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After thinking that the Cake Twins have learned a swear word from somewhere, Pinkie Pie and the other Cakes have to find a way to keep them from saying that word in time for a very important food critter.

Can they teach the little fillies to not say that word before it's too late?

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...I'm confused. What's the K word? I can't think of any swears that start with a k. And why is saying it suddenly a good thing at the end?

It's left entirely to the imagination.

Important plot points that are just, "left to the readers imagination" is bad writing.

Oh. Sorry about that.

But if you change the letter to something we know is a bad word, like N or F or S, then it would make sense.

"Can they teach the little fillies to not say that word before it's too late?"

You are aware that Pound Cake is a colt, not a filly, right?

Oh. Sorry about that.


It's cute, but, as was already mentioned, a word being a swear word with starts with "K", I'm not sure exists, so it hurts the punchline some. Something that could have done would be for the word to not be a swear word (I.e. "kek" or some other word that starts with "K") and have the characters act like it is, then some other character could be confused and try to figure out why other ponies are acting like the word is a swear word.

Leaving things up to our imagination is a good idea -- something I haven't always done as I could have -- but it really only works if there's enough to do it, but a swear word that I don't think exist isn't the way to do, since it's a big part of the story's plot.

Did you actually have a word in mind that started with "K"? if so, I'm not the best at the "leaving things up to a readers' imagination" thing, but I would say that, if it's something that you could say, but not for the sake of letting readers try to guess, you may be good (given the plot can work, or even work better if it's left a mystery). But if you have no answer, then "what" it is may not even exist and thus could fall flat.

Using “K” is interesting but I still would have used a letter that everyone would get because it’s such an important part of the story.
Also yes, just talk to them, have a conversation. Because as we all know, babies are rational and can be reasoned with :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

I liked the story tho. It was fun

The naughty word they're using is obviously "Corn" with a 'K'. That is very naughty.

of course a reference to sailor mouth
but, i know another good show episode about swearing

Or, how about this: "Flutter Brutter" established that "peeved" is considered a curse word in Equestria. It might be fun to speculate as to what other innocuous-by-human-standards words would be on the naughty list.

First thought - the "K word" is Polish "k*rwa" (f*ck) 😂

And apparently, in Dungeons and Discords, Sasafras is possibly a swear word.
Also, in Putting Your Hoof Down, Fluttershy actually says "flying feather"

Is it odd to anyone else that the meekest among the mane 6 is the ONLY one to have canonically cussed? :unsuresweetie:

But it is funny and character developing.

Also, I remember the Arthur episode "Bleep" from when we were foster parenting.

Yeah... that one was awkward to explain. :twilightsheepish:

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