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My favorite characters are Sunset Shimmer and Twilight sparkle. I like writing Anon-A-Miss stories.


Anon-A-Miss, the famous cyberbully had effectively taken over Canterlot High School, spreading the secrets of the students in order to hurt Sunset and to get her to leave.

In her grief, Sunset decides to try to end her life by freezing to death.

Unbeknownst to her, a hero had come to her aid.

Follow Sunset Shimmer and The Doctor as they travel throughout all of time and space in the TARDIS.

(Note, this version of the doctor is my OC version of David Tennant's 10th Doctor with my OC version of his TARDIS.)

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"It's dimensionally transcendental." He answered, keeping his left hand on the lever that seemed to control the TARDIS.

No, no, my boy. An apparition of time reversal occurs at the inner door.

I've been watching it from when it was the 1st Doctor(William Hartnell) to the 13th(Jodie Whittaker)

Yes, the TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental.

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Great chapter, I don't very much about the Doctor Who franchise just a bit here and there for me to get by. :) Anyways I'm looking forward to the next chapter and seeing where things will go with Sunset and your OC.

Keep up the awesome work!

I would think that Sunset would be familiar with the concept of bigger on the inside considering her point of origin.

I know. I was referencing an obscure piece of lore (namely, a slide from a Doctor Who do-it-yourself projector set).

huh. i guess your gonna need a crew then for this story.

No, it's this intro:

You sent the intro of the first doctor(William Hartnell)

I'm using the 10th Doctor, not the first.

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Good job, my friend. Never seen Dr. Who, but a good start. Love MLP: EG stories.

Huh seems interesting I will watch the superstore is progression with great interest

I love a good Doctor Who story. I'm a Whovian myself.

Should Sunset get a Sonic Screwdriver like The Doctor's?
And should she become a Time Lord?

In the comments, tell me what you guys think,

YES! I can see it now " hello, my names sunset, and I'm a time lord."

dang. i hope the new friends they make will help out in the end.

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I'm really liking Sunset as a Time Lord. :) Keep up the awesome work.

Her Regenerations from 1-12 and beyond

1: Sunset
2: Sunset(Meta-Crisis) (British accent +second heart, liver and + two extra ribs along with extra brain lobe and Regeneration Energy)
3: Rose Tyler(Billie Piper)
4: Martha
5: River Song(Alex Kingston)
6:Clara Oswald(Jenna Coleman)
7:13th Doctor(Jodie Whittaker version but not as bad and poorly scripted)
8: Ruth Doctor/14th Doctor(Jo Martin)

1 and 2 have already happened

The rest will be used later on when I come up with ideas for who should be the next doctor after the Ruth Doctor.

And I'm doing companions as incarnations in memory of those companions, in which some were lovers. And also because of timeline/continuity.

Note: Sunset is immortal and able to regenerate infinitely

Just reading the title itself on first glance gave me Novocaine lyric vibes.

The doctor will see you now . . . .

I'm really enjoying the story so far. I look forward to reading more!

The title was from the Matt Smith Doctor Who series.

Episode 1 Season 5.

The Eleventh Hour.

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