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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


Thorax and Twilight Sparkle are two newly wedded couple in Equestria, the ponies and changelings were so happy for them both, not only that, the couple also has a son whom they named Alistair, a hybrid alicorn and changeling colt. One day, Twilight tells her son about the story of how his father is a protector to her.

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one! Also, I do not own My Little Pony. It belongs to Hasbro, and the coverart that I am using also belongs to it's original owner.

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awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Why does Twilight need protecting? She's defeated Nightmare Moon, Discord, Tirek (twice), Starlight Glimmer, Cozy Glow (twice), King Sombra (twice), and even Chrysalis at least twice who Thorax suffered under for years.

If anything, Twilight should be protecting Thorax, not the other way around.

It's very cute history :raritystarry:

Make sense, but in another way, it is romantic. And THIS IS A romantic story

Thanks a lot buddy.

Thanks buddy. It's good to see you in the comments section of my story again.

Gender stereotypes, I’m guessing.

10837984 we have a winner!

10836666 romantic or infantilising

wouldn't it b just as romantic if she protected him? no, because chauvinism

Thank you very much.

But I fully agree, I would’ve liked to see protector!Twilight showing some love for her bug boyfriend.

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