• Published 4th Jun 2021
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Death's Invitation - Crimson_Night

You'd think death is simple right? Not for me. Apparently I got invited elsewhere. What's this about a plus one?

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Discovering where I am. And what I am?

I quickly closed my eyes due to the sudden lighting change but quickly opened then back up. It looked like morning daylight and it looked like I was in the middle of a forest too.

“Ugh, great!”

“Not only am I somehow alive from that catastrophe, but I’m stuck in the middle of a forest!”

I go to take a look at myself, but I jumped back a little at first notice of my hands, or actually... my hooves? I quickly turn my head backwards to see myself, as of which it appears my neck is more flexible than normal. Then with sudden shock, but with a little bit of glee, I find out what I am. “I’m a pony!?”

Yep, and by the looks of it, a pony quite like an oc of mine, Crimson Night, a bat pony with a dark grey coat and a crimson red mane.

“So, not only am I somehow alive, I’ve also become my own oc, wait... so I must also be in equestria?”

It seems my rambling has attracted a creature in a nearby bush. I notice its glowing green eyes as it comes closer.

Then I get a good look at what it actually is... a timberwolf! Yep! I’m definitely in equestria!

I leap backwards due to the sudden shock of what it is. But, to my surprise... so did it. But then a major fact hit me, it’s breath. Usually you’d be able to smell a Timberwolves breath from miles away, but I couldn’t smell anything. So, doing the most stupidest thing ever, I approached it. “Hello?” If it could also understand me that could be another fact that it isn’t a real timberwolf.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you, and I don’t want to hurt you.” It then suddenly looked straight into my eyes like it realised something important. It then slowly approached me, but the most surprising thing was... it speaked!?

“Um... hello, sorry if I scared you too, do I know you? You sound familiar to me”

Hmm, I don’t know if we know each other but this could mean only one thing, “Are you a changeling?”

It tilted its head, “Ch- changeling? Ummm, I... I don’t know”

“Oh? Ok then, how did you get here?”

“Well, I was in a bad accident a few days ago, but, then I just woke up here unharmed somehow, I was so scared, I didn’t know what I was. Then last night a pack of those wooden wolves-”

“Timberwolves” I informed it.

“Timberwolves, ok, well those timberwolves showed up and I didn’t know where to go, so I tried to hide in some nearby bushes and then I just couldn’t get their details out of my head.”

“I kept thinking of them, their wooden body, their sharp fangs, their glowing green eyes, then I just... became one.”

“I suppose it was kind of good I changed into one to keep them away from me, but I don’t know how to change back, now I’m here.”

“Ok then, so from what I can tell you must be a cha-” “Wait!” Then it hit me.