• Published 29th May 2021
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The alicorn Princess and the changeling King - Timothy1509

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

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In a guest room in the third floor of the Changeling Kingdom, King Thorax was seen treating Twilight's wounds with his magic after using his herbs. Thorax was kneeling on the floor, while Twilight was seen sitting on a comfy bed while looking down at Thorax with an astonished expression due to his experience in magic. After fifteen seconds of healing magic, the changeling King has finished healing all of Twilight's gashes.

"There, all done." Thorax told her.

When Twilight heard this, she looked down on her wings and front two hooves where her blood and gashes were and saw that her wounds have all vanished thanks to Thorax's magic. A brief second later, Twilight looked back up at Thorax with an expression of appreciation.

"Thank you so much Thorax." Twilight said with a warm smile.

"You're welcome Twilight, after all, it would've been unpleasant for you to walk with all of these contusions on you am I right?" He asked.

"Correct." Twilight replied with a nod "If I was alone in the Everfree forest, I would be left to be devoured by those timber wolves, or killed by my wounds. So again, thank you." She told him in a grateful tone.

"You're very welcome Twilight." Thorax said with a smile, then, he moved on to the main topic that he wanted to ask her about "Anyways, I have a slight request that I would like to ask of you." He told her which made her surprised.

"What is this request Thorax?"

"Well you see, ever since you arrived here, you are considered a new and unknown species to my subjects." He told her as kindly as he could "Therefore, I would like to introduce you to my subjects, so that they won't be petrified of you. As a duty of a King, the lives of my subjects are my responsibility. So, do you think that it is okay?" He asked kindly.

Twilight then began to ponder about this hypothetical situation for a bit. It is very true that these changelings in the town would likely view her as a foreigner or a new species due to them having no idea who or what she is, that would lead to fear and anxiety. So, she has no other choice but to introduce herself to the community of this Kingdom, and considering Thorax's polite and brave tone, she does not mind. After all, he is the one who saved her life.

"That's okay Thorax." Twilight replied with a nod "I wouldn't mind getting to know the locals of your Kingdom." She told him.

"Perfect thanks!" Thorax exclaimed with a smile "I'll get everything ready so, just wait right here okay?" He asked, and Twilight replied with a nod.

After that, Thorax stood up from the floor, turned around, and faced the guest room door. Then, he walked up to them, gripped onto the handle with his magic and pulled it open. Finally, he exited the door, closing it behind him in the process. Now, he began to make his way to the front doors of the third floor hallway where he will order the two soldiers to do something.

Twilight has been waiting in the guest room for fifteen minutes now, during the wait, she was scrutinizing her guest room that Thorax put her in. The room was quite large with a couch on her right side, a closet with a green robe pajama, a mirror stand, a door behind her that probably leads to a toilet, and a chandelier on the roof. It represents about approximately a four star hotel room.

"Wow, this place is exquisite." Twilight commented with an astonished expression "It's almost similar to my bedroom in my castle." She said.

Then, the doors of her room were pulled open. The alicorn mare looked forward and saw Thorax walking up towards her with a smile, Twilight studied his light mood for a brief second and realized that he was contented about something.

"What's with the light mood Thorax?" Twilight asked with a perplexed expression.

"Oh nothing, it's just that I managed to get my subjects to the conference area of my Kingdom with the help of my soldiers." Thorax told her "This means that you will be introduced to my subjects." He finished with a smile.

When Twilight heard this, she got a bit anxious, but, she stuffed it down and gave Thorax a sort of nervous smile so that she can show him some integrity.

"That's wonderful Thorax." Twilight said with a smile "I cannot wait to meet your subjects." She told her.

"Brilliant!" Thorax exclaimed contentedly "Now, allow me to guide you there." He told her.

Thorax then stretched his right hoof out in front of Twilight, offering to help her up from the bed. When Twilight noticed this, she grabbed his hoof and Thorax slowly pulled her up from the bed. After that, the changeling King began to guide Twilight out of her room and into the hallway where he will guide her to the conference area. During their walk, Twilight couldn't help but stare at the muscles on his hooves, they were quite big, this indicates that Thorax must be an athlete like Rainbow Dash.

"Wow, he does seem muscular." Twilight thought with her cheeks flushing slightly.

After a seven minutes walk through the third floor hallway as well as through a secrete area in the town by three crossbow welding soldiers, Thorax and Twilight have finally arrived at the conference area where four police officers with batons in their belts, and riot helmets on their heads stood to maintain crowd control. While waiting for the King to start the meeting, the changelings began to ask each other about what the meeting is about this time.

"What do you think that this meeting will be about?" A female drone asked her friend.

"I have no idea." Her friend said with a shrug "I hope it's something good though." She said.


A brief second later, Thorax came up to the stage and tipped on the microphone three times, getting his subjects attentions in the process.

"Greetings my fellow subjects, may I get your attentions please." He told them, and all of the changelings postponed their conversations and looked up at their King "Thank you very much, and thank you guys for attending this meeting. Today, I have something to tell you all, we have a new visitor in our Kingdom." He informed them which made his subjects surprised.

"Who is this visitor?" A male drone in the crowd asked.

"Good question." Thorax said "She is a mare from another Kingdom or city, she can do magic judging by the horn on her forehead, and her name is Twilight Sparkle." He told them.

Once Thorax had said that, the entire crowd heard the sound of someone breathing in and exhaling her breath as an indication that she is preparing to come out. A brief second later, the changelings heard some hoofstep noises on the stage, the crowd looked up and saw what looks to be like a female pony with wings on the sides of her torso, and a unicorn horn on the forehead walking forward on the stage and next to their King.

Twilight looked down at the multicoloured changelings and saw that they were all staring at her with perplexed expressions which got her very anxious due to her thinking that she is an entirely different species compared to them.

"Who is she?"

"Is she a foreigner?"

"She's a pony!"

"Where is this pony from?"

Twilight was stunned by the citizens questions about her, they sure must be extremely desperate for answer. But, what got her bewildered was that some of them knew who she was.

"How do these changelings know what I am?"

"Whoa whoa okay, questions will be answered later my subjects." He told them through the microphone, silencing them in the process "I've just found Twilight injured in the Everfree forest yesterday after an encounter with some timber wolves so, I do not know anything about her yet, but, if I do know, I will disclose it to you all through newspapers. Other than that, I hope you will treat Twilight kindly here with integrity and impartiality, not just a sojourner." He finished sternly.

The changeling began to ponder about this for a second, for now, they have no idea who the heck this Twilight Sparkle is or where she came from, there could be a possible chance that she could pose a detrimental threat to them all but, since Thorax stated that he found her maimed in the Everfree forest by those timber wolves, they thought that they might show her some integrity.

When Thorax saw that his subjects where smiling up at him, he must assume that they all accepted his request to them in making Twilight feel like home in their Kingdom.

"I guess you all accepted Twilight then." Thorax said with a smile "This meeting is adjourned." He told them.

When the changelings heard this, they all turned around and the police officers began to guide them to the exit of the conference area of the hive.

During this, Twilight was staring at the kind changelings with a warm smile due to her being so happy that she has been accepted by them all.

"This will be pleasant." Twilight thought with a smile.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!