• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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A Weathermare's Workshop

Rainbow Dash was excited. Today she was going to show the Wonderbolts some more tips and tricks about weather handling. The team specialized in stunt flying, but they were also imperative when it came to stopping minor threats to an area and controlling rouge weather. During training to get into the group, each pegasus was expected to be able to navigate and withstand harsh weather. However, if they had never worked in the weather industry itself, things involving the effects of weather or conjuring it were more difficult, and were seldom used in displays during shows. Some members of the team had weather experience before trying out. Thunderlane worked as part of the Ponyville Weather Team, and Rainbow was the head of the team. Then, there were others who didn't have any real experience with weather handling, but still handled it naturally. For example, High Winds, Lightning Streak, and Misty Fly specialized in wind, lightning, and fog respectively. They had never trained with it, and Lightning's situation was interesting because he was a taller, and much skinnier stallion, but it was just part of their special talents.

In some cases, weather was not at all their strong suit. Rapidfire couldn't control or organize storm clouds if his life depended on it, and Surprise was still too unsure of herself whenever she tried to handle lightning. Thankfully, the higher ups on the team picked things up pretty quickly. Fleetfoot's lithe figure and agility made it easier for her to cut through wind currents. Soarin's build made it easier for him to resist lightning and force it to comply to him. Spitfire was incredibly strong, so lacing together dense clouds was not too big of a deal for her. Even so, nopony knew enough about weather to incorporate it into their shows. Until Rainbow and Thunderlane came along and pleasantly surprised everypony with their skills. Thunderlane was great with storms in general. Rainbow was good with just about everything, but since she was so small and had a very low body mass, she wasn't very resistant to lightning. Per Spitfire's request, the two were holding a workshop to work on handling storm cells. Word was going around in the papers that the coming summer was going to have to be a rough one storm-wise to make up for a surplus of thunderheads that year. Therefore, she wanted the team to be prepared to assist should any storms get out of control.

So Rainbow had met up with Thunderlane to plan a day-long workshop for the team a few nights ago. And today was the day that they were about to do it. Rainbow would admit that she felt kind of nervous to teach her teammates. She wanted them to think she was qualified enough to do this. Obviously Spitfire did, but she wasn't sure about the rest of them. In reality she still felt the need to redeem herself after her first embarrassing mishap. It was probably just in her head, but she still swore she saw a glint of laughter in Misty Fly's eyes every time they spoke. But right now, she was excited to be able to share something she was passionate about with her teammates. She concentrated on that as she flew towards her team with Thunderlane in tow.

"Okay guys! The first thing we are going to work on today is disbanding storm clouds. In each storm cell, clouds are laced together by electric currents flowing through them. Today we're gonna see the best way to separate the clouds while preventing any damage to ourselves," Rainbow announced to her team. Behind her, Thunderlane was corralling small groups of charged clouds for them to practice with. "I'm going to put you into groups of three, while Thunderlane, Spitfire, and I supervise." Thunderlane moved four small groups of clouds into four different areas of the training grounds. Rainbow assigned Misty, Rapid, and Wave Chill to one group, Blaze, Sun Chaser, and Silver Zoom to another, Fleetfoot, Soarin, and Fire Streak to the third, and High Winds, Lightning Streak, and Surprise to the last.

"Alright everyone, each of your mini storm cells are made up of three clouds. Obviously, normal cells are much bigger and need an entire weather team to break it up should anything happen. There are three main roles that are split between the team. Containment, lightning control, and cloud slicing," Thunderlane listed off. "The studier ponies usually make up the lightning control group so... Rapid, Silver, Soarin, and Lightning are going to play that role for their groups. Cloud slicers are the speedy, agile ones. So they're going to be... Misty, Blaze, Fleetfoot, and Surprise are going to act as cloud slicers. And finally, containment needs to have ponies with good endurance so Wave, Sun, Fire, and High are going to fill those roles."

Spitfire, who was supervising the whole thing, stepped back to take mental notes on how to run this operation in the future. She smiled seeing how well the newest members were taking control of the practice. She watched as Rainbow guided everypony to their positions with lighting control below the clouds, cloud slicers at the ready to fly in from above, and containment ready on the outside of the clouds. One group at a time, Rainbow and Thunderlane activated the storm cells. They let the cells develop a bit on their own before Rainbow yelled, "Cloud slicers, break the clouds into smaller segments!"
Misty, Blaze, Surprise, and Fleetfoot dove into the cells and started separating the cell into smaller segments. Rapidfire, Silver, Soarin, and Lightning followed after them and bucked the clouds, emptying the lighting from the clouds by shooting it upwards. Meanwhile the containers were circling the cell, making sure no clouds strayed away.

Rainbow Dash was incredibly happy with how efficiently the rest of her teammates picked this up. The slicing was a bit uneven and the lightning handlers could buck more efficiently and in a safer manner, but overall they did very well. "Alright guys, that was really good! We're going to try that a few more times and we'll give tips every time."

"Umm, what happens if a slicer gets in the way of a lightning handler and ends up messing them up?" asked Surprise sheepishly. Rainbow chuckled a bit, sensing that Surprise was being slightly paranoid around lightning.

"Well after this workshop, hopefully you'll know enough to work together smoothly. But we'll also go over what to do if anything like that does happen."

"Okie dokie!" Surprise peeped contentedly.

For the rest of that training day, the Wonderbolts had repeated that process over and over again. Teams were switched up so that every member was well acquainted with one another during storms. Once everypony had gotten the feel of things, the four groups had become two, so that the cells were twice the size, but there were also six ponies managing it. That way they would know how to work with two ponies on the same job. Every so often, Spitfire would switch with somepony in the air so that she got to practice with the team as well. Rainbow would pick a pony who was struggling with something to switch with her in order to visually show them what to do.

By the end of that day, Rainbow decided that they were ready to try combining all four groups into a large storm cell, with four ponies on each role. She added Spitfire in there as well as a container. She and Thunderlane would encircle the cell to make sure that everything went smoothly. They had gone over what to do if anything happened, but all the same they wanted to be safe. "Everypony! T and I are going to charge the clouds and once we've activated it, it's all yours. Ready?"

"Yes ma'am," came the chorus from the other 'Bolts. Rainbow smiled and followed Thunderlane to create the cell.

Everything was running smoothly until Rapid got startled after a sharp zap from the lightning and broke formation. Blaze flew into him hard enough to run into Surprise, who had seen what happened and came to provide assistance. A pile up happened, and soon the clouds got more violent without any containment. At this point, Rainbow saw Thunderlane staring at her with a look as if to say, Let's go. The two dove down into the storm to reorganize their scrambled teammates. Fleetfoot and Misty were still slicing to try to pick up the slack of their fallen teammates, but they were falling behind due to the size of the storm. "Misty! Fleet! Keep slicing, I'll help," Rainbow ordered them and joined them in slicing. "High, Spits, Sun! Fly faster around this thing to try to further condense it!" She yelled as she flew past them.

"Rapid, go left! Lighting, take the right! Soarin, take the outside edges and Silver, take the middle!" Thunderlane barked as he joined them in trying to rid the clouds of their electricity. Surprise and Blaze recovered and continued slicing which was made easier by the smaller surface area of the clouds.

After a few minutes, the cell had been successfully broken up, and the 'Bolts were all sopping wet. "Okay, okay. That's enough for one day," Spitfire said, her mane flopping over her shoulder. "Thanks for getting our flanks back in check back there, you two," she addressed the weather workers.

"Anytime Spits!" came Rainbow's enthusiastic reply.

"No problem," agreed Thunderlane.

"Ponyville runs a smooth weather team that's for sure," Silver Zoom remarked. His normally curly mane was frizzy around the tips and also managed to be wet at the same time.

"Thanks! Dealing with Everfree weather taught us a bit about extreme weather," Rainbow chuckled in response.

"Yeah, that was fun, but can we please dry off?" asked Blaze. Celestia knew the mare hated getting wet. She was standing there with her wings outstretched and pointing to the ground. She was hunched over looking like a frustrated feline that had gotten a bucket of water dumped over her head.

"Sure thing Blaze. I set out towels in the rec room this morning so we'll just head there for a while," Spitfire said. Everypony sighed in relief, all wanting to dry their feathers and stop the constant dripping from their manes into their eyes.

They headed into the rec room and each pony grabbed a towel and wrapped themselves up. Rainbow's towel was large enough to cover her entire body and head at once. She scooted closer to Soarin and parked herself right next to him. He looked down at her and smiled. He wrapped his wing around her and drew her bundled figure into his side. She returned the smile and nuzzled his foreleg. She had been more open to small affections like this in the recent weeks, so the two were happy making progress.

"You did great today Dashie. I knew that weather was complex, but weather ponies sure make it look easier than it is." He laughed. "We're elite flyers and we ended up jumbled and soaked."

"Yeah, it's not always sunshine and... You know what, I'm not gonna finish that phrase. But you know what I mean. Weather is usually a fun job, but storms can be scary to work with, especially if they're super strong or out of control," she answered.

"Does one's build really affect their resistance to lightning that much? I mean, you put Silver and I on lightning duty because we're some of the taller and stronger stallions. Does size really matter?" He was genuinely curious. He remembered learning this as a colt, but it never really stuck, as he had never needed to know it after graduating from school.

"It actually does. Since I'm smaller than anypony I've ever seen other than young colts and fillies, and I have an extremely low body mass, if I were to be struck by lightning, it would either hurt really badly, or injure me if it hit me in the right spot. You stallions are more dense, so if lightning struck you, it wouldn't feel as bad or do any major damage. Average ponies like the rest of them would definitely feel the lighting and may have some injuries," she explained. Soarin looked impressed that she knew all of this. A sly smile crossed his face.

"But then, some ponies have lightning handling as part of their special talent like, well.. Lightning Streak." The mare laughed at the joke, no matter how bad it was. She pressed up closer to him and giggled once more. "I mean, he's the same height as me, but way thinner and has a much more elegant build to him." Rainbow nodded to confirm that he was correct. "So, have you ever been struck by lightning? You have a really sick pain tolerance, but that doesn't prevent injuries. Did you find out the hard way how badly it hurts?" The mare cringed slightly but smiled at the few memories that came to her.

"Oh definitely. I've been struck a few times. Most of the times I've just had to take things really slowly for a couple of days after the fact, but once I had to be carried while unconscious to the hospital by a coworker. I was in the hospital for a week with some nasty burns. And all the times its hurt like shit. Not enough to keep me down though," she added, removing her head from his leg with a smarmy grin. Soarin rolled his eyes playfully and rubbed her side with his wing.

"Of course Dashie. Of course." She rested against him once more. The rest of the 'Bolts chatted with each other for a while more before continuing their evening rituals.

Author's Note:

Just for reference, this happens about two weeks after the last chapter happened. From here on out, time will past pretty quickly, since if I wrote this going day by day, it would go on forever. So if certain details seem like they're going faster than expected, it's because there's some time between each chapter.
ps. I did my best with the weather stuff, so I hope it makes sense. I honestly had no idea how it works. I did come up with the idea that they didn't do a lot involving weather after watching the Summer Sun Setback episode.
I hope y'all enjoyed!