• Published 29th May 2021
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The alicorn Princess and the changeling King - Timothy1509

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

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Away from home

Everfree forest 5:00pm

In the middle of the Everfree forest, there were a bunch of animals seen walking around the place and eating food. Just like what they do in the wildlife.

However, in an area of the Everfree forest, a certain lavender alicorn mare wearing a sparkly purple dress was seen lying on the grass unconscious after the ordeal that occured in Canterlot with the confusion of a potion and a juice. The alicorn mare was known as Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship. She has teleported to the middle of the Everfree forest after inadvertently drinking the teleportation potion. A brief second later, the friendship princess let out a moan and slowly opened her eyes.

"Ugh... what happened?" Twilight asked slowly opening her eyes. At first, her visions were very blurry, but, when they worked again, the alicorn mare noticed grass in front of her "Huh? Where am I?" She asked with a perplexed expression.

Twilight then slowly placed her front two hooves on the ground and started to push her up, it was hard at first due to her hooves being a bit sore after her drinking the potion. But, she managed to overcome the soreness and push herself up from the ground, now, she was sitting.

"Is this the Everfree forest?" Twilight asked herself.

She then scrutinized her surroundings and saw trees, vines, rocks, dirt, and grasses around her. She realized that she definitely was in the Everfree forest, however, this section of it was quite different compared to the one that she went on with her friends.

"This is the Everfree forest." She said with a surprised expression "But, which section of it is this?" She asked with a bewildered expression.

A brief second later, Twilight shook her head and decided to not waste any more time since it looks like it's going to turn dark soon here.

"I shouldn't waste any more precious time." Twilight told herself as she pushed herself back onto her hooves, she staggered but, she managed to maintain her balance "I gotta return to Canterlot, my friends are probably worried for me." She told herself.

Then, Twilight decided to head on out into the Everfree forest. However, she was deciding on where to go, without a book or a map, she will likely be having a difficult time in trying to figure out where she is, or where to go. After looking around her for a brief second, Twilight has made her decision on which path she should take.

"This way it is." Twilight said looking in front of her with a confident expression. Then, the alicorn Princess ran north into the Everfree forest and started to venture through it. However, unknown to her, she was going deeper into the forest.

Everfree forest 7:00pm

Twilight has been walking in the Everfree forest for two hours now, and each direction she took, it was like she was going around an endless circle. She has gone past lots of tree, two fast flowing rivers, and three hills which all lead to nowhere near Ponyville or Canterlot. The biome continues to consist of many of it's bewildering and astonishing characteristics that can be petrifying sometimes. In fact, it is already starting to turn dark which could be apprehensive to Twilight's safety.

"Where am I now?" Twilight asked herself with a terrified expression.

However, just as she walked a few more steps forward, Twilight saw the same log that she encountered in the forest laying in front of her. This was the fourth time that she's seen it again.

"Oh come on!" Twilight exclaimed with an irked expression "This is the fourth time that I've encountered that log!" She finished in a frustrated tone.

Twilight was extremely vexed by this, she has been going around a circle in the forest for over two hours, it is like going through a maze. Why did she even bring the potion with her in the first place? And why didn't she tell her friends about the potion? However, a brief second later, thunder was heard in the skies which made the alicorn mare flinch, then, drops of water started to fall slowly onto the ground, a second later, it started to rain.

"Great." Twilight said with a frown as drops of water started to drench her hair and mane "I need to find shelter quick before I lose my consciousness again." She told herself logically.

After that, the friendship princess turned around and ran south into the forest to seek shelter this time. Unfortunately, she has failed to notice that she was continuing to run deeper into the large biome.

Twilight has been running through the forest for sixteen minutes now in the rain, and she has not found shelter yet, in fact it was extremely difficult to see what was in front of her due to the heavy rain. She could've used her magic but, she was too cold to even use it.

"Brrrr, it's cold." Twilight said while shivering "I n-need to find shelter quick." She told herself with a desperate expression.

Then, Twilight began to pick up the pace to find a suitable place for shelter. However, just as she walked five steps forward, the alicorn princess heard some growling noises behind her which immediately stopped her in her tracks.

"What was that?" She asked herself.

She turned around and saw three ravenous timber wolves in front of her growling hungrily at her, Twilight was now seen as a prey to the wolves.

"Uh oh."

Then, one of the wolves let out a roar which prompted his buddies to all charge towards the alicorn mare.

"Ahhhhh!" Screamed Twilight as she turned around and started to run away from the timber wolves.

The alicorn mare was running forward into the trees, trying desperately to shake the wolves, or block their range of attack with the help of the trees but, to no avail due to the wolves continuing to chase her from behind.

Then, Twilight started to improvise, she spread her wings and attempted to fly away from the ground so that the timber wolves wouldn't get her, after all, they don't have wings. However, one wolf suddenly caught up to her on her right side and bumped into her right torso.

"Oooof!" Grunted Twilight as she flew a few feet up in the air. After flying forward for a brief second, the alicorn mare crashed into a rock. "Ugh!" Grunted Twilight in pain. Her back was bruised, and her dress was torn up.

Twilight moaned and slowly opened her eyes, when she did, she noticed the three wolves slowly approaching her with ravenous attitudes. When the alicorn mare noticed that things were bleak for her, she slowly closed her eyes and awaited for her fate, while the timber wolves began to slowly approach her.

However, there was no death for the friendship princess today when a magical blast hits one of the wolves in the face, sending it flying a few feet up in the air and crashing into a tree in the process.

"Get away from her!"

When Twilight heard the strange voice, she opened her eyes slightly and saw what looks to be like a quadrupled green being standing in front of her. The being blasted magic beams above the wolves, and when that happened, the wolves let out whimpers and ran away in fear. A brief second later, Twilight's pain eventually outdone her, and she blacked out.

The being turned around and looked down at the purple mare all to see her unconscious on the ground. So, he walked up to her, bent down, picked her up in his hooves, and started to carry her to a nearby cave so that he could warm her up before she suffers from hypothermia.

Author's Note:

The second chapter completed! I hope you all enjoyed it!