• Published 27th May 2021
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The Rise of Harmony Princess - Shadow-Iris

After a problem in the Royal Wedding, Twilight was abandoned from Equestria and had to made a choice to survive whether she wanted or not

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Chapter 1

Another day started again in the pony kingdom. Today seems like a perfect day, especially for the wedding. Walking out of the room, the princess found the peaceful completely broken. Everything outside was expected to look like a mess, servants ran hurriedly to move things to the Ceremony Hall.

The wedding had been designed and decorated a long time ago, but with a sudden change from the bride, Princess Mi Armor Cadenza, the servants had to redecorated again although she and the bloom, Shining Armor both agreed before that it looked great. The change had left many ponies doubtful about the Princess, but the Princess looked like she was stressing so they didn’t give their opinions about the problem.

A letter was sent to Princess Celestia’s personal student, Twilight, four days ago due to Shining Armor’s request in order to invite his sister and her friends to the wedding. Receiving the letter, Twilight was surprised but quickly recovered, her brother never told her that he was dating a princess. Informing the other ponies, they prepared for their trip to the capital of Equus. A day later, they arrived to help the ponies in the castle a hoof.

The other ponies seem not cared much about the Love Princess being, but Twilight did. The love Alicorn treated ponies harshly when their works didn’t satisfy her. The young unicorn knew it wasn‘t right, since her brother revealed the bride's name, she had noticed the difference between the old and new Cadance. After years of contact in the past, the unicorn had gotten to know many things about her personality and favorite things, and as her old foalsitter, the princess knew her as well as she did. So there was no way that a sweet pony like her could change so fast after these years. To answer the question, she secretly appointed the Alicorn to an alley to talk and she accepted her request.

The Nighttime had come, the bookworm waited inside an alley near the castle, to not be recognized, she dressed in a dark sweater. After a while of waiting, a shade appeared, it was getting close to her location. The shade stopped at the alley and entered it, like she expected, it was only Cadance.

“So Twilight, why did you call me here?” Asked the Princess while raising an eyebrow

“I had a question that I wanted to ask you personally, which I don’t want to bother you in public” Said Twilight, who forced a smile

“You can ask anything you want” Frowned the pink Alicorn in annoyance

“When did you change? I thought you were very easy on everything”

“C-Changed? I-I was stressed and just wanted everything to be fine” Advocated the love princess, ‘confused’ by the question of her soon-to-be sister-in-law

“No, I’m very sure you weren’t. The Cadance I knew wouldn’t be that harsh even when she stressed out. We had a long time with each other before, how could you not know me” Said Twilight doubtfully.

“Y-Yes, of course, I am. I-If you need proofs I’ll show you” Said ‘Cadance’ as she readied her magic.

Twilight stood there curiously, but something in her mind told her to run away. And she did, the princess fired a green beam from her horn, it missed. ‘Cadance’s magic signature wasn’t green, her color was blue and nopony could change their magic color.’

“You weren’t my foalsitter, that wasn’t her magic signature. I don’t know who are you, which race are you, but I’m sure you were an imposter. I’ll tell the princess about you” Said Twilight as she quickly teleported away.

“Oh, let see who that Princess will trust, you will see soon enough~” Chuckled darkly, she continued “Soon, Equestria will be mine, all mine~”.

“And after all, you will obey me soon, little unicorn~” Laughed evilly as ‘Cadance’ took to herself to the beautiful night sky.

------------------______________Wedding Practise______________------------------

Everypony was already in the Ceremony Hall to practice for the Wedding, except Twilight. ‘Nopony believed her? Well, I’m a ‘princess’ here, nopony would dare to talk anything bad about my being in front of my ‘aunt’ of course.’

“Princess, where was Twilight? She supposed to be here right now” Asked Cadance.

“I don’t know where is she, but she will be here soon.”

‘Look like she hadn’t told her’ Smirked ‘Cadance’.

Suddenly the door swung open, Twilight ran into the room.

“I’m here” Shouted Twilight angrily at the pink Alicorn “I’m not going to stand next to her and neither should you, Shiny.”

“Twilight are you alright?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure about this?” Asked AppleJack for sure if her friend wasn’t ok.

“Of course.”

“That wasn’t Cadance, you have to listen to me.”

“I’m sorry because my sister acted that way, Cadance” Said Shining Armor to his sister overreaction.

“Maybe it’s just misunderstood between us, we should stop her from doing something bad” Said Cadance to the white unicorn.

“Twilight, please stop you can’t insult her, she did nothing to you.”

“She didn’t? She did it to everypony who didn’t do like what she wanted, and she had many differences from the one I knew” Said Twilight while walking in front of her soon-going-to-be sister-in-law and pushed her to the wall “You weren’t Cadance, you are an imposter, you are evil

Being pushed over the edge, the ‘Love Alicorn’ had to do something to keep her secret hidden. ‘Crying would be a good option for me to act like that love princess’. Acted quickly, the Princess started crying and ran away from the hall, which got the attention of everypony in the room, except Twilight. The unicorn tried to catch her but failed because the princess used the sleep spell on her. Everything went white and she lost her consciousness.

Woke up in an unfamiliar place, her head raced, she tried to out where she was. The room was small but dark, which made Twilight scared. Finding a way to release herself from the rope without her horn, the unicorn didn’t notice the presence of a pony in this room. She stepped closer to her until the unicorn recognized who she was, Luna.

“Why am I here, Luna? Why was I bounded by a rope?”

“Oh sorry, I forgot those. My sister decided to punish you for hurting her niece and your friends agreed too. Luckily, I was able to hide you here, in a secret room I made for myself. You know about Cadance right?”

“Of course, she was my foalsitter, we spent very much time together.”

“You noticed that her actions were wrong right?” That earned a nod from the unicorn “So we both know that, but now, my sister is hunting for you, look like I am the only one who can tell her about it. I’ll release you, please go to another kingdom until the wedding ended successfully, I’ll help you back here”

“Umm... In my opinion, that wasn’t Cadance. Her magic aura isn't green, it’s blue, I’m sure she wasn’t the real Cadance”

“Yeah, I noticed that too but my sister said it was because I wasn’t in contact with her much so maybe I remembered the wrong color. But now it’s you first if she finds out us here, I’m really sure our punishment wouldn’t be good” Sighed Luna as she released the unicorn and teleport them to Ponyville

“You should go hide now. Keep this, I’ll write you a letter when I got enough proof”

“Why were you helping me, Luna”

“Because you are my only friend of course”

“Thank you, Luna. I hope everything will be back to normal again. I got to go now” Said Twilight, who bid her real friend goodbye, hoping everything will be alright with her new adventure.

------------------______________Everfree Forest______________------------------

The forest was so scary at night although she had an experience before, with her friend. Now they weren’t together anymore. Maybe because she wasn’t royalty so they didn’t believe her? No, they used to betrayed her once and that five ponies had promised not to do it again, and now they did. She shouldn’t befriend them anymore

Walking through the scary trees, Twilight finally found Zecora’s hut. ‘Maybe I should stay here for one night’. Knocking the door, she got a response from the hut owner. The zebra opened the door and let her in, after a while of explaining, she agreed to let the unicorn stay and keep secret about her present

The sun raised again, the unicorn woke up and continued her adventure. Passed the forest she got into a meadow, which she hadn’t seen before. ‘Maybe it wasn’t that bad, a little adventure outside will help me a lot, especially with friendship’

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoy my story, it’s my idea when I read those stories.