• Published 29th May 2021
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The alicorn Princess and the changeling King - Timothy1509

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

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Changeling Hive, Thorax's bedroom, 8:00am

It is morning again in Equestria, the sun was up and birds were chirping in the trees and soaring through the skies happily like they always do.

In the bedroom of King Thorax, Princess Twilight Sparkle was still seen asleep on the bed with Thorax next to her after the journey to the beautiful place that Thorax brought her to, as well as where their first ever kiss occured in.

However, a brief second later, Thorax was the first to wake up due to the sunlight shining through the window again and hitting his face in the process. He then let out a soft moan and opened his eyes, when he did, he saw the beautiful alicorn mare Twilight Sparkle sleeping next to him comfortably which made him smile warmly. Then, a brief second later, Twilight woke up, she let out a yawn and opened her eyes, then, she saw Thorax.

"Oh, good morning Thorax." Twilight cooed stroking his cheek.

"Good morning Twilight." Thorax said stroking her hair.

"Yesterday was so much fun." She told him "We swam, we played, and we even shared our first kiss." She finished with a giggle.

"I know, and it was wonderful. You're lips were soft." Thorax remarked, and Twilight giggled from his kind comment "But unfortunately, we cannot attend any fun activities today, I have work to do." He told her.

"Oh okay."

"You can wander around in the Hive if you want to." Thorax offered "None of my soldiers or police officers will prevent you from doing that." He told her.



After that was established, Thorax and Twilight both got off of the bed and commenced their day.

In the third floor hallway of the Changeling Hive, Princess Twilight Sparkle was seen roaming back and forth in the hallway for approximately six minutes now while thinking of her friends and family who she assumed were still desperately looking for her in the forest with a possibility of no resting due to their anxiety for her safety.

"Don't worry guys, I'm safe here with Thorax." Twilight mumbled.

She then decided to resume her roaming around the hallway in order to relieve her stress again, but, this would be proven to be much more difficult compared to last time due to there being nothing to do in the hallway. However, the alicorn princess immediately stopped in her tracks when she remembered something.

"Sweet Celestia that's right! The gala day is tomorrow!" Twilight exclaimed with a shocked expression "I've been waiting for that day forever but, it seems like I cannot attend." She told herself with a depressed expression. However, a solution came up in her mind.

"Wait, that's it! Maybe Thorax can arrange one here in his Kingdom."

Then, Twilight decided to go and find Thorax. So, she turned around and ran to the third floor hallway doors. Once she got to them, she gripped onto the door handles with her magic and pulled them open where two changeling soldiers stood and looked at her.

"Excuse me you two."

"What do you want Twilight?"

"Do you know where Thorax is?" She asked.

"King Thorax is in the military headquarters." He replied which made her surprised.

"Can you take me there please?" Twilight asked kindly "I have something important to tell him." She told him.

The soldier pondered about this for a bit, letting a foreigner into the military headquarters would certainly make his superior officers angry but, since she said that she has a message for King Thorax, everything will be okay.

"Sure." The changeling nodded in an uncertain tone "Allow me to guide you there then." He said.


After that, the soldier began to guide Twilight to the Changeling Hive Military headquarters where she will have a conversation to his King about something that he does not quite know obviously.

"Hopefully the general would not take this seriously."

After walking through the town for approximately fifteen minutes, the soldier have finished guiding Twilight to the Changeling Hive Military in the basement level of the Changeling Kingdom, the two of them had to take an elevator down too which was located in the first, and second floor of the Kingdom. When they reached the metal doors to it, the changeling soldier grabbed out his ID card and tapped it on a panel. The panel let out a beeping noise and the doors were slid open, impressing Twilight in the process.

"Wow, what a technology." Twilight mumbled with an impressed expression.

Once the doors were fully opened, the changeling soldier looked at Twilight and said "King Thorax is in the meeting room so, take a left turn and go down to the hallway where there are two metal doors."

"Okay." Twilight said in acknowledgement. After that, the soldier turned around and left.

When that was done, Twilight looked back in front of her and walked through the doors of the military, entering it in the process. Once she was in, the friendship princess looked forward and saw a path sign on the wall which read.

Meeting and combat training rooms: Left
Weapons training, carriage station, and weapons storage room: Right

"Left it is then."

After that, Twilight turned to her left and started to walk through the left side of the hallway where there was a right turn in front of her. When she made it to the turn, she turned right and started to walk throught the hallway to the meeting room where the soldier said that Thorax is in. However, just as she made it to the middle of the hallway, she heard a voice.

"Hey you!"

Twilight froze in her spot when she heard the familiar voice, she turned around and saw the dark green changeling known as Pharrynx walking towards her with an angry expression which made her edgy.

"What do you think you're doing entering the military?" He asked demanding an answer.

"I... I'm... just here looking for Thorax." Twilight replied in a slightly anxious tone, however, Phaynx did not take it.

"Do you honestly think that I am stupid?" He asked her with a raise of his eyebrow "I'm the Prince here tso, tell me the truth, otherwise, I will send you to jail this instance." He warned her.

Chills went down to Twilight's spine when she heard this, she just came here to find Thorax, not to infiltrate and steal stuffs, what does it even take to convince this obnoxious changeling anyways?

Miraculously, the conversation ended when a voice was heard from behind.

"Hey, chill out Pharynx, Twilight is with me."

When Twilight heard the familiar voice, she turned around and saw her friend Thorax walking up towards her, the sight has made her relieved. Pharynx was just about to ask him a question but then, Thorax talked to Twilight instead.

"So, what brings you here Twilight?"

"Oh um... I have something to ask you about." She replied.

"Really?" He asked, and Twilight nodded in response "Let's take it outside then." He said.

Twilight nodded again and she and Thorax both started to head to the entrance doors of the Changeling Hive Military, leaving Pharynx baffled.

"What does Thorax see in her?" Pharynx asked himself with a perplexed expression.

Once they were outside, Thorax and Twilight were now both standing by the entrance doors of the Changeling Hive so that Twilight could talk to him about the thing, luckily, there were no soldiers outside of where they were standing.

"So Twilight, what is this thing that you want to talk to me about?" He asked her.

Twilight first took a deep breath and exhaled it, calming herself down in the process.

"You see Thorax, tomorrow we ponies have arranged something called a Gala day where we all dance happily and have a merriment moment." She told him "But, since I'm in the Changeling Hive, there's no way for me to attend the dance so, do you think that you can organize one in your Hive please? And would you like to be my partner?" Twilight asked kindly with sparkling eyes.

Thorax was caught off guard when he heard this, although he has heard of a gala day before in books. It is when creatures who have a partner dance with each other happily for fun, or to express their love to each other. And since Twilight has requested him to arrange this activity in his Hive kindly, as well as asking him to be her dance partner, he had to accept it. After all, he would not want her to be depressed.

"Of course Twilight." Thorax replied with a nod "Anything for you." He said.

"Cool! Thanks!" Twilight exclaimed kissing Thorax on his cheek, making him blush in the process.

"Hehe." Twilight giggled.

"Okay, now you wait in our bedroom in the third floor until I ty to get all of this set up okay?"



After that, both royals began to make their ways to the elevator of the basement where they will head up to town and make their ways to the third floor of the Hive.

On the third floor of the Changeling Hive, King Thorax was seen setting up some banners on the walls, a disco ball on the roof, a loud speaker, long rectangular tables with foods and drinks on them all in his throne room with the help of his subjects where he and Twilight will have the dance of their lifetime, while the alicorn mare was in their bedroom.

"I have a feeling that this dance will be wonderful." Thorax told himself with a smile.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!