Andromeda Sparkle, her daughter.

She may only see her as some insane pony who fought her sister for no reason, but things will be explained and revealed, even some deep secrets Celestia has hidden from the world for a 1000 years. Things may have changed in Equestria, but so has she. She was still doing this for a cause, but she mostly wanted revenge, revenge on those who wronged her and hated her.

She doesn't know how she will explain to her that shes her biological mother, but one things for sure, she will protect and convince Twilight to join her, no matter what.

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Well, another story about Twilight and Luna. Great work! Can't wait to read next chapter.

welcome to the site!! looking forward to seeing how your story goes!

there are many stories with a similar concept, but almost all of them have failed to reach their logical end.
Hope that at least this story can do it.

it is still difficult to judge the story by the prologue, but personally I had several logical questions about the plot:
1) why didn't Twilight grow old or die in these 1000 years in the secret place? There was no mention in the description that Twilight was in stasis or protected by any preservation spell.
2) if we assume that Twilight was still in stasis, then why was she crying so that she could be heard outside the room?
3) Are Twilight's new parents going to tell Celestia about the find? It is obvious that the found child is somehow connected with the princess, and even if not, then technically removing any things from the old castle of the princess without her knowledge can be regarded as theft. (at least the princess's awareness would explain why Cadance was Twilight's nanny before she became Celestia's apprentice.)

P.S. sorry for my English

Really good start..and cant wait to see more in the future...but I would like some explaining how is twilight still a child it didnt really mention if she was in some sort of sleep stasis or smth in the story so it would be good to know how she stayed young for so long...but either way really good start hoping to see more in the future! :twilightsmile:

Chapter one, the kidnappng of twilight sparkle. Good start, i look forwards to seeing wjere this goes

alright Looks Good so far

score interesting, but if this is an alternate universe, then I hope that in the future events will start radically different from the canon.

P.S. my questions from the prologue are still valid.

'i was the one to cast the spell on my sister'

tia... i love you, but this implies truth to the story ur trying to deflect

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