• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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Stargazing and Star Gazes

The middle of spring was in full swing in the central part of Equestria. The days were warm, and cool winds blew across the sky, tickling the faces of the ponies in the area. Earlier that day, Rainbow Dash had gotten a letter from Twilight, telling her to be on the lookout for the constellations that night. Apparently Princess Luna was in another of her happy-go-lucky moods and had written to her, saying that the constellations that night were to be "marvelously exquisite." Twilight had told Rainbow about it because the Wonderbolts would be able to get a much closer view of the stars than other ponies, with their compound being in the sky. It was another Saturday night so the team had the next day off, so they were free to stay awake as long as the star show lasted. Which was all night, but they were just going to sit there and talk for a few hours.

After the sun had set, the fifteen Pegasi made their way to the grassy area at the edge of their grounds and set out a few blankets to sit on. They faced the ledge of the cloud that their base sat on, so that all they saw was sky. Some of them grouped with friends, like Rapidfire, Thunderlane, High Winds, and Misty. Others, like Soarin and Rainbow Dash, were sitting as couples, such as Wave Chill and Blaze, Fire Streak and Surprise, and Spitfire and Fleetfoot. Wave had his forelegs wrapped around Blaze's shoulders as she sat in front of him with her back pressed up against his chest. Fire Streak was curled around Surprise who had perfectly molded herself against his side while laying down, Spitfire and Fleetfoot the same way. Soarin was sitting next to Rainbow, who had her cheek pressed into his leg. The night air was cool, and each pony either drew warmth from their significant other, friend or an extra blanket. They all turned their eyes skywards to take in the view that was soon to come.

Soon, they could see stars being arranged meticulously into patterns in the sky. They shone brightly, making them look like tiny diamonds in a black ocean. It was beautiful, and they all appreciated the effort put into it by Luna. She always made it a priority to make the night as comforting and magical as she could, and some nights went above and beyond to do so. This night was a perfect example of that.

"It's beautiful," breathed Sun Chaser as the image of a sea serpent became clearer above them. Its body was flowy and long, and looked majestic as it reared up on its hind legs.

"The princess really knows what she's doing," replied Rapidfire as he laid down on his blanket. Soon, another image drew their attention. This one depicted a knight rearing up as well, facing the sea serpent as it spread its wings behind it. Though it looked as though the two were fighting, everypony could feel that they weren't. Luna had a very special way of putting emotions into her works, as well as very clearly telling stories through them. From these things, the ponies gathered below could tell that the two creatures were showing respect, using an ancient dance to convey their feelings to one another.

"I know she's an alicorn princess, but I can't believe how she conveys her emotions and messages through the stars alone," remarked Soarin. Rainbow dug her cheek harder into his leg, making her nod feel like a forceful nuzzle.

"Yeah I know. She has super strong feelings and emotions so I think that she releases them into her night. The girls and I have seen her try to hold in her feelings, but that just created more demons for her. Both inner and physical ones."

"So it's like therapy for her?" asked Lightning Streak. Rainbow nodded again before turning her eyes back up into the sky. Everypony else followed suit. They all sat or laid back as they continued to watch a few more images come into existence above them. Silence washed over them as they did so, save for a few remarks here and there about the beauty they were witnessing.

Eventually, the team started to get tired and started going one by one or two by two back into the compound. The top four 'Bolts were the last ones left outside as the star show continued. After a little while, Spitfire and Fleetfoot stood up to turn in for the night, leaving Soarin and Rainbow by themselves.

"Enjoy some romantic alone time you two!" squealed Fleetfoot before attaching herself to Spitfire's side. Spitfire draped a wing over her back, looked back at the two and winked.

"Don't be too long lovebirds," she teased lightly before walking away.

As they walked away, Soarin had a light blush spread over his muzzle, and upon looking down saw that Rainbow was using a hoof to pull her bangs over her eyes. They made eye contact with each other and laughed as they looked back away. Once they regained their composure, Rainbow sat up fully and looked up at Soarin's face. Soarin looked down at Rainbow Dash in return. His back was facing the ledge, with her facing the ledge. As he looked into her eyes, he could see the reflection of stars in her gaze. Her starry gaze captured all of his attention, the deep cerise pools dotted with bright flecks of white and silver. She seemed to notice this, making her sky blue cheeks turn a crimson red. She looked away from Soarin out of embarrassment. Soarin smiled, and gently guided her to face him again. "I can see the stars in your eyes, Dashie." The mare let out a giggle and looked up at him once more.

"I can see them outlining you from behind Soar. Your entire frame looks like it's glowing white," she replied softly. It was his turn to laugh now, as he had been so entranced by her starry gaze that he hadn't stopped to think about what he might have looked like.

"Your eyes are so pretty Dashie," he said as he brought up a hoof to cup her dainty cheek. It was soft, as always, and felt so delicate against his hoof. The mare blushed harder and for the first time, made a bigger move than just nuzzling his leg. She smiled, and leaned forwards to rest her cheek just below his chest. He in turn, lightly rested a foreleg around her shoulders.

"Oh hush. They're not that pretty." She paused. "But..thanks," she conceded. She felt Soarin's diaphragm shake as he released a chuckle.

"It's true Dashie. It's true," he affirmed. The two sat in a light embrace for a while longer, savoring each others' touch, and remembering the other's starry gazes.

From her post in the tower of Canterlot Castle, Luna saw the two, and felt her heart melt. "It appears my night has provided a chance for romance," she giggled to herself.

All was well that night.

Author's Note:

First and foremost, I give thanks to my friend who helped me so easily. I asked what a couple could do that was romantic and she said stargazing, so I decided to make a chapter about it.
Also, the bit with Luna at the end was so random, but hey, it works.
I hope you enjoyed! Get ready for some upcoming fluff in the next chapter!