• Published 29th May 2021
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The alicorn Princess and the changeling King - Timothy1509

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

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It is now morning in Equestria, the birds were chirping outside in the trees, and animals were seem roaming around their natural habitats in the Everfree forest like usual. As always, the sun was shining brightly like summer.

In the Changeling Kingdom, Twilight Sparkle was seen still asleep in bed in King Thorax's bedroom due to her wanting to sleep with him last night after last night's ordeal with Thorax's older brother Pharynx and his racist, insulting, and sarcastic remarks to her which got her a bit frightened. Luckily, her sleep with Thorax has gotten her relaxed.

However, for some unknown reason, Twilight felt warm everytime she is with Thorax, and this warm sensation far exceeds of a sun's temperature.

A brief second later, sunlight shined through the window on the right side of the bedroom and hit Twilight's face. This resulted in making her moan and slowly open her eyes, at first, her visions were blurry, but, when they worked again, the alicorn mare noticed sunlight shining from outside of the window.

"Ah, morning." Twilight said. She then slowly sat up straight and let out a yawn, stretching her wings in the process. After that, Twilight looked down to her right and noticed that Thorax wasn't next to her "Huh, where did Thorax go?" She asked with a perplexed expression.

Then on cue, the doors to Thorax's bedroom were pushed open, making a creaking noise in the process. The friendship princess looked forward and saw her friend Thorax coming into the room with a cup of coffee, and an orange on a tray.

"Morning Twilight, I just decided to grab something for you to drink and eat when you wake up." Thorax told her with a smile as he walked up to her.

"Thanks Thorax." Twilight said with a smile as Thorax placed the tray next to her on a cupboard.

After that, Twilight charged her horn and levitated the cup of coffee up from the tray, bringing it to her in the process. Once she got it to her muzzle, she began to drink the cup of coffee, during the process, she smiled in delight due to how tasty this coffee tasted, it must've had some brown sugars in it or something. A brief second later, Twilight has finished drinking the coffee, and she pulled the cup away from her muzzle, letting out an exhale in the process.

"Wow, now that is a nice coffee."

"Glad you like it Twilight." Thorax said with a smile. "Here, have an orange." He said offering her a slice.

When Twilight noticed it, she grabbed the orange slice with her right hoof and ate it, after she gulped it down to her stomach, the alicorn made let out a wide smile in a way to indicate that she enjoyed it. The princess then levitated all of the orange slices from the small bowl and shoved them all into her muzzle, chomping them all up in the process.

Thorax was again very nonplussed by her actions but, he pushed it away and remained composed in order to show integrity towards her.

Ten seconds later, Twilight has finished biting the orange slices in her muzzle and she gulped it all down, letting out an exhale in the process. Then, she looked at Thorax with a smile and hugged him in the process.

"Thank you so much for the sweet fruit Thorax." She said in a grateful tone "I appreciate it a lot!" She finished in a contented tone.

Thorax blushed slightly due to the sudden embracement from the cute little mare, he felt his body temperature rising slightly as an indication that he was feeling something towards her. But, he snapped out of it and let out a smile.

"You're welcome Twilight."

After a while, Twilight removed her hooves from his neck and released from the hug. Then, the two of them let out a chuckle. However, seconds later, Twilight's smile disappeared and she slowly frowned.

When Thorax noticed Twilight's sudden depression, he got perplexed. So, he decided to ask her what was bothering her.

"What's wrong Twilight?" Thorax asked "Why so disconsolated all of the sudden?" He asked again kindly.

"Oh um... its just that-"

"What?" He asked "You can tell me, I'm here to help you." He told her.

When Twilight heard this, she was touched. So, she first took a deep breath and exhaled it, calming herself down in the process. Then, she began to expose to her friend.

"Thorax, I appreciate you bringing me here to stay and recover but, I don't think that I can live here for longer now." She told him in a dejected tone "I have a career and a worried family out there searching for me desperately and, if I stay here for any longer, they'll keep worrying for my safety. I hope you understand." She said with a depressed expression

"I understand that Twilight." Thorax said with a nod "I know you cannot love here forever but, you can't just go out there and search for them in the Everfree forest on your own. You could get killed by the predators there." He told her in a logical tone.

"I know but, it keeps making me streeful to think of my friends and family worrying for me everyday."

When Thorax heard this, he felt sympathetic towards her, no one in Equestria deserves to be separated from their friends and families for years. Otherwise, depression, anxiety, and grief woild ensue. However, he can't just let Twilight venture through the Everfree forest alone again, she would get devoured by those predators or starve to death. He needed a plan to relieve her stress, a brief second later, a great one popped in his head which made him smile.

"Here Twilight, let me take you to somewhere special."

"Huh? What special place?" Twilight asked with a perplexed expression.

"You'll see very soon, now come on, let's go." Thorax told her as he got off the bed.

Twilight was perplexed at first by this, but, she shrugged it off and got off the bed. After that, Thorax lead her to his opened bedroom doors, when they got to them, they exited the bedroom and made a right turn. Then, they began to make their way to the doors of the third floor hallway.

Everfree forest

King Thorax and Princess Twilight Sparkle were both seen walking in the Everfree forest for approximately forty minutes now to the special place that Thorax told Twilight about. It was like they have been walking around in a circle considering that she and he had been making multiple left and right turns. Twilight was going to ask Thorax if they were anywhere close to the location but, he spoke first.

"Ah, here we are Twilight."

When Twilight heard this, she walked next to Thorax and looked in front of her. When she did, she saw something that immediately blew her away. In front of her was a large grass filled area with a pond in front of it, and a waterfall above it. The grass surrounding he pond also had flowers on it too.

"Wow, this place is absolutely beautiful Thorax!"

"Glad you like it Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "This is my favourite place to hang out when I am free." He told her.

"So no wonder why you call this place special." Twilight giggled, and Thorax chuckled. Then, the alicorn made grabbed Thorax's right hoof, making the changeling King blush slightly in response "Come on, let's play!" She exclaimed pulling him to the area.


While in the area, the changeling King and the friendship Princess have been doing all sorts of exhilarating activities including running around the area, enjoying the scenery, smelling some flowers, and many more. Now, the two were swimming in the large pond like swimming in a swimming pool. Thorax was seen floating on the pond, while Twilight was seen standing on the waterfall ledge, preparing to jump down as if she is on a diving board.

"I'm gonna jump down Thorax."

"Okay, take your time."

Twilight first took a deep breaths and exhaled it in the process, relieving her anxiety in the process. After that, she ran forward and jumped off the ledge of the waterfall, a brief second later, she splashed into the water. Then, the alicorn mare paddled her way up to the surface, gasping in some air in the process.

"That was awesome Twilight!" Thorax said swimming towards her.

"Thank you Thorax." Twilight said embracing him in a hug, and Thorax hugged back.

Thorax and Twilight have both been playing around the area for an hour and a half now and they were exhausted. So, they both decided to rest on the soft grass while looking up at the skies.

"So Twilight, what do you think of today?"

"It was wonderful Thorax!" Twilight exclaimed contentedly "I've never had that much fun before in my entire life!" She told him with a wide smile.

"That's good to hear." Thorax said with a smile. However, a brief second later, Twilight's smile disappeared again. "You good Twilight?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's just some stuffs bothering me again." She told him "I'm just still worried about my friends and family." She finished with a depressed expression.

"Twilight, there's no need to worry." Thorax told her in an assuring tone "I have a big feeling that you will reunite with your friends and family soon one day, no matter what, I will always do my best to show integrity and kindness towards you during your stay in the Hive." He finished.

Twilight couldn't help but feel touched again by Thorax's kind statement. During her stay in the Changeling Hive, he has been showing nothing but kindness and support to her, there were no signs of racism from him. A brief second later, both the changeling King and the friendship princess stared at each other with their cheeks flushing, and Twilight's eyes were glittering. Then, without hesitation, the two royals leaned their head close to each other and kissed each other in the lips.

The two were making puckering noises from the contact of their lips, and warm sensation were running through their systems. A brief second later, Thorax climbed on Twilight and rested himself on top of her, making her giggle slightly, then, they proceeded with their kissing. Fifteen more seconds later, the two royals released each other from their kiss and stared down at each other with their cheeks flushing.

"Wow handsome, I didn't know that you are such a good kisser." Twilight cooed stroking his cheek.

"Thanks Twilight, your lips were soft and warm." He told her, and Twilight giggled in response "Anyways, wanna head back now?" He asked.

"Sure." Twilight replied with a nod.

Then, Thorax stood up and got off of Twilight. After that, he stretched his right hoof down to her, offering to help her up. The alicorn mare then grabbed his hoof and the changeling King pulled her back up on her hooves. Then, the two royals both walked back into the forest and started to make their way back to the Changeling Hive.

However, just as the two of them left, two pegasus mares and one unicorn stallion have entered the area where the two royals have finished playing in. And the three ponies were known as: Shining Armor, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. The three of them were seen split up from the group by Celestia in order to make the search effort of their missing friend Twilight more feasible considering their large numbers.

"Wow, talk about a beautiful place." Rainbow Dash said with an astonished expression.

"I know Rainbow but, right now we need to focus on the task of finding Twilight." She td her.

"Come on, it's been a couple of days now." Shining said with a worried expression "Even the gala day is going to come soon, and Twilight won't be able to attend if we don't find her." He finished.

"Don't worry Shining." Rainbow assueed him gliding down to him and giving him a pat on his back "We'll find your sister soon, all we need to do is to search high in the sky, and low on the ground to make it more efficient and easy." She told him.

"One can hope Rainbow, one can hope."

"Well, it looks like she is not here either." Fluttershy told them "Let's return to Celestia." She said.

The two of them nodded and the three ponies began to make their way back to Celestia to report that Twilight is not in the area where they searched.

Author's Note:

Another chapter accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!