• Published 29th May 2021
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The alicorn Princess and the changeling King - Timothy1509

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

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Changeling Hive 8:00pm

On the third floor hallway, Thorax was seen guiding Twilight back to her room after the meeting that he organized minutes ago so that his subjects could meet Twilight and see that she is no threat, however, he did noticed that some of his subjects had uncertain expressions on them probably due to them still seeing Twilight as a mysterious species from another Kingdom. It is going to take a while for his subjects to befriend Twilight, as well as gaining their trusts on her.

"I certainly hope that they will accept me Thorax." Twilight told him with an edgy expression "After all, I did see some of them giving me some uncertain expressions." She informed him.

"I'm sure they'll pull through." Thorax assured her with a smile "After all, I did tell them to treat you like a guest, and not just some lost immigrant." He finished.

When Twilight heard this, her stress has been relieved slightly, although, she might encounter many of the changelings looking at her with petrified expressions due to her being different compared to them, but, as long as Thorax said that they will treat her like a guest here and not just some sojourner, everything will be okay just like he said.

"But, you'll have a long way to go in order to gain their trusts." Thorax told her "But, I'm sure you'll succeed in it." He said with a smile.

"I know." Twilight said with a giggle "Friendship is one of the most crucial things in life." She told him.

"True." Thorax said with a shrug "Even though I didn't manage to make that much friends from the outside world due to me staying in my Kingdom to do work, and roaming around in the Everfree forest frequently, but, at least I have my subjects as my friends." He told her.

Twilight was a bit scandalized to hear that he does not have any friends from outside, he must be very busy with work when he said that he needed to endow succour to his subjects because he is the King here. The fact that he needs to work in the Kingdom, and go to the Everfree forest at the same time must be a very difficult obligation.

"Wow Thorax, you must be very busy with all of these obligations that you need to fulfill."

"Indeed." Thorax said with a nod "I am the King after all, and the lives and safety of my subjects are in my hooves." He told her in a loyal tone.

Twilight was astonished by his bravery, he reminds her of the times when she fought off against villains who tried to conquer Equestria before in the past. The alicorn mare wanted to ask him another question but suddenly, her stomach started to growl which Thorax heard.

"Oh, are you hungry Twilight?"

"Yes Thorax." Twilight replied with a nod "I probably didn't ate that much after my arrival in the Everfree forest." She told him with a depressed expression.

"Well then Twilight, you're in luck." Thorax told her which made her perplexed "Because, I have already told one of my soldiers to order the chefs to make us some dinner." He said.

When Twilight heard this, a smile appeared on her muzzle.


"Allow me to guide you to the dinning room then."

Then, the changeling King switched the route from Twilight's guest room to the dinning room where they will have dinner to satisfy their hunger.

Thorax and Twilight were now in the dinning room of the Changeling Kingdom where they will have their dinner, the changeling was seen seated at the end of the table where there is a large window behind him, while Twilight was seen seated on his left side, now, they were waiting for their meals. During the wait, Twilight was seen scrutinizing the large dinning room with a flabbergasted expression due to how big it was, it was almost as big as the Canterlot ballroom!

"Wow, talk about a five star restaurant!"

Thorax looked over at Twilight and saw that she was staring around the dinning room with an astonished expression, the changeling King must assume that she was amazed at how large the room was. The sight has made the King chuckle slightly.

"She's cute when she makes that expression." Thorax thought with his cheeks flushing slightly. Then, his eyes widened "Wait, where did that come from?" He asked himself with a perplexed expression.

A brief second later, the doors to the dinning room were pushed opened. The changeling King and the Friendship Princess looked to the doors and saw two changelings in chef uniforms with a serving tray in their hooves walking towards them both. One changeling walked to Twilight's locations, while the other walked to Thorax's location. When they both got to them, they placed their trays in front of them and let out smiles.

"Enjoy your meals."

"Thank you." Thorax said with a smile.

The changeling s bowed to their King and Twilight and turned around to face the doors of the dinning room. When they did, they began to walk out of the room, leaving Twilight and Thorax alone together in there.

Twilight pulled up the lid to see what food is in there, when she did, she noticed fruits and vegetables mixed together in the bowl, the friendship princess studied the food for a bit and noticed that it was a fruit and vegetable bowl, it was one of her favourite meals. So, Twilight activated her horn and levitated a spoon in the air, after that, she scooped up a bit of the vegetables and a pice of orange, then, she brought the spoon to her mouth and clamped on it, chewing on the foods in the process. When she did, a huge smile appeared on her muzzle.

"Wow, this is scrumptious and sweet!" Twilight exclaimed happily, then, she began to chow down on the thing quickly in a ravenous way, and the exertion has made Thorax chuckle.

However, when Twilight notice what she was doing, she ceased on her exertion an spilled her face out of the bowl, then, she looked at Thorax with an apologetic expression.

"Sorry about that Thorax, I was very hungry."

"It's okay Twilight." Thorax assured her with a smile "I did this once before when I was young." He told her with a chuckle, and Twilight giggled back.

After that, the two royals began to eat their meals, and Twilight started to eat it with respect and manners this time.

Thorax and Twilight have both finished eating their dinner after seven minutes, now, both of them were preparing to go to bed where they will get some rest and prepare for tomorrow. Twilight said thank you to Thorax before heading to bed in her guest room.

While in her room, Twilight put on her robe pajama so that she would be warm during her sleep, when she did, she was nonplussed in how comfortable and warm it was in the inside, it was like it was made of pillows.

"Alright, time to go to sleep." She told herself as she walked up to her bed.

Once she got to it, she lied down on top of it, letting out a sigh in the process. After that, she looked up at the ceiling with a concerned expression of how worried her friends and family are due to her sudden disappearance.

"Don't worry guys, I'm okay." Twilight said "I hope you all will find me soon." She finished.

A brief second later, the alicorn princess slowly closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.

Author's Note:

Another chapter accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!