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Now has a sequel! Celestia Does Stuff in Ponyville While Other Things Happen Elsewhere

"Your Majesty!" "Your highness!" "My princess!" "My Sweet Goddess!"

These are all titles that Celestia has heard her little ponies call her. They hold her in the highest esteem, praising her for every little complement she gives them, and they look for her approval above all else.
Even her student Twilight treats her very highly, although that could be chalked up to a mother/daughter relationship. In fact, the only ones that don't treat her as a high and mighty, so-far-above-from-the-world-you-would-not-understand ruler were those not under her, and her sister.

Yes, everypony worships the very ground she treads upon.
And she is sick and tired of it.

With the help of her dear sister, Twilight and her friends, our beloved princess will seek out a way to put an end to the high level of praise that she has, Luna is jealous of, and Twilight is worried about receiving because of her status-- no matter how humble her subjects are to her.

The picture here seemed to get the premise of the story right. yes, sue me, I picked a picture to fit with the story, not a story for the picture. Please give the artist your full appreciation!

If you want to read the old and rejected chapters, consult this link [Clickey!]

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I like this direction. Let's hope someone treats Celestia as an equal. I know I would.

This could go places, I like it.

probly bash my brain in after the first 850 years of this crap.

Hmmm.... go on:moustache:

Heehee.... Un-princessy words, indeed.... :P

So... how's she gonna lighten up her image? Make a seemingly total fool of herself in public on purpose? :trollestia:

1309760 At least Celestia, in her infinite wisdom, realizes that bashing her brain in would not do her any good for the situation.

1310155 Princess-ness 101, lesson 1: Proper speech.
A princess must hold up her image as a dignified character of the upper-class. This means one must not let their tongue slip, and if they do, a princess must make sure the room she resides within is soundproofed and there is nopony else present.

1310234 I fear, my dear friend, that would take it too far to the other side. One must find a middle way.
Still, points for the obvious option 1! :rainbowlaugh:

And this is why the Princess's of so many demotions (see: fics) go out to lunch unescorted, or walk Canterlot, or any number of other things that make it clear that when she's off the clock, she's just another pony.

I'm now wondering what the heck she has unintentionally been doing to give her this rep...

I thought it was obvious enough...

1310677 Ah! Good idea. I'll see what I can do to explain that.

1310696 Well yes, but if it was just her snapping at everypony, she would have realized why they were all bowing and scraping by now.

...Which I don't think she's doing.

Don't worry! Firefanatic has just said he's cooking up an answer!

You'd think ponies would get the hint after the thousandth time she tried mingling with them.

1310908 Ponies are dense. Don't you know? Twilight's friends were quite oblivious to her slow mental breakdown, and had lots of evidence to see what was wrong. but, they just shrugged their little pony shoulders and continued on with their little activities, while the element of magic began to consider the dark art of making friendship problems.

Dense. Very dense.:trixieshiftright:



You know... It was always my very secret headcanon that Celestia is every bit as socially awkward as Twilight was. The friendship reports are just as much for her as they are for Twilight.

I like this story. Celestia's a wonderful character that doesn't get nearly enough respect. Although I'll say this: The fandom might 'ave whored itself out to Woona from the word go, but Celestia has always had superior art.

I like it, will we have the opportunity to see the link between the moon and Luna?

....Well. Kind of smaller, kind of, not. Good luck ia, and Rarity. I think you'll need it.

Well, looks like its Rarity freak out time. Least Celestia could have done is lay out some specs.

"-Option 7: Engage in small talk Set up a Tumblr account"

>a Tumblr account

What the heck am I reading? :rainbowlaugh:

oh hey, a new comedy fic to track!

49 likes and not a single dislike :rainbowderp: (now someone's probably going to dislike it just so I'll be wrong)!? And it definitely deserves it, too. Anyway, this is pretty good (kind of obvious with what I just said...). When do you think you'll be updating it?

"The picture here seemed to get the premise of the story right. yes, sue me, I picked a picture to fit with the story, not a story for the picture. Please give the artist your full appreciation!"
Meh...I like your style! So sad I can't read now :raritycry: but I'm definitely reading this when I get da chance! :moustache:

Princess's arms? Should that be forelegs or magic?

This is really good! Definitely following this! :twilightsmile:

Hmmmm... Good plotline, characters are well written (even if Celestia isn't quite "normal"), good comedy elements, interesting original ideas, and a tumblr joke. This makes me wish I could write something that isn't a sad fic...

You just earned yourself a favourite/upvote!

sounds like an interesting idea. celestia doesn't' get depicted nearly as much as being a rounded character then she does as a immortal all powerful goddess. i don't think saying she's a god or being immortal will fit the story.

This is a funny story so far, tracked; and I must say I LOVE YOUR SUN!:pinkiehappy:

Not bad, I found myself chuckling quite a few times :twilightsmile:
To the next chapter!

1340588 this update was only yesterday! :twilightsmile:
1340686 I thought it worked out. Just don't think to deeply about what it could mean.
1341192 Well, the sun loves you too. :pinkiesmile:
1340456 No no no! look at the word count! chapter 2's LARGER!

OH. MY. CELESTIA. I leave this alone overnight, and I get like 10 more comments, and 50 more faves. (and how the fudgery did I still get no thumbs down?)

Yes, I know the last update was yesterday. I mean how often, like every 4 days, every week, etc. Also, the reasons why it has 74 likes (and that's just when I wrote this) and no dislikes are because 1: The downraters haven't found it yet, and 2: Because it's such a great story that the people who actually read it didn't see anything wrong with it. If both of these are true, which they are, your story will have no dislikes (there, that's my overanalysis of why your story has no dislikes).

OHZ NOEZ!!! A DISLIKE!!! Don't worry bro, I'm still here for you. :twilightsmile:

Always and forever.:pinkiecrazy:

Very entertaining definitely followed! :twilightsmile:

Okay, the Luna scene was hilarious. And Celestia's reaction was priceless too :rainbowlaugh: Please don't stop writing this, it's too good.

Whimsy, I love it... Rarity must REALLY be desperate if she's doing. Hard labor :raritydespair:

I can't stop laughing.

Er.. It's Rarity's time for Lesson Zero? :facehoof:
Luna licked Celestia? :flutterrage:
Pararazzi of Equestria Daily, Canterlot Press and Batimare Post..
You can have all my bits if you give me the photograph....

The Doctor yay! Also Rarity, haha that scene reminds me of this one fanfic where it had spike create a shrine to rarity...for some reason.

Poor poor Rarity. Hope she is watching out for Creepers. Ssssssssssss. :twilightoops:
At least she has a gem finding spell. :raritywink:

I love the dialog with the sun and moon, I don't think I have ever seen that before.
I notice you seem to be in a hurry when writing, and as a result I get a little lost while reading while I try to change gears. Maybe that's just me though. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_rainbowderp_flip.png

WOW! I Like it !!! Fav and and one green thumb up)))

Luna! Why are you so bucking cute!!!! :heart:


"Well then! I knew we met before, but I never thought I'd get to shake hands with the 'goddess of the sun'!"


...but I never thought I'd get to shake hands with the 'goddess of the sun'!"


...shake hands with...

:duck: Dahling, don't you mean hooves?


Yes, this happens alot when I'm writing...And I usually wont notice it till a pass or two of reading checks :rainbowlaugh:
Anyways, awesome story. Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

(Also Insane Rarity makes me Laugh, and Doctor makes me happy.:raritystarry:)

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