• Published 4th Jun 2021
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Death's Invitation - Crimson_Night

You'd think death is simple right? Not for me. Apparently I got invited elsewhere. What's this about a plus one?

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A flicker of hope

We soon arrived at where the sound was emanating from and our eyes widened in excitement. "Water! So that's what you were hearing, wasn't it?"

"Yep, now we can check if it's good enough to use." I slowly trotted myself and James to the river to take a closer look.

It was the most pristine water I've ever seen, so clear you could see even the tiniest pebbles at the bottom of the river.

"Wow, this looks even more clear then my water back home" James said as he continued admiring how clear the river was.

"Well then, shall we?" He nodded happily. I helped guide him on to his knees first, then we both leaned in and took a large gulp from the river.

"Damn, even tastes better too"

"I guess so, not only was I excited when I heard the river so we can drink, but so we can have something to follow that could lead us to somewhere helpful"

James then immediately looked up at me and smiled, "Oh yeah, right!"

"Shall we follow down the river then?"

"Sure, but could we maybe take a little break?"

"Of course, we've got plenty of daylight to spare"

I helped James a bit to lay down. Then we just sat by the riverside for a bit before James decided he wanted a little nap.

After a little bit, I felt a sudden rumble in my stomach and remembered that hunger is still a thing no matter what or where you are.

I got up while trying not to wake James and have a little look back our way for something that we might be able to eat.

I didn't go to far before my rummaging found a nice little berry bush hidden behind a small group of trees and other assorted bushes. I decided to have a snack before I broke off a branch and went back to give it to James.

James was still asleep when I got back. I sat back down next to James and gently tried to wake him up.

I gave him a few pokes, "Hey, hey James, get up."

Still out cold.

Well, since he isn't going to wake up the simple way... I guess I'll give him a little splash.

But literally just as I got my hoof in the water ready, he decided to slowly wake up,


"Awww, and I was just about to splash you too"

"Oh you son of a-"

Blam! A nice cold splash straight to his face.

"Ah ah, we can't have any of that or no berries, but, here you go anyways"

I grabbed the berries from beside me and put them out in front of him.

"Oh, cool, thanks"

"Now have some of those and then I guess we should start moving"

"Sure, want any?"

"I already had some before I woke you up"

"Sweet, more for me"

He gladly ate most of them and I ended up having the extra. We had another drink from the river and slowly got up while James had a bit of a stretch.

"Alright, you ready to get going?"

"Yep, nothing to lose, right"

We then began to follow the river downstream, and I started to wonder.

I suppose he might not have anything to lose, but I sure did. I didn't really want to admit it, but a possible lifetime in equestria isn't something I wanted to give up on so easily.

I even feared it would be over so quickly when I saw James as a timberwolf, but at least it's turned out fine so far.

Now all we have to do is find a way to Canterlot and hope the princesses have had experiences with humans before and can help us with our situation.

Let's just hope we can find something soon, it's slowly becoming dark.