• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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Hope and Trust

Rainbow Dash woke up the next morning feeling better than she had in a long time. Her body was extremely sore from all of the shaking she had done the previous nights and day, but she felt so relieved. She had never let out her emotions about her past relationships to anyone but Gilda and Fluttershy. Now that she had let everything out, she knew that she had support. And from the very pony her heart leapt for. She looked for Soarin upon waking up and quickly spotted him by the entrance. It seemed as if he was looking for her as well. Upon making eye contact with her, he gave a goofy smile and walked over to her. She quickly followed his example and stood at his side. "Morning Soar," she greeted with a smile.

"Morning Dashie," he responded cheerfully. Rainbow took note of how he lightly brushed against her side, so as to show affection without overstepping her boundaries, and her heart melted. She may have issues trusting again and being fully comfortable in a relationship, but whenever Soarin just acted like his sweet self, she felt a tiny spark of hope in her chest. As she looked up, she saw Spitfire grinning at them cheekily with Fleetfoot smiling widely beside her. Judging by the look on Spitfire's face, she had known about the two's crushes...meaning that she had known exactly why she was in the state she was in the previous morning. Rainbow chuckled to herself and blushed, reminding herself to thank Spitfire for looking out for her and not pushing too hard.

Once everyone had exited the dining hall, Soarin turned and tipped his gaze downwards to look at her and asked, "How are you feeling after last night? Both emotionally and physically I mean."

"I'm okay. Physically I'm super sore and tired. That can be fixed with sleep though. As for mentally, I haven't figured out entirely what I'm feeling. I'm still so scared and feel unprepared, but I trust you. A lot. I-I think we'll be okay," she answered honestly. He opened his mouth to answer but was promptly interrupted.

"Tho thweet!" The two turned as they heard a squeal come from behind them. Fleetfoot was leaning against Spitfire, who giggled and rolled her eyes good-naturedly at her marefriend. "You two looked tho adorable latht night!" Spitfire chuckled and rubbed the back of her head somewhat awkwardly. She knew that at least Soarin was aware that they were bound to have some eyes on them, but she felt like the events of the previous night were too sensitive to tease. But.. that didn't mean they couldn't fawn over them a bit.

"Yeah, we saw you two last night. I'm glad it worked out for you both, and as Fleet says, it was freaking adorable," she said sincerely. Both ponies blushed, Rainbow fidgeting nervously and Soarin giving a small cough. Rainbow stopped as she remembered to thank Spitfire for her assistance.

"So I take it you sort of knew what had me all frazzled yesterday?" Spitfire and Fleetfoot both nodded. "Well, thanks for looking out for me and trying to help me."

"Of course Crash. I'm not gonna watch you struggle and not say anything. That would make me a bad captain and friend. I don't know the specifics of anything, but did you guys work it out or..." she trailed off. Soarin moved an inch closer to Rainbow and spoke up.

"It'll take a while to fix itself, but we'll get there," he said while making eye contact with Rainbow. The look in his eyes, so full of hope and kindness, made it impossible to prevent a blush or a girlish smile from crawling across her face.

"You guyth have just confethed to each other and you're already looking at each other like a true couple!" Fleetfoot teased.

"We are a couple Fleet," Rainbow answered, chuckling. Fleetfoot stuck her tongue out and giggled in response.

"Alright guys, time to hit the mess hall before practice. Friends and lover alike," Spitfire declared with slight gusto in order to rally her friends. Off to practice they went.

Practice was over and the Wonderbolts had all eaten dinner and showered for the night. They were all sitting in the rec room to hangout before bed. It was a Saturday night and they didn't have practice the next day, so they decided to take advantage of the chance to sleep in the next morning. Misty Fly, Blaze, and Sun Chaser were in a corner chatting away about something that Blaze was apparently very passionate about. She was talking to the other two mares, who were laughing hysterically, while making big hoof gestures. In the middle of the room sat Wave Chill, Rapidfire, Thunderlane, Surprise, and Spitfire who were playing a very aggressive game of B.S. Soarin's ears perked up as he heard Rapidfire let out a very loud and colorful string of curses. Surprise was on her back laughing at Rapid's expense. Soarin was sitting in the corner closest to the exit along with Fleetfoot, High Winds, Silver Zoom, the Streak twins, and his marefriend telling random stories. Sitting next to him, Rainbow looked beat, as she still had a lot of sleep and rest to catch up on after the past few months. Soarin could tell she was stiff and wanted to go to bed. High Winds was currently telling a story about her older brother, North Winds.

"So then, when he flew into the cloud, it zapped him!" she exclaimed. "It wasn't even a small zap but he brushed it off like it was nothing! I swear sometimes I question whether that stallion is sane." Lightning Streak guffawed and rubbed his front hooves together.

"Well when I was about thirteen, I did something similar. I flew into a huge storm cloud without any sort of preparation at all. It shocked me really hard and I fell right out of the sky. I was perfectly fine but neither my mother nor Fire let me hear the end of it for weeks!" He looked both exasperated and highly amused.

"Because it was stupid! Excuse me for caring asshat," Fire Streak responded, rolling his eyes. Soarin and the rest of the group all broke out laughing. As the laughter died down, he noticed that Rainbow had started her "shutting down" process. She was fighting it but her body was slowly curling into a ball. He saw her lips twitching as she struggled and then failed to hold back one of her yawns. "Aww," Fire let a d'aww escape and everyone smirked or gave one of their own.

"Oh shut up, it's not that cute," Rainbow interjected. She tried to force her body back into a sitting position, but was too comfortable in her current position. "You wouldn't 'd'aww' if anyone else did this." Soarin stood up and sat back down closer to her.

"Yeah because you're tiny Dashie. And nopony else has a kitten yawn," he said playfully. She smiled and rolled her eyes. To everyone and especially Soarin's surprise, she scooted herself closer to him. His eyes widened slightly as she hesitated, ears flattening before resting her head very lightly against his foreleg. He didn't make any sudden movements, but gave her a reassuring smile to let her know that it was okay. For somepony so against showing her fluffy side in fear of being mocked, she clearly craved affection. So he gently leaned more of his weight to the leg she was leaning on in order to double the feeling of his touch. That way he was returning her affection without being overbearing. She relaxed after a few seconds of tensing her body and subtly rubbed her cheek against him.

"Awe! Now that's cute," High Winds said quietly. Silver Zoom smirked at Soarin and raised an eyebrow.

"So does this mean anything between the two of you, Clipper?" Soarin blushed and looked away.

"Uh..yeah," he answered reluctantly. "We talked some things out last night and we're just gonna take things slowly." Rainbow blearily looked up to add on. She was falling asleep quickly but pushed herself up to help him with the conversation.

"Yeah, and as you said we-" she was interrupted by another yawn. "We just started this whole thing last night. We need to get into the swing of things." When she was finished, she flopped back down into herself and closed her eyes. Her back was touching Soarin's hoof, so he rested it on top of her back. Fleetfoot looked back at the clock on the back wall. It read 12:00 a.m. Apparently Spitfire noticed this too.

"Alright guys. Let's head to bed. I'm beat and I'm sure all of you are too. But we get to sleep in tomorrow so you can look forward to that!"

Soarin was trying to get a response out of Rainbow, but the mare had already fallen asleep. She was very well known for being able to fall asleep anywhere. As the rest of the Wonderbolts exited the rec room, they saw Soarin trying to wake Rainbow by tenderly stroking her back. Each one stopped by curiously, either smirking knowingly at the two or being courteous and asking them if what the others were assuming was correct. By the time Rainbow opened her eyes, everypony had left the rec room with that newfound information. Soarin looked down at her and laughed. "Welp. Everyone knows about us now. You'll get some looks, but with how tired you've looked all day, I think they'll let you sleep." He moved his hoof from her back and moved it in front of her to help her up. She slowly stood up and gave an exhausted smile.

"Thanks Soar. I just want to sleep right now. And.. thanks for being so patient. I-It really means a lot." He felt his heart beat a bit faster at this. He'd never want her to feel unsafe or unsure around him. He'd wait for as long as she needed.

"No problem Dashie. I just want to help," he answered. They shared a look and then started walking to the sleeping quarters. He dropped her off before heading off into his room and laying down on his bed. He felt truly honored that Rainbow trusted him to talk and be honest about how she was feeling. And even more honored that she was so willing to put in the effort the be able to trust him even more. He really just wanted her to be able to feel loved again. Real love. He had hope for them and he knew that she did too.

When Rainbow walked into the sleeping quarters, everything went silent. She looked around to see everypony looking at her with knowing grins. Surprise spoke up first, standing on the tips of her hooves while on top of her bed.

"So you and Clipper are together now? That's SO EXCITING! One of the tallest of us with the shortest of all short ponies? Cuteness overload!" she squee'd before flopping onto her back. Rainbow just smiled and continued making her way to her bed.

"Wow Crash," began Rapidfire. "How long have the two of you been looking at each other like that now?"

"Must have been a few months," Blaze chimed in. "It's about time you two pulled off the sunglasses and saw what was right in front of you."

Everypony nodded in agreement. By now, Rainbow was snuggled underneath her blankets with her eyes shut. "Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out," she whispered. Her teammates laid down and followed suit.

Rainbow was hopeful that she would be able to trust Soarin the way she would be able to before the damage had been done. She trusted that he'd help her. But right then, she trusted that she needed sleep. Luna's dream realm quickly pulled her in.

Author's Note:

Hey ya'll! I really don't know how I feel about this chapter as a whole. I wasn't sure where to go with it or what the point of it was, other than to show the aftermath of the confession and have the other 'Bolts find out about them. The next chapter will have more substance I promise! And it should be out in less than a week.