• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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Hiking Trails and Waterfalls

Heat. Heat was all the Wonderbolts could feel in the last week of May. It had been unnaturally hot the whole week, so practices were way sweatier than usual. Because of this, Spitfire decided to take the Bolts on a weekend camping trip to Winsome falls. The weather wouldn't last very long, but if patterns like this kept up, the storms this summer would be really strong. Under the shade of the trees and with a stream of water near, the temperature was slightly better than it was everywhere else but not by much. Beads of sweat still hung out on their foreheads and around their manes.

The camping trip was just two days long, and they had already been gone a day and slept on a trail overnight. It really was like traveling with siblings, Rainbow Dash thought. She didn't have any firsthoof experience with family trips that included siblings, seeing as she had grown up as an only foal. Though the members of the team with siblings such as the Streak twins, Thunderlane, and Sun Chaser had stated this fact multiple times throughout the trip. Rainbow could see somewhat where they were coming from. Rapidfire would bring up the heat every few minutes, half the time complaining jokingly and half the time being serious. Sun kept getting distracted by all the flora and fauna, stopping every so often to oggle at a flower or vine and gush at how pretty it was. Surprise kept popping up between ponies at random and making them either playfully swat at her, laugh with her, or chastise her. While most of them walked the distance, some, like Misty and Lightning, flew just overhead to brush their wingtips against the tree leaves. Blaze walked across from the side nearest to the water on the trail. She wasn't taking any chances of getting wet. Not with this group of hooligans around.

Walking next to Rainbow was Soarin. He was a calm hiker. He would smile and listen to the conversation that circulated around him. Wave Chill and Silver Zoom were betting to see who was better at being sneaky. Whatever that meant at the moment, nopony particularly wanted to know, so the conversation shifted back and forth from that to other various topics.

"But seriously, you're so heavy footed dude! Anypony could hear you from a mile away!" argued Wave Chill.

"Yeah, but you take too long to get moving. Someone will ask or tell you to do something and it takes a second for you to get moving," countered Silver Zoom.

"Hey Sun?" asked High Winds, completely ignoring the shenanigans behind her.

"Yeah High?" Sun answered, happy to play along.

"Have you seen any mushrooms yet? You've been ogling at every plant you see, and one would think there'd be some fun ones around here."

"There's been a lot actually. There were some red and white ones a while back. Then there were some pretty yellow ones too but somepony thought that they would walk right where I was looking, and accidentally stepped on them." She glanced very pointedly at Thunderlane as she said this. Said stallion chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head.

"Heheh.. sorry about that Sun. Didn't see them there." She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"How? Watch where you're looking next time."

"Yeah T," Wave interjected. "You've gotta be smart to be sneaky." Spitfire gave a small growl of frustration.

"Will you all shut up about being sneaky already!" she exclaimed. "Neither of you are sneaky at all! Silver, you can't tiptoe to save your life. Wave, you're too chill to be some super spy." Wave looked offended for a fraction of a second.

"Did you just-"

"Yes, I did that on purpose," Spitfire cut him off before he could finish. Laughter came from the mouths of everypony before a comfortable silence reigned over them once more.

The hike since that moment had continued with light conversation and carefree laughter. It was really fun. Soarin walked beside Rainbow and had to suppress a chuckle or two. For every step he took, she had to take three. By no means was she a slow walker, she was actually pretty fast. Though that didn't surprise him in the slightest. The speed at which her legs were moving made her walk look very cheerful, almost like she was prancing. He supposed that that was why she always looked so happy both in the sky and on the ground. Rainbow looked to him and caught him staring at her. She seemed to catch him doing that often. "What's up Soarin?" she asked with a smile. Her mane was slightly scruffy as it usually was after a practice. Her bangs were slightly matted to her forehead, and tiny beads of sweat got caught in her eyelashes.

"Nothing, nothing," he tried to direct her away from the fact that he was just caught admiring her. "How are you enjoying the hike?"

"It's really fun! It's so different coming up here with you guys than it is the CMC's. Kinda obviously, but it's still funny to me." She paused to laugh a little. "If this is how trips with siblings are, I can't decide whether I wish I could have experienced this sooner, or am glad that I haven't experienced it." Soarin didn't have any siblings either, so he was in the same boat. But he had been a Wonderbolt since he was sixteen, so he felt as though he had had multiple siblings for years now.

"Right? When I first joined the team, it was like inheriting siblings left and right. I've always had Spit and Fleet as sisters, but then poof! I had twelve more!" At this they both broke out laughing.

"I guess it's age too. I mean, I don't have to make sure that these idiots don't run off or anything. Poor Spitfire has to put up with all of us though." she chuckled at the poor mare's expense. The team had to stop once they reached the portion of the trail right next to a cave. The trail was supposed to turn at the cave, but Rainbow spoke up before they could turn. "Hey! This is the cave I went through to get to the falls the last time I came up this trail." Not a second later, Surprise was at Spitfire's side and bouncing in front of her.

"Can we go through the cave, Spitfire? Please?" she pleaded. Even from where he was standing, Soarin could see the mare making a face that screamed, do it. just say yes. Seeing no harm in it, Spitfire turned to Rainbow.

"There anything we should know about the cave? No extra thrill when there's no need for it?" she asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"Not really," Rainbow answered. Then, her eyes landed on Blaze and she winced inwardly. "We do have to go down a stream to get out of the cave. It's not a long walk at all, but we have to actively ride the water till we shoot out of the cave via waterfall." Blaze's eyes widened briefly before she gave a look of resignation.

"Let's just get this over with," she stated before starting towards the cave. The rest of the Pegasi looked around amongst themselves in slight amusement before following her. A collective sigh of relief was released as they stepped into the cool, wet cave. It felt so good to feel something other than hot air blowing on their faces. They made their way silently, taking in the dark scenery, until they heard the running of water. "Stars above what have I gotten myself into?" she moaned when the stream came into view.

"Just jump Blaze, it's not that bad," Fire Streak spoke up.

"Yeah! It's super fun actually," assure Rainbow. She led the charge, plopping herself into the water, and let herself be carried away, Soarin following after. Blaze was the last pony to jump, doing so with a small squeak.

As each pony flew out of the waterfall, each gave different reactions. Some squeaked, some laughed, some yelped, and some cheered. Surprisingly, Blaze yelped upon exiting, and then let out a cheer when she hit the water. Soarin looked over at Rainbow, whose mane was now plastered against her head. She had an adorable, goofy look on her face that reflected how much she loved small adventures like this. Their eyes met and they reacted along with the rest to the uncharacteristic show of enthusiasm to the water. She noticed their reactions as she hoisted herself onto the land and shook herself dry.

"What? I know how to loosen up sometimes?" she rolled her eyes with a smile on her face, putting emphasis on the sometimes.

"Thank goodness," muttered Rapidfire, who was promptly splashed by Misty. This started a splash fight between the fourteen ponies in the water, none of whom showed signs of taking prisoners. Using her streamlined form, Fleetfoot zipped under the water going from pony to pony, getting them square in the face with water. Blaze just sat on the shoreline, not too close to the flying spray of water, but close enough to still participate in a form.

Their time in the water soon ended, as they opted to sit out in the fields near a bunch of trees. They stood by the shoreline and shook the water out of their wings and manes. Blaze trotted up to join them once she made sure everypony was dry enough. Soarin noticed that there were only fourteen of them on the shoreline. There were supposed to be fifteen. Apparently Spitfire noticed this as well. "Where'd Surprise go?" she wondered aloud.

"She was just with us," commented Lightning. The group started looking around for her. Even Blaze wandered closer to the water to search for her missing friend. They didn't need to look for long.

"I'm right here!" Out of the water, popped Surprise's head. Without anypony noticing, she moved as quick as a flash, encircling Blaze's middle with her forelegs, pulling her back into the water. Everypony held their breath for a moment, fearing the mare's reaction to such a prank being pulled on her. A few seconds later, Blaze shot out of the water and landed on all four hooves, panting. Her eyes were wide in shock and anger, and her fiery mane was now soaked and hung around her face, framing it nicely.

"WHAT THE SHIT SURPRISE!" she yelled. Their fears held no real weight, as the sight was just too funny to be afraid of. She shook herself off for the second time that day, grumbling under her breath as guffaws sounded around her.

"It's called being sneaky," Surprise casually retorted, leading to even more sounds of amusement around her.

After that debacle, the Wonderbolts picked an area of trees near the falls, admiring the beauty of the rainbows and waterfalls. The liquid colors dripped in clean strips into the white water below, making a beautiful splash at the base of each fall. Rainbow walked up to Soarin and dug her face into his stomach, cuddling up to him. He placed a hoof atop her head, feeling her still faintly damp mane underneath it.

Soarin was so grateful to be able to hold a piece of a rainbow in his hooves.

Author's Note:

I am so behind on this story it's funny. Before the 23rd, I have to have written 7 more chapters. I have 12 days to write 7 chapters of these and 2 other stories(one chapter). Good lord what have I done. :rainbowlaugh:
Also, for the scene where Blaze gets pulled into the water, imagine princess Luna after Celestia dragged her out of the barrel in the song Lotta Little Things. It was fun to write this chapter.
I hope you enjoyed and are having a good day!