• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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Chasing.... A Bunny?

It was an off day for the team, and Soarin and Rainbow Dash were spending it in Ponyville. They had no real plans for the day, other than to just walk around town and see what they could see and do. Rainbow loved Ponyville for that reason. Even though she had already lived there for a few years and the town was small, there were always new things to do and new adventures to be had. She hadn't been able to go home in a few weeks and was excited to see everypony again. Her friends already knew about her and Soarin. Rarity's squeal still echoed in her mind from when she had told the girls for the first time. They were all happy for her of course, and even though she still got some teasing from Applejack and Twilight, she felt comfortable with them knowing. The heat wave had ended, much to everyone's relief, and the weather was now nice and mild. It was 11:30, and wind felt amazing in the couple's manes as they flew towards the small town. Rainbow was having the time of her life as she flew freestyle, doing somersaults in the air and twirling every so often as she went along. She looked at Soarin who was beside her, joining her as they drew loops in the sky together. Chases were made, clouds were busted, and dances were displayed. As she flew along, she forgot about speed, and instead of tearing across the sky as she usually did, she made every movement slow and deliberate. Powerful and strong. She loved the feeling, it was nice for a change.

Their dances and movements all stopped as they saw Ponyville come into their line of sight, and they just flew side by side before landing in a small clearing near the entrance of the Everfree forest. She looked up at Soarin, smiling. He looked back with a smile to match hers, his eyes squinting slightly as he did so. "So, where do you want to start?" she asked him. He looked around for a few seconds before his eyes locked on Fluttershy's cottage. More specifically, at the area of her lawn where a bunch of birds were perched before said mare on a rather odd-looking stand. Their vibrant colors and many species and sizes were all overlooked as they heard the sound that emanated from their throats. Fluttershy was fluttering in the air, conducting them to sing in a perfect harmony. Rainbow had initially thought that it was silly to organize a choir out of birds, but now she had to admit they sounded very pretty. Most of the time at least. "Wanna go over there?"

"Sure!" he responded, sounding pretty enthusiastic. After all, he'd never heard her songbird choir. Rainbow chuckled at him before leading him to her best friend's house. It was barely even a walk there. The butter yellow mare was so focused on her birds that she didn't see the pair approaching. It wasn't until a pink jay of hers suddenly started squawking super off key that she turned around. She jumped a bit upon seeing them, but quickly relaxed when she saw Rainbow.

"Hey 'Shy!" she called out.

"Oh hello Dashie! Hello Soarin. How are you two?"

"We're doing well, thanks," Soarin answered. "That chorus of yours is pretty neat. I've never seen organized bird songs before. Especially while being conducted by a pony." He chortled at the end. Fluttershy smiled, happy that he was actually interested and impressed by her birds.

"Thank you! It took a while to get them to cooperate with me, but they sing naturally in the wilderness. We started off a bit," she twirled a hoof while trying to think of a nice way to describe their rather horrendous start to singing. "Rocky, but after we all learned to work together and sing as one, we were fine." Rainbow laughed out loud, earning a quick stink-eye from her friend.

"I think rocky is a really big understatement there 'Shy."

"Okay, maybe we didn't sound even half as nice as we do now," she said while blushing slightly . "But we've made progress since then."

"It sure sounds like it." Soarin commented, while Rainbow playfully rolled her eyes while nodding. Fluttershy all of a sudden sank about a foot in the air, as if she were jerked by something. All three of them looked down at the ground to see Angel Bunny with his owner's long tail gripped in his little paws. He looked very miffed, but honestly, when did he not? He glared daggers at Fluttershy and harshly stomped his back paw on the ground a few times in rapid succession. He squeaked a few times up at his prisoner, finally letting her free and making waving gestures at the birds first, then the couple, and then himself. Soarin and Rainbow just stared blankly, exchanging a brief glance with each other before turning back to the scene before them. After he was done with his little rant, he folded his arms and huffed, looking away.

"Angel Bunny," Fluttershy scolded. "I told you that I had choir practice this whole morning. I also told you that I have to work at the sanctuary this afternoon. We can have tea and snuggle later, but you'll just have to get through the day first." She turned her attention back to the Pegasi standing before her. Soarin still looked confused, but Rainbow was now looking disapprovingly at the bunny. She didn't like it when Angel made it harder for her friend or stressed her out more than she needed to be. That creature she knew, wasn't very fond of her either because she so often spent time with Fluttershy when she was able to come home and was very close to her. Needless to say, the two didn't get along.

"Is he giving you trouble again?" she asked rhetorically. Angel opened his eyes and blew a raspberry at her. Her friend sighed.

"No, he's just a bit demanding." It was Rainbow's turn to sigh now. Leaning in closer to Soarin she whispered to him.

"Since when is he not?" He raised a brow, not being familiar with the hostile bunny, but still bit his bottom lip to stifle any sounds of amusement. "Anyways, we'll let you get back to work now 'Shy. It was nice seeing you again. I'll try to visit again soon." Her best friend flew swiftly down to her and embraced her tightly, rubbing her cheek against her ear.

"Of course Dashie! I've missed you. Come back soon okay?" Rainbow hugged her back and returned the nuzzle on the bottom of her chin.

"I will if I get the chance, don't worry." They broke apart and waved goodbye. "Bye 'Shy," she called as she turned and walked away with her coltfriend.

"That Angel fella seems like a hoofull. Is he usually that uh... demanding?" Soarin asked as they walked away from the cottage.

"All. The. Damn. Time," Rainbow answered with a note of frustration clear in her voice. He thought that it was funny seeing her get all worked up over someone else's pet.

"You sure seem fond of that rabbit," he teased.

"He's a bunny, not a rabbit," she corrected. "Try not to make that mistake around them. Fluttershy will give you a lecture about the difference between rabbits and bunnies. And Angel will jump on your back and give you a nice kick." He was internally grateful for her warning. The lecture didn't scare him too badly, if anything it couldn't hurt to know. But after seeing Angel's attitude, he didn't want to piss him off. He waited as his marefriend continued. "It's not that I dislike him.. really," she huffed. "I just hate how he makes things more difficult for 'Shy than they need to be. They've been working on getting along better, but still. He's really hard to get along with." How in Equestria does one get along with a bunny? It was a little bit funny to him. His amusement must have shown on his face because Rainbow's eyes narrowed at him and she pouted. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing," he shook his head, admittedly trying to look away to control himself. "It's just that you're fighting a bunny, and by the sound of it you do it a lot."

"Oh. Haha. It sounds ridiculous I know." She groaned quietly to herself. "I almost died the first time I realized I was actually having an argument with a bunny."

"You know, I wouldn't believe it unless I had actually seen him for myself. He looks like he'd actually try to carry out some evil-mastermind plan." This got Rainbow to lighten up a little bit.

"I wouldn't put it past him. But let's forget about it for now. Want to head to the marketplace? I want to see if Bon-Bon has any new taffies. I haven't had any in foreever," she said, dragging out the last word of her statement. Soarin's was suddenly very curious.

"You like taffies?" He had never pegged Rainbow as a taffy kind of pony. Maybe a hard candy kind of pony, but not taffy. It suited her in a way. She blushed every so slightly at the question.

"They're my favorite sweet I think. Bon Bon's are great. My dad used to travel to the east coast a lot, and whenever he went he'd bring back a few boxes of saltwater taffy. It reminds me of all the times I'd wait for him on the day he was supposed to come home. He'd walk up to me sometimes with a totally fake sad look on his face and tell me," she cleared her throat a little bit. "'Sorry little trotter. There was no more taffy, they all ran out." She had used a mock stallion voice at the end there. Soarin was honestly a little bit surprised to hear Rainbow talk so openly about her parents. It was a good surprise of course. "Then he'd pop it out of nowhere and I'd give him a hug."

"That's adorable Dashie. How do they make saltwater taffy here if we're not that close to the coast?" he asked. He was super confused as Rainbow burst out laughing. She drew the attention of a few passerby's but nopony looked at her for more than a second. She finally calmed down enough to respond to his question.

"Salt water taffy is no different from regular taffy dude. It's just a rumor that some stallion soaked a bunch of taffy in a coastal city a long time ago and sold it as salt water taffy." She saw his look of embarrassment and relented slightly. "I totally believed they were different when I was little. I refused to eat 'regular' taffy until my dad told me that."

"Ohh," he breathed. "That kind of makes sense. Though it seems weird to call them two separate things."

"I agree a hundred and twenty percent. Bon Bon does too. That's why she gets her ingredients shipped to her from Fillydelphia because it's close to their area of origin. I think that's what makes them taste so good, they're as close to 'authentic' as she can make them." Her wings fluttered excitedly and her gait was even bouncier than normal.

"You know they sell taffies in Cloudsdale right?" he chuckled at her childish addiction to the substance.

"Ohhh, no, no, no. You'll see once we get to the shop. There's nowhere better than Bon Bon's sweet shoppe." He let her give him a light glare and drag him the whole rest of the way there.

Once the couple got to the marketplace, Soarin stared in mild awe at what he saw. The two ponies stopped briefly at multiple stations to just peruse a bit and take in the sights. Boy, were there a lot of sights to take in. All around him were ponies with stands selling various different things. It was slightly crowded, more so than he would have thought for a Thursday afternoon. Then again, it seemed as though this was the way a lot of the ponies there earned bits. He saw lots of cloths and trinkets being sold. He even saw a stand selling hoof crafted animal figurines. Every color could be seen as he swept his gaze over the place. The vibrant reds of the mini tapestries, the soft purples of the lilacs and lavenders at the flower stand, and the deep green of a small amphibian figurine at the glass stand. As they walked further, his snout was hit with tasty aromas of spices and baked goods from the stands selling food products. After a few more minutes of walking, the two reached Bon Bon's stand. En route, Rainbow had explained to him that yes, most of the ponies here were recreational sellers, and they did this every Thursday to earn some extra bits. She also said that a lot of ponies with actual shops came out here on those days to join in on everything. He was surprised every time he heard about Ponyville, as it sounded like such an amazing community.

They finally reached a colorfully decorated stand with even more colorful candies laid out neatly upon it. The sign above the booth had the image of three candies wrapped in stripped wrappings. A beige, earth pony mare was standing inside the booth. Her mane was poofy and was half navy, half pink. Her eyes were sky blue and sparkly. On her flank was the symbol that perfectly matched the one atop the stand. This had to be Bon Bon's stand. One look at Rainbow's face confirmed that for him in an instant. She was suppressing a giddy smile, failing slightly. Bon Bon's expression brightened ever so slightly at seeing her there.

"Hi Rainbow. Back in town I see?" Her voice carried a clear accent. Rainbow nodded quickly.

"Yep! Just for the day though, I'll leave this evening."

"I see." She then noticed Soarin standing next to Rainbow. She smiled and carried on like normal, something which Soarin was extremely grateful for. "Hello Soarin. Are you two looking for anything specific today?"

"Do you have any taffies on you today?" Rainbow answered. He could almost hear the bubbles in her voice. Apparently so could Bon Bon, as she tittered at the young mare's attitude.

"Sure do. I have the usual cotton candy, vanilla, and watermelon. Today though, I made peppermint and," she leaned in, beckoning the two of them to do the same. "I've been experimenting with flavors and today, I made creamsicle taffy!" The genuineness of her pride in her work was something that anypony would appreciate.

"Ooh that sound great Bon Bon! Can we try it?"

"Of course. She used a pair of tongs to grab two candies and deposit them into their awaiting hooves. They popped them into their mouths. An explosion of flavor set off in Soarin's mouth as he chewed. It was the perfect balance of sticky and soft, and the perfect combination of sweet and citrusy. He looked over at Rainbow, who was now slightly hovering. She was so right, this was the best taffy he'd ever tried. A smug look crossed her face.

"Good right?" He nodded eagerly, now sharing a portion of her excitement. Bon Bon was beaming at the level of joy she'd created with her treats.

"Would you like to buy some?"

"You don't even have to ask! Can we get some of those please? As well as some of your other ones?" she looked near sheepish at the end.

"It's no problem at all Rainbow," she giggled. "I do aim to please." She packaged a few of each flavor into a small box and handed it to Rainbow. In turn, the prismatic mare handed over a few bits. The two bade their goodbyes and resumed their journey of the day.

Still feeling the joy that came with her taffies, Rainbow near pranced next to Soarin as they tried to find something else to do. They had ultimately decided on visiting the rest of her friends and seeing what they were up to. They went first to Sugarcube Corner since it was the closest to where they already were. After a nice conversation with Pinkie over some pie for Soarin and a bagel for herself, they went to find Rarity. On their way, Rainbow suddenly felt a weight on her back. It was small and wasn't heavy at all.

It was Angel Bunny.

He was standing on top of her, rummaging into her wing for something. It was only when he hit a sensitive spot, causing her wing to flare out, that the box of taffies fell out and onto the ground. "What the hell, Angel?" she asked. The bunny just gave her a shit-faced grin, grabbed the box, and ran.

She and Soarin stood there for just a second before exchanging a look. Rainbow was sure she looked like she wanted nothing more than to kill somepony. Soarin looked very surprised. "Did he just-?"

"Yes. He did," she confirmed before taking off on hoof after the bunny. "Let's go!" The rapid clip-clops of hooves against ground alerted her that he was following her, so she continued on. She hated how fast and small Angel was. He had led her and Fluttershy on multiple wild goose chases in the past, and every time it ended with him eating a salad, and them laying on a couch exhausted. She was not in the mood for any of his shenanigans at the moment, not that she ever was.

Their chase continued for another twenty minutes or so, with them weaving between ponies, houses, and mailboxes. It wouldn't have been so tiring had they not been running an obstacle course along with a race. Eventually, the poor bunny ran head first into a yellow mare's hoof. Rainbow and Soarin skidded to a halt along with him, neither of them wanting to bowl her over. While Angel was busy shaking his head out, Rainbow quickly scooped up her box and tucked it back into her wing, making sure it was secure. The mischief maker looked up at the pony he had bumped into, who was looking down at him in both concern and weariness. He took note of her carrot cutie mark, and instantly recognized her as Carrot Top, another seller in the marketplace. In an instant, he was perfectly well again, looking up at her with pleading eyes. The mare looked to Rainbow for an explanation.

"Heh, sorry about that Carrot," she apologized, rubbing the back of her neck. "We've just had a bit of an episode with him. Carrot raised an irked eyebrow at Angel and walked away. He shot one last glare at Rainbow, who happily returned it, and hopped away after Carrot, hoping to snag some extras from her booth.

"What was all that for?" questioned Soarin as they walked away from the scene. He was stifling snorts of laughter once more.

"He was just being a jerk and stirring up trouble. The little guy's probably bored out of his mind and wants some laughs at our expense." Soarin apparently couldn't contain himself any longer before he burst out laughing. His laugh was contagious, and soon she found herself giggling along with him. She leaned up against him lightly as they walked, feeling his sides vibrate with mirth.

The rest of their stay was very nice, as a break from work was always nice. They'd have a funny story to tell the others when they got back about how they spent the majority of their day enjoying a town, and a brief portion of it... chasing a bunny.

Author's Note:

Early chapter to make up for my tardiness on the last one!
I've been trying to improve my characterization of everypony as I go along. I tried to write as Fluttershy would during her parts. I think I did a decent job, but let me know what you think. Rainbow is the easiest in my opinion, the only hard part is giving her the tough side as well as the hidden deeper parts of her while in conversation. Soarin is easy too, because besides his goofiness, I pretty much have free rein to portray him however.
But get ready for the next chapter!! :raritystarry::raritywink: