• Published 4th Jun 2021
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Death's Invitation - Crimson_Night

You'd think death is simple right? Not for me. Apparently I got invited elsewhere. What's this about a plus one?

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A Friendly Discovery

"What is it?" It sat there in confusion at my sudden expression.

"James?!?" It then shared my expression

"Wait! How do you know my name?"

It hit me when he said 'bad accident' and 'a few days ago', he must've been sent to equestria after his accident too, why though? I sort of figured with my love for equestria why I'm here, but why him? Who cares, I'm here now and I can help him learn equestria.

"Its... it's me James, its Matthew" His expression became even more surprised than mine.

He came closer, "Matthew?! Is- is that really you?"

"The one and only" He then immediately jumped onto me and gave me a hug.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's really you!"

"I thought I was all alone out here, then of all the people to show up, it was the only one who knows about this place!"

"Its called equestria, right? I figured that when I saw a pony, then it turns out it was my best buddy!"

He hugged tighter as he was filled with joy and relief. "Hey, not so tight! You still got claws you know" I laughed a bit as I was getting just the slightest bit strangled by James.

"Oh! Sorry" He quickly got up on his paws. As I got up on my hooves, I wrapped one around his neck and gave him a quick little hug back.

"Its good to see you again James" As I let go of him.

"Me too, soooo. Anyways, what was that thing you said I was again?" Oh, right,

"A Changeling, a creature that can change their form to almost any other creature they desire"

"Ok, cool. But, how do I change back?" Oh... right

"Hmm, I'm not entirely sure about that, but from what you said earlier, it seems you've got to focus on a creature's looks and details, why don't you try it on me"

He was a bit sceptical at first but he just nodded "Um, ok then" He looked at me for a bit then he closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he was surrounded in a quick flash of green light and then he looked just like me!

I let out a quick gasp which also helped him know he'd done something and opened his eyes. "You did it James!"

He looked back at himself, then back to me. I also noticed I must also have purple eyes. "Wow, I... I actually did it, amazing!"

His face lit up with excitement. "I know right, now I have an idea..."


"Try to go through the same thought process, but instead of thinking of me or another creature, try to make it all blank, I feel like that might be able to change you to your original changeling form or we'll just have to find some help elsewhere"

"I suppose I'll give it a shot" He closed his eyes once again. I didn't know if my long shot of an idea would work, but then... another surrounding flash of green light.

"It worked James!" It worked, he was a changeling, a cyan, yellow eyed changeling.

"Oh and I also forgot to mention, a changeling's normal form have wings too" He looked back at himself again.

"Wow! I cant believe it worked!"

I sat down as James continued to look at his true, colourful form. Then I remembered my own wings. I stood up as I had a good look at them, I tried to move them thinking I couldn't, being new to this body. But to my surprise, I could, it just felt like a second pair of arms on my back, just a bit lighter and a completely different shape. James looked over at me and noticed me examining my now open wings. "Wow, your wings are nice"

He stood in awe at my wings, I gently closed them back up.

"So are a changeling's, but I'm pretty sure changeling wings are a bit different from Pony wings, they're more bug like and I don't know if they flap just like a pony's."

"More like, flutter I guess, take a ladybug for example. You also have a bit of a protective shell over your wings that shift out of the way a bit when you open them, so yeah, kind of like a ladybug I suppose."