• Published 29th May 2021
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The alicorn Princess and the changeling King - Timothy1509

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

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A new Kingdom

Everfree forest 7:30am

In the Everfree forest, the animals of the large forest were all seen waking up and roaming around the place to start their days of walking freely, and eating grass in the Everfree forest without any disturbance.

In a cave however, a certain lavender alicorn mare was seen lying on the ground on her chest with her eyes closed, she also had a black jacket on her back as a blanket so that she could be warmed up since the fire was out.

A brief second later, the changeling King Thorax, walked into the cave with an apple that he picked up from a tree in his hooves, this would be enough to supply the little mare with the proteins that she needed. Although, it won't last long but, at least it is going to be healthy for her.

"This should be good for her." Thorax said to himself with a smile.

Then, the changeling walked up to the alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle. Once he got to her, he bent down and looked at her face, when he did, his cheeks flushed slightly due to how adorable she looks when she sleeps. She is like a cute little puppy but, he couldn't say that to her, otherwise, it would be offensive towards her, and would make him sound very sarcastic. Either ways, the changeling King reached for Twilight's back with his right hoof and shook her gently, trying to wake her up.

"Oh Twilight, it's me Thorax." Thorax said softly.

When Twilight heard the familiar voice, she let out a moan and slowly opened her eyes. At first, her visions were a bit blurry but, when they worked again, Twilight saw the changeling that saved her yesterday known as Thorax staring down at her.

"Oh, hello Thorax." Twilight greeted. Then, she let out a cute yawn.

"I got you an apple." He told her. "And judging by your flat teeth, I assume that you're a herbivore." He finished.

"Thank you, this is just what I needed." Twilight thanked in a grateful tone.

She then grabbed the apple with her right hoof and brought it to her muzzle. After that, she opened her muzzle and bit onto the apple and started to chow on it. During the process, Twilight let out a delightful smile due to the sweetness of the sweet fruit, it reminds her of the times that Applejack offered one to her. Ten seconds later, the friendship princess has already finished eating the fruit which made the changeling astonished greatly.

"Wow, you sure are hungry eh Twilight?" Thorax asked with a chuckle.

"Yep." Twilight mumbled with a nod. A brief second later, the friendship princess has finished eating the apple so, she threw the small bit of it behind her and swallowed the ones in her mouth "Thank you for the wonderful food Thorax." She thanked again.

"You're welcome Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "It's always good to eat nutritious food so that you can maintain a good health." He told her logically, and Twilight nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, would you like me to lead you to my home now Twilight?" He asked.

"Sure!" Twilight nodded eagerly "It wouldn't hurt for me to warm up a bit in your Kingdom." She said.

"Wonderful, let's go then." Thorax said stretching his hoof down at her, offering to help her up on her hooves "I've got the perfect things for you to warm yourself up from the rainy weather last night." He told her.

When Twilight heard this, her smile grew even brighter, she is so glad to meet a being who is willing to help her for once rather than trying to pick up a fight with her. Then, the friendship princess decided to waste no time and grabbed Thorax's hoof. After that, the changeling pulled her up to her hooves which made Twilight yelp in the process, however, the exertion has made Twilight hug Thorax, and when the contact happen, the young Princess let out a slight blush and released her hug.

"See, you're all healed up." Thorax said with a smile. "Now come on, my home is just a couple of meters from here." He told her, after that, Thorax started to guide Twilight out of the cave while still holding her hoof to corroborate that she wouldn't fall.

During the process, Twilight couldn't help but stare at Thorax with her cheeks flushing slightly due to how handsome he looks, in addition to that, he must be good in magic and first aid since he provided her with succour in treating her injured wounds.

Thorax has been guiding Twilight to his Kingdom for seven minutes now, and during the time, Twilight's hooves got very sore due to her still being a bit fatigued from that ordeal yesterday. So, the changeling King decided to lift her up on her back and carry her to his Kingdom. When that happened, Twilight blushed slightly again.

"Alright, just past this small hill." Thorax said walking around the small hill "And here we are. The Changeling Hive." He finished with a smile.

When Twilight heard this, she looked up and saw something very flabbergasting. In front of her was a tall blue coloured Kingdom that was bigger than Canterlot castle. It also had trees on it's sides which represents life.

"Wow, that is a nice Kingdom you have there Thorax." Twilight commented with an astonished expression "Your Kingdom sure looks bigger than the one in Canterlot." She added.

"Thank you Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "Now, without further ado, let's head to my Kingdom." He told her which made Twilight smile again.

Then, Thorax began to walk towards the front gates of his Kingdom where two heavily armed military changelings awaits for him, hopefully his subjects would not view Twilight as an enemy, he should be able to persuade them to treat her as their guest.

Twilight on the other hoof was extremely exhilarated to go to the Kingdom where she will accumulate lots and lots of knowledge about King Thorax's species. As always, she likes to learn something new.

"Oh the amount of knowledge I would learn." Twilight thought with a wide smile.

Author's Note:

Another chapter accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!