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Some stories are too big to be told completely, some aspect always get overlooked. Some actors are too small to affect the outcome of a big story and their parts get left on the cutting floor. In their own right these small parts are worth knowing, worth experimenting to better understand the universe they are set in.

This is a collection of such stories.

Each chapter is going to be written by different authors and posted here with their permission.

Chapter 1: Prince Blueblood's Day by Fizzy Orange (Me!)
Chapter 2: Octavia Philharmonica's Day by GrassAndClouds2
Chapter 3: Scootaloo's Day by Blackbelt
Chapter 4: Big Macintosh's Day by Zap Apple Smash
Chapter 5: Filthy Rich's Day by HopeFox
Chapter 6: Rainbow Dash's Day by Fizzy Orange (Me again!)
Chapter 7: Kindle's Day by Lev the Lurker
Chapter 8: Mounty Max's Day by Talon and Thorn
Chapter 9: Fragrant Posey's Day by Talon and Thorn

Set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse. For full list of story in the Lunaverse as well as their chronological order, please join us in the Lunaverse Group!

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You have inspired me to write a story of what happened during the Longest Day.

1227577:duck: Being all mysterious heh?

:pinkiesmile: Good luck. Try to keep it short :pinkiehappy:

A very interesting backstory for the Blueblood clan here. I like it.

Ooh, neat. I really like it. The backstory is really neat, as is the bit about Blueblood's special talent. Nice!

Nice face turn moment there for Blueblood. Backstory yay!

Chantage Arnaque? :rainbowderp:


The blatant lack of subtly in that name is impressive. I'm guessing it was sometime shortly after this that Blueblood learned the truth and that it's probably a good part of why he didn't like her very much during the events of File Under 'I' for 'Impossible'

I will, more than likely, never reach the title of Viceroy myself, but maybe my hard work will be the stepping stone the next Blueblood to reach the court will need.

I'm not sure I actually buy all of that last line there as genuine. Mayhap he'd already figured Zizanie out, at least in part, and so was using the opportunity to feed some false humility to whomever she was working for at this time. Plus it gives him a chance to show off and build up his family's reputation.

Yay! Just goes to highlight that nopony in the right mind, no matter how corrupt they might be, would ever support Corona. And I like the Blueblood backstory as well.

122785612283961228826 Glad you guys like the backstory. I felt Blueblood needed some motivations of his own to make him a more complete characters.

1228957 Goes to show how much Blueblood knows about Prance :derpytongue2: I just thought it would be fun to give her an outrageously fake name. Also it's something I need to include at some point but Zizanie does really have at least one side of her family from Prance.

As for wether the humility is genuine or not... well I'll leave that to your imagination. For the record Blueblood is certain he can at least go up in ranks some more.

1229702 Yay! RDD Approval! Also I hope you don't mind the part of the Night Guards losing their boon. I felt I needed to work in a cue to explain WHY Canterlot was ready to repel Corona.

Heh!!! For every Blackadder, there must also always be a Lord Melchett. I just hope that he doesn't take to bleating like a sheep.

I guess because Celestia went mad instead of Luna, it changed the entire Blueblood way of thinking. Nice work.

Quite nice for the old boy, there. Doesn't hurt he gained some points in the Game, either. :derpytongue2:

1228957 Oh and another take on that outrageous name:

"What do you mean Claude Arnaque's daughter is named Chantal and not Chantage?!" :derpytongue2:

1229880 Baaah?

1229953 Thanks!

1229999 Sadly for Prince, the general confusion and panic will cause most eyewitness to remember it was Fancy Pants' idea to help Shining Armor :derpytongue2:

Prince Blueblood/Prince Blueblood/No such bloomin'luck
Prince Blueblood/Prince Blueblood/Equesterian Schmuck!!

Fancy Pants/Fancy Pants/We wish you were the star!
Fancy Pants/Fancy Pants/You're sexier by far!

1232152 I know, it's crazy! Though he honestly only seems sympathetic because Corona's an even worse bad guy.

12275571227856122839612297021232152 If you hadn't noticed the nature of this piece has changed slightly! Not sure if I should keep it under 'complete' or not, considering there's no real end point we're going to be shooting for.

1232955: I would mark it incomplete for now. We can always mark it complete later if everyone says, "Okay, I'm done, I've written all I want to for this story."


I just noticed that! I look forward to where this might go.

ACK! :facehoof:How come you guys didn't tell me about all the mistakes in this? There's a bunch of places where I skipped words again! :raritydespair:

Ooh. I wish I had been online last night, I want to have read this sooner. It was a good backstory, and the new premise of everypony else's adventures during LNLD is one I want to see the results of!

I like this alternate Prince Blueblood. He is proud and yet knows his roots. He balances his ambition with his loyalty to his family.

Thanks for hosting this!

(And I love the title. Not her usual audience indeed. :-D ).

1267251 It's my pleasure I assure you! :raritystarry: I'm glad to see the idea is catching on. :twilightsmile:

Very lovely, I can't wait to see more! I confess this alt universe is slowly but surely growing on me n_n

1267412 Glad to hear it! Don't be shy and join our group, we got lots of fun and silly discussions going on. :pinkiehappy:

It would be instructive to see what Twilight Sparkle's Day would be like. Granted, she'd be assisting BBBFF in keeping Corona away but her mind would be wondering what sort of demigods would be required to wield the Elements. MOST of why she's in a bind now is that her literal mind assumes that a Bearer would need to be beyond strong and not the sort of ordinary mortal of reasonably good character :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: that wields one now.

While pretty good as a story, this seems less well-edited than GrassAndClouds' normal stuff.

Photo Finish was unoccupied, for instance; he would be a good start.

R63 Photo Finish? :O

She didn’t know in the crowd had gasped it, but she felt a stab of annoyance that somepony would rather pay attention on the joke than on her music.


Though it (should have been) night

While I see what you were trying to do there, the parentheses are unnecessary.

Excellent chapter, I really liked it. Blueblood's chapter was pretty good but this one was great.

1268922: Glad you liked it!
Sorry about the typos. My bad.

“Ladybug, come on – forget your handbag!”
What in Luna's name is a hand? :rainbowhuh:
Consider changing it to saddlebag, or just purse.

Quite nice, here. Good on Octy, there. :yay: As for Walls... interesting character, there.

1271260: Glad you liked it! I liked the opportunity to show how Fleur (I hope everyone got that Walls was the codename for Fleur, :-) ) met Octy, and explain a little why Fleur felt Octy in particular was worth saving (as opposed to GG's other minions).
1271250: Oops. Sorry, that one slipped by me.

1275545: Yep. I figured that she wouldn't go by her real name among the Shadowbolts; they seem to be a very secretive organization. So they have codenames.

Finally got around to this. It was a sweet and simple tale, though I'll agree with another commenter that it doesn't quite seem up to the usual G&C2 standard. Not bad, just not anything exceptionally memorable either.

I actually missed that, but I like the idea of this being how Fleur 'met' Octavia. I'm a little less certain about the implication that Shadowbolts operate in large coordinated teams. I'd rather thought before this they were supposed to be mostly independent operatives (and that there were maybe only a few hundred spread across the entire country and surrounding nations). I'm also not sure it was necessary to portray Fleur as not really a Shadowbolt, it seems to me an unnecessary technicality.


Octavia looked up just in time to see a pegasus wearing Shadowbolt Armor – but without the characteristic bat-like look, for some reason

I think you got Shadowbolts confused with Luna's personal guards there. The two aren't supposed to be the same. With most ponies not knowing what a Shadowbolt would look like, or even if they really exist.

1324348: My idea was that, while the Shadowbolts usually operate independently for spying, recon, etc, and don't usually do arrests or muscle stuff (leaving that to the Guards or whatnot), when they do have to do the muscle stuff, small teams might be more likely. If they're trying to actually thwart robberies and riots and such, it seems more likely to me that they'd function in small groups as opposed to completely solo acts, if only so that they'd have each others' backs in case it got violent. (Whereas, with good spy work, it's not supposed to ever get violent, and more spies at once would lead to increased odds of detection).

(My view of this bit is, with so many Guards powering the shield, and as the Guards usually double as the city police, the city is in chaos at exactly the same time as the police are severely understaffed, so auxilliary units -- the Shadowbolts, possibly Wonderbolts too -- are basically being used as emergency police, to defuse problems like looting and violence that normally the Guards would handle but can't.)

I did mix up the 'bolts and Night Guards there; oops.

Oh, I got the idea that the Shadowbolts are operating in an unusual capacity here as an emergency police force of sorts, that much of it works. My issue is with the time frame. It seems awfully convenient for there to actually have been enough already in Canterlot to do so. What with them likely spread sparsely across the nation, I'd expect it to take days, if not weeks, to organize any sizable number of operatives.

1328586 Considering they probably keep tabs on the various cons being played at Night Court I don't think it's that surprising a possibility there is enough to form a handfull of team. It's probably just a fraction of their real numbers.

1328586: While they'd be sparsely spread out, I'd imagine there'd be at least a few in any major metropolitan area, and probably more than a few in Canterlot, which is where a lot of the counter-intelligence work would need to take place. (i.e., Canterlot is probably where most foreign spies would be, so there would probably be numerous Shadowbolts there as counter-spies).

I personally see this team as having maybe 3-4 shadowbolts on it, plus Fleur, and there being maybe 3-4 such teams in the city at this point. (There wouldn't be large numbers of them). This is why they're being sent to hotspots all over the place instead of securing individual areas; there's not enough bolts for the latter. 12 Shadowbolts out of a total of, say, 200-300 doesn't seem unreasonable for Canterlot. As for how they got organized so fast, we first see them a couple hours after Corona returns, which I think would be enough time for Fancy to contact his operatives and get them into teams.

1328617 1328634
Maybee... still feels like a bit much to me. I suppose the counter intelligence angle works, but with that many all in one place they start feeling less anti-espionage and more like secret police to me. :unsuresweetie:

13286341328774 They're a little bit of both aren't they? Plus, who says all 12 or so of those Shadowbolts were actually currently on duty? It is the holiday season for the ponies and Canterlot is a major metropolitan area.

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