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All Flim's trying to do is sell these cards, so why is this baker being such a pill by inviting him in for a drink?


Written for the May 2021 Pairing Contest in the Original Pairings group.

(Please note that despite the tag, only Flim is featured in this story)

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Now this is a hidden gem. I was intrigued by the character tags, wondering how you could possibly make such a pairing work. I was not expecting so much depth, drama, and post-series character exploration here on top of a wholly unique ship and premise. From the very beginning, with Flim trying to outwit Carrot, who's clearly doing the same before the former can realize, you had me wanting to see where this went. And, boy, did you deliver!

Any story that can make me feel empathy for Flim (or Flam) is already doing some heavy lifting, but it doesn't show in your prose here. Everything feels smooth, from the dialogue to the backstory. The banter feels natural, as do the emotions between them. (Again, making me feel empathy for one of the least memorable villains [IMO] in the series is no easy task.) While I understand that this was a piece written to fit contest parameters, I genuinely would love to see more of it. If not a full-fledged sequel, some hint towards where things go for the two from here.

Great work. Have a fave. :ajsmug:

Awesome story, I hope this might lead to a sequel story where we explore those two together working at SSC. keep up the good work dude let me know if you ever do, I would greatly appreciate it .

iji #3 · June 9th · · ·

Jesus Christ could one person on this site write a M/M story without making it sad?

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