• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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From Past to Present

Rainbow Dash was not doing well at all. She tossed and turned violently in her sleep as her dreams were plagued with sad, painful memories of her past romances. In fact, she was starting to disturb some of the other Wonderbolts in the room with her. Her bed was in between Surprise's and Misty Fly's, and they could hear her distress even as they slept. Her first dream held memories of her first coltfriend. She was around fourteen...

"Hey Comet!" a young filly yelled as she quickly approached him. It was a young Rainbow, racing to her coltfriend, Comet Flair. He was a tall indigo stallion with deep yellow eyes and a silver mane. He glanced over his shoulder as he saw his marefriend approaching.

"Hi there Dash!" he exclaimed with a smile on his face. He walked over to where she landed and wrapped her into a gentle hug that she nearly disappeared into. "What's up with you today?"

"I was gonna go flying today. I found a really special place while practicing the other day and really wanted to show it to you," she announced proudly. She had been flying over a place on the outskirts of Cloudsdale the other day and spotted an area that was different from its surroundings. It was calm and serene. Perfect for a hangout with her coltfriend.

"Alrighty then Dash. You lead the way."

And she did. She led them past their school, past their houses, and through the square. Comet's eyes widened slightly as he took in the sight. It was a large area of cloud right on the edge of the city, overlooking the ground below. The couple sat next to each other in silence for a little while, letting the wind flow through their manes, carrying the fresh scent of mist and trees into their nostrils. Eventually Comet moved closer to Rainbow and enveloped her in one of his wings. She sighed contentedly and leaned into him while rubbing her cheek into his chest.

"Dash, this is amazing! Thank you for showing this to me!" he exclaimed while staring over the edge.

"Anytime. I was super shocked when I stumbled upon this. I was running and trying to hide from Dumbbell, Hoops, and Score when I did. It seemed like a possible escape from life, not to mention the perfect place for a date!" Comet looked at her in concern over one detail that she had casually skipped over. Specifically three details. Sure, she was speaking casually, but he could see it in her eyes and hear it in her tone that she wasn't okay. She never was good at hiding her emotions.

"Are those three still at it with you?"

"Ha! They're worse than ever. I can't walk past them without them either throwing an insult or a punch at me. Thank Celestia they usually go for the first one or my face would match yours," she joked. "But right now it's whatever. I'm with you now." This didn't sit right with him, but he wasn't about to keep talking about it if Rainbow was getting through without shaking or trying to hide in his chest fluff. It made him feel good that she felt so safe around him and trusted him enough to tell him whatever was bothering her.

"Awe, Dash," he nuzzled the top of her head and held her tight. "I'll always be with you."

She was so naive. They didn't last more than a year.

It had been almost a year since the two had started dating. However, instead of coming closer together, they were being forced apart. The bullying had gotten so bad that it seemed the whole school had been influenced by the major three bullies. Even poor Comet was being attacked now. Everywhere the two turned, there was somepony ready with harsh words that seeped into Rainbow's heart and shattered it. The thing was, nopony actually bullied Comet. It was always Rainbow they sought to break. Questions were fired at him over and over.

Why are you dating that freak?

Have you seen her mane? She's totally gay.

It's out of pity isn't it? Nopony would ever want to be with a failure like her.

These words slowly pulled apart their relationship. At first Comet was so quick to defend her, but as the months went by, he was less and less willing to do so. As much as it broke his heart to see his marefriend in such distress, he didn't want to become subject to the wrath of his fellow schoolmates. He would even sometimes agree with them and blurt out insults of his own just to get to his next class without a hassle. It killed him inside out to see his marefriend fall so far. Guilt ate at him every time she came to him crying and telling him that she just wanted to disappear. He knew deep down exactly what he was doing, and he hoped she would never have to find out.

Luck was not on his side, as one day, tragedy finally struck. It was one day after school and she and Comet were flying home from school, when all of a sudden they were forced out of the sky. It was Hoops, Score, and Dumbbell. Rainbow squeaked and rushed to hide behind Comet. He opened his mouth to say something, but he gave up and let whatever was about to happen happen.

"Well lookie here, if it isn't Rainbow Crash and her pity date," Hoops said with a sneer. She shuffled back further away from him while averting her gaze. "Oh we're looking extra cowardly today aren't we Crash?"

"Sh-shut up. He is not my pity date. He actually cares about me!"she responded. Her voice was surprisingly fierce for the position she was in, as if that one comment was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard.

"Are you sure you'd say that after all the things he's said about you recently?" Dumbbell stepped in. Rainbow's head snapped around to face the bullies and also to look at Comet. Comet's heart sank and his pupils shrunk as he realized what was about to happen.

It was at that moment he made a decision. No mare was worth this much of a hassle. Sure Rainbow was great and he did care about her, but was their relationship really worth all of this drama? No. He'd leave as soon as Hoops delivered the crushing blow. She'd be better off without him, and him without her.

"Wha- what do you mean? He'd never say any shit about me!" She couldn't believe it. She wouldn't believe it. Yet as she glanced at Comet, all the air left her lungs. He just stood there, wearing an expression half of guilt, and half of stoicism.

"Oh yeah?" Hoops continued. "He'd never call you a pansy who can't even protect herself. He'd never admit that he's had a theory that you've always secretly been a filly-fooler." He smiled. "Could he?"

"C-Comet? I.. did you?" she stuttered. Her blood turned to ice, and it took all of her effort to not burst into tears right then and there.

"I'm sorry Dash. But neither one of us needs this." He looked at her one last time with a flat expression. And with that, he took to the air and flew home.

"And now she's all alone," chimed in Score. They too took to the sky and flew off to enjoy the rest of their day.

Rainbow looked up at the sky. She was too stunned to cry at this point. He left her.

All alone.

It had taken Fluttershy and Gilda almost two years to somewhat fix what had been broken. And almost three to get her to be able to trust anypony else enough to get that close to her. Sure they had never left her side, but Comet was her first love. Looking back she could only compare that moment to the time when Flurry Heart had broken the crystal heart.

At this point, bitter and salty tears rolled down Rainbow's cheeks as she slept. Misty and Surprise shifted in their sleep in response. Her dream now shifted to her second coltfriend. She dated a stallion by the name of Rainbow Blitz at the age of seventeen. She was a year out of Flight School and was planning her move to Ponyville.

It was early October and Rainbow Dash was just finishing the final touches on her new cloud mansion in Ponyville. Her parents had been helping her move all her furniture and belongings into the house earlier and had returned to their house in Cloudsdale for the night. It was at this time that her coltfriend came over to help. She was seventeen soon to turn eighteen and was dating Rainbow Blitz at the time. Blitz was an extremely good-looking stallion. Tall and suave with the build of a racer. She was loathe to admit it but she found his eyebrows and mane style to be very attractive. It had taken much convincing from Gilda and Fluttershy to say yes to him when he originally asked her to be his marefriend. She didn't want another repeat of Comet. He was long gone by now.

The two were moving her couch into the corner of the living room when he decided to ask her a question. "Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Blitz?"

"Who do you always have your guard up? Whenever I try to kiss you, you shy away and whenever I say 'mushy' things to you, you try to stop me. It's not like I'm gonna hurt you or anything.'

Rainbow took a minute to ponder the question. Though she didn't have much to ponder. She knew exactly why she shied away from loving touches and words. She knew how easily they could leave and never come back. She hesitated for a minute before she started to explain how everything happened with Comet. By the time she was done, night had fallen. Her eyes swam with unshed tears that reflected the stars in the sky.

"And that's why I try to hide all the time," she whispered. "I don't want them to leave." Blitz walked up to her and patted her on the back.

"Aw man Dash that sucks. Buck up. I'm here to stay babe," he replied smoothly, draping a wing over her back. He leaned in to kiss her, but she quickly backed away. She gave him a flat look.

"Blitz stop. I just told you that that stuff makes me uncomfortable. Soon, but not yet."

"Alrighty then babe. I won't push," he conceded. He gave her his signature smirk as they bade their goodbyes for the night.

It was the smirk that she loved so much that would be their downfall. Even asleep, the poor mare started to feel queasy at the memories.

It had been around eight months. Rainbow had turned eighteen at the end of October and was already halfway to nineteen. She and Blitz were doing something. She wasn't sure what was going on. Though she was starting to get a bit scared. Something seemed a bit off about him. He seemed to only come around to her when he either wanted to know something, or if he wanted to fool around with her. Yes he still lived in Cloudsdale, but even for a distanced relationship that was a red flag. The questions got pretty personal at times, but he'd always give her his signature smirk and assure her that he just wanted to know more about her. She thought it was sweet that he was so curious.

Curious her ass. While out on a flying route around Cloudsdale, Blitz suddenly took an unexpected turn, causing Dash to follow suit. They neared a group of Pegasi about the same age as Blitz. Right before landing, he tossed her his signature smirk before making a landing in front of his friends.

"Ay yo, Blitz!" a red pegasus called out. "This the marefriend?"

"Sure is Blazer. Quite the eyeful isn't she?"

Now Rainbow was confused. Was he... showing her off? That was new. She decided to wait before doing or saying anything until she could get a better read on the situation.

"A bit on the smaller side ain't she?" added a large green pegasus with a curly purple mane. Okay, what was happening?

A dark blue pegasus stepped forwards with a predatory grin on his face. "So, Blitzy here has told us a lot about you. And wow do we have some dirt."


Was this what he was doing with her information? Giving it out to.. humiliate her? No no. He couldn't. Not after all she had trusted him with. He knew what it would do to her if he left her or hurt her. "What do you mean?"she asked calmly.

"Well, it seems that the brash, spunky pegasus has some issues," Blazer replied. He grinned and started making his way in circles around her. Rainbow started to panic and looked to Blitz for assistance. He however, just stood behind the three large stallions with an extremely alarming expression on his face. He seemed amused by what was happening.

"Blitz? What's going on?" she asked tentatively. He stepped forward and looked her in the eye.

"Dash. I mean, come on. Are you that blind? Do you honestly think that any stallion worth anything would waste their time with you? You're overly sensitive, afraid of intimacy, and a complete coward. Face it Dash, you're damaged goods. You're denying yourself, and me, some real fun times over something dumb that happened four years ago. Do you know how long I've been waiting for some action from you?"

Dash didn't answer. She could already feel tears building behind her eyes as she recalled the same thing happening over and over for years during her foalhood. Though she was more confused than anything. It truly seemed as if he just brought along the trio of stallions to make this more painful for her. They didn't fit into the picture at all.

"You gonna answer?" demanded the green pegasus. He stood to encircle her alongside Blazer. "Or does this all seem a bit familiar?"

"Damn she's even dumber than she looks," jeered the dark blue stallion. "We're not here to hurt you. Just to let you see yourself the way everyone else sees you." He was promptly pushed aside however as Blitz stepped up looking pleased with himself.

"You hate that that Comet dude left you right? Because he all of a sudden stopped caring? Well let me tell you something. I never cared. And you were too broken and desperate to even notice. He might have cared but I sure as hell don't. I really just thought you'd be a good time. It's a shame really. You had potential. But your own blindness and stupidity ruined it."

It was the same scenario as Comet. It was over as soon as it started. But it hurt more if that was even possible. He had deceived her, tried to use her, and humiliated her. She looked on with tears flowing down her face as he flew away with his buddies.

The last she saw of him before running away was him looking over his shoulder at her. He smirked.

Rainbow Dash woke with a start. She was crying and shaking all over. Her stomach did somersaults as if it were physically wrestling with her feelings. Those memories showing up to haunt her really freaked her out. She looked at the clock in the far corner of the room while rubbing the tears out of her eyes, only to have more follow. It was 4:37 in the morning, but there was no way she could fall back asleep now. She laid back down on her bed and cried into her pillow while trying her best not to disturb anyone's rest. Eventually her shaking lessened and she could breathe somewhat normally again, but now she had a headache and her nausea was still there in full force. So she just lay there and waited until it was time to wake up for practice.

Soarin and Spitfire usually woke up before the other 'Bolts in order to make sure they were alert and ready for practice. On this particular day, he focused on the game plan for asking Rainbow out while brushing his teeth. He had never done this before and had to make sure it went smoothly. After fixing his mane so that it didn't look like he had a porcupine sitting on his head, he left his bedroom and made his way to Spitfire's office. Spitfire was already there talking to an excited looking Fleetfoot.

"Heya there Thoarin! How goeth it?" she asked in a slightly mischievous tone. Behind her, Spitfire was giving him a very playful smirk.

"Um..I'm fine. Why do you two look like you're about to playfully torture me?" He became slightly concerned for his dignity as the two showed no signs of relenting.

"I don't know. Anypony catching your eye recently Soarin?"Spitfire asked. He blinked and a light blush made its way across his cheeks. He wasn't sure he needed their teasing at the moment but he did need their help so he answered honestly.

"If I tell you, will you try to take this even a little bit seriously?" Fleetfoot did her best to put on a serious face and Spitfire rolled her eyes.

"Of course we will Soarin. You're our friend and your feelings matter to us." She chucked. "But expect some teasing as well."

"Ha! Fair enough I guess." He shifted his weight a bit before answering. "It's Rainbow Dash."

"Ooh! Thoarin's catching feelingth for our very own tiny one! We saw thith coming," Fleetfoot answered less than calmly. Soarin sighed at this.

"Was I really that obvious?" he asked. He wasn't mad at his lack of subtlety, just surprised.

"Not too obvious, but did you really expect to be able to hide this from us? For Celestia's sake Soarin we've been with you forever. We know when you're crushing," Spitfire reasoned. He chuckled and blushed a bit more.

"That's the problem. I've had crushes but haven't acted on any of them. Sure I don't have any crushing memories of rejection, but I have no experience. I need help. Rainbow is the only mare who's made me feel the need to hold onto them, but I'm stuck on how to approach her." Once he said this, Fleetfoot winced slightly and looked at Spitfire. They both remembered Rainbow's situation from the previous day. Spitfire held eye contact with her a moment before turning back to face Soarin. She looked at him firmly before speaking.

"Soarin. We can tell you right now that Rainbow likes you too." Soarin's eyes widened and they could see a spark of hope. "However, we were in the showers yesterday and she looked awful. I don't know if you saw her before you turned in for the night, but the poor thing looked so sad. Fleety and I tried confronting her but she didn't say anything. She just said she was tired and looked away."

"Wait, how do you know she likes me? And how do you know she was thinking about me yesterday?"

"It'th a look Thoarin. A mare thing. Bethideth, have you theen how she lookth at you? The mare'th eyeth light right up whenever we talk about you. She'th not thubtle either," Fleetfoot answered with a giggle. She then got serious and tried to think up a way that Soarin could approach Rainbow. "She theemth afraid. Maybe a bad memory. Knowing her, even one really bad experienthe could thcare her away when it cometh to emotionth."

"I mean, we all know that she trusts you Soar, you're a lovable goofball. To be honest, she probably just needs some encouragement. She likes you and it's eating away at her. I think that you should just tell her how you feel and that you want to be more than just close friends. Just keep the mush reigned in or it might scare her further away. It doesn't have to be super elaborate, just simple and sincere."

Soarin nodded. He didn't know exactly what he wanted to say, but he did know how he felt. The only thing he was afraid of was what Rainbow would think and how she would react. The last thing he wanted was to put her in an uncomfortable position. But he wanted to do it and he now knew that she did as well. He went over the game plan in his head and then out loud. "So I'll wait until after practice to ask her. Then after we shower, I'll take her outside so we have some privacy. Celestia knows that if we've been as blatant as you say we've been, we would have some eyes on us if we stayed inside. Then I'll make sure she feels safe, and tell her. How does that sound?"

The two mares in the office looked impressed. "Damn Soarin. When did you get so bold? I'd have thought you'd be a nervous wreck right now. Looks like you really are into Crash," Spitfire commented.

"Heh. Like I said, I really don't want to let her go."

"Well, it'th time to wake everyone elthe up, tho get ethited Clipper," Fleetfoot joked. The three smiled and started walking to the sleeping quarters.

Spitfire took a minute to survey the sleeping Wonderbolts before she woke them up. Everyone on the stallion's side from Silver Zoom to Rapidfire was sleeping peacefully. On the mare's side, everyone was asleep peacefully from High Winds to Surprise. She looked closer at Rainbow Dash and quickly noticed that something wasn't right. It wasn't obvious, but Spitfire could see that the mare was shaking. It was very faint, but she knew that if she could see it from her vantage point of five beds away, it was pretty bad. Next to her on her other side, Misty slept peacefully like the other mares. She'd find out after everyone was awake.

"Alright 'Bolts! Up and at 'em!" she called. They all groaned and began to stir. It was amusing to her. Aside from Dash, they had all been part of the team for a few years, and they all still hated waking up.

"Morning Cap," Blaze yawned out.

"Morning Spitfire," Fire Streak added.

They all said their 'good-mornings' and filtered out of the sleeping quarters to get ready. Before Rainbow could pass Spitfire though, she reached out and gently grabbed Rainbow's hoof to stop her. Soarin and Fleet went with the others to get breakfast before training started. Spitfire looked Rainbow up and down wearing a look of concern. The mare was still shaking and swaying lightly on her hooves. Her eyes were bloodshot as if she had been crying, and there were bags under them. Things must be really bad in her mind if she was this worked up over a crush. Though this was the mare who would bottle up her feelings until she exploded. This was also her friend and she needed help, so she'd do her best to help her where she could. "Sit down Crash. I need to talk to you." The mare hesitated for a moment before she sighed and nodded, allowing Spitfire to guide her back to her bed where she sat and waited. Spitfire could feel Rainbow trembling against her as they walked. "What's going on Rainbow? You look tired and distraught. You had Fleet and I worried last night and now this? If there's something bothering you I want you to tell me." Rainbow opened and closed her mouth a few times before speaking.

"I'm okay, Spits. You don't have to worry about me. I have something on my mind but it'll go away soon." She threw on her most convincing smile. It was fooling nopony. Spitfire put a hoof on her shoulder and looked at her sternly.

"Nice try Crash. You might be fine soon, but whatever is on your mind right now is affecting you now physically too. I could feel you shaking on my side. I don't even know if I want you flying today! You look like you'd fall right out of the sky as soon as we started our stunts."

This elicited a response from Rainbow.

"No! Seriously, I'll be fine Spitfire. I just need a distraction until I get over it and then I'll be fine. Please?" Spitfire raised an eyebrow and considered it. Sure she didn't want Rainbow to hurt herself because she was too stressed to even fly at the moment. But Rainbow said she just needed a distraction from her problem and flying provided that for her. She already more or less knew what was wrong with her teammate and she knew that hopefully her worries would be quelled in a few hours time.

"Fine. But you're flying between Fleet and I in our formation today, and if you don't feel well enough to keep up with us, land right away and I'll come check up on you. Got it?"

"Yeah. Thanks. I should be a bit better after some breakfast and some water even." Crying all night had dehydrated her quite a bit. She cracked a small smile of reassurance, which Spitfire returned albeit reluctantly. She helped Rainbow to the mess hall after bringing her to the locker rooms to wash her face, and ate with her along with Surprise and Sun Chaser.

She hoped that Soarin would do a good job with his confession later. It seemed the tiny pegasus needed all the reassurance she could get.

It had been another standard practice for the team. They practiced a goose-like arrow formation with Misty at the tip, Fleetfoot and Spitfire flanking her on either side. Soarin and Rainbow were supposed to bring up the rear but at the last minute Spitfire had switched her with Blaze, who was supposed to be right behind Spitfire. He suspected that it had something to do with Spitfire wanting to watch over her after this morning. When neither she nor Rainbow had exited the sleeping quarters, he and Fleetfoot had kept an eye out for them. He saw them coming into the mess hall together, Spitfire lightly supporting Rainbow who looked like she was going through some shit. He felt bad knowing that the stress of liking him was affecting her this much. But she was pushing through and flying. In fact, she seemed to get better as practice went on.

Where she was getting better, he was getting increasingly more nervous. He was happy that she liked him in return but what if he embarrassed himself. The only comfort he had was knowing that she was his first serious crush. Every other mare he had thought of so far had been nothing more than a school colt crush. Rainbow was not.

Soon enough, practice had ended, they had eaten and showered, and they were all relaxing. Soarin was doing his best to remain calm while approaching Rainbow Dash in the rec room. She was staring out the window and looking at the sunset. She seemed to be in a more controlled state than she was in that morning.

"Dashie?" Rainbow gave a quiet yelp and looked at him with wide eyes. She threw on a forced smile and quickly tried to compose herself.

"Soarin! What's up?"

"Um.. Can we go on a fly? I want to talk to you," he said carefully. Rainbow's eyes went wide and filled with uncertainty. She quickly swallowed and nodded wearily. He took it as a good sign and gave her a smile before walking with her out of the rec room. He looked out at a nearby cloud and found a nice cloud for the two to sit on that was just out of sight of the compound. "Here, we'll fly out to that cloud over there to talk."

"Right behind you."

The two flew at a leisure pace towards the cloud where they landed side by side. Soarin noticed that Rainbow was sweating nervously and again tried to make his approach as casual and non-overbearing as possible. He first decided to start with casual conversation. "So...this cloud has a nice view. I like how you can see the ground below."

"Haha yeah.. I like feeling the wind. It feels nice on my wings because it's cold."

"It smells good. It reminds me of where I used to live when I'd race with Fleetfoot and Spitfire." He wasn't sure what to say next but then he noticed that even though she looked so nervous before, she had calmed down fairly quickly and was listening intently. He decided to say just one or two more things to segue into what he came up here to say. "I know we're stunt fliers and military, but I really enjoy sitting in the sky instead of acting as part of it."

"That's really sweet Soarin. I agree with you. I could sit on a cloud forever," Rainbow replied. She was starting to smile now. Soarin saw this as a signal that it was okay to go ahead.

"It would feel so great. But I'd get lonely after a while."

"It could be lonely. But I think that even if you had one other creature up here, it would be okay, because when you're up here.... the sky's the limit." She chuckled at her own joke and so did he. With that, he decided to just go for it.

"Can I tell you something Rainbow Dash?" He remained with his eyes off of her.

"Go ahead, Soarin." He could feel her eyes on him, listening intently. He took a deep breath to compose himself before speaking. Or at least tried to. He ended up panicking and spilling everything out.

"Dashie, ever since I met you, before you became a Wonderbolt, I've always seen how special you are. I've seen how talented and smart you are. You've managed to pull off a Sonic Rainboom and managed to teach Spitfire, Fleet, and I valuable life lessons. There are so many things that I really like about you. Your determination. Your sass and spunk. Your loyalty, compassion, sense of humor. Your outlook of things, your dedication, and you- you're really... cute." He mumbled the last part. He looked over to Rainbow to see how she was doing. She had backed up a few inches from him and seemed to have returned to her state of anxiety from before. He kept going however, as he was afraid he'd lose the gall. "What I'm trying to say, Dashie, is that I like you. I like you a lot. I don't know when, but at some point I started to like you. You're the first mare that made me feel the need to tell you my feelings. You're too special to let go." Rainbow now looked afraid. He was curious to see why though and he planned on asking her. But he had to check up on her first. He calmly moved and inched closer to her. "Are you okay?"

She was not okay. She didn't want this.

She was more than okay. She wanted him.

She saw the sincerity and hope in his eyes instead of the cockiness in Blitz's. His smile was genuine and caring instead of a dangerous smirk. Rainbow trusted Soarin not to end up like Blitz. The two were so different it was laughable. Soarin was protective. Blitz was predatory. She would not in a million years think Soarin would hurt her like that. But she was so afraid.

Comet was the bigger issue. He confessed to her much like Soarin did, only he was an inexperienced fourteen year old. Yet he made every effort to show her care and compassion. Much like Soarin he made her feel safe. But he abandoned her when things got rough. Would Soarin leave her? She knew she had to say something or he'd be crushed.

"S-Soarin." Her voice broke shamefully. "I-I feel the same way but...I can't do this. A relationship. I don't want to get hurt. Or humiliated, or abandoned. Just like they.. just like.. them. I can't- ," she was rambling at this point but she didn't know what to do.

"Dashie," he inched even closer and carefully touched a hoof to her shoulder. "Why are you afraid? Who are they? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but I want to see if I can help." She didn't know why but she told him everything. From Comet to Blitz. She wasn't thinking clearly and her body ached from how much she was shaking. When she finished she realized she was crying. Yet, she wasn't afraid to cry in front of Soarin. She still felt so safe.

"I saw him a few days after he left me. He said that our relationship wasn't worth that much of an effort. That we were young and that it would end up being insignificant in the long run anyways. Ugh! It's so stupid. A-And Blitz is right! Look at me! Denying a relationship because of a few bad experiences? I really am just weak, damaged goods!"

Soarin couldn't stand it. He knew Rainbow. He knew that she often took instances involving emotions a lot harder than other ponies might. What Comet did would destroy an older Rainbow Dash, so he couldn't imagine what it felt like as an impressionable young teen during the heat of bullying. Blitz straight up made him angry. Rainbow was very proud, so using her own emotions to humiliate her was horrible. Dating her with the intention of "fun times" and intimacy was just gross. All these events would be awful for anypony, but he could see how they absolutely killed any hope Rainbow had of being loved.

He stepped forward and placed a wing over her back. She was shaking so hard that he knew it had to hurt a bit. He expected Rainbow to pull away, but instead she curled into him, searching for comfort. His comfort. As scared as she was, she trusted him to keep her safe. He wrapped both arms around her and held her until she regained some of her composure.

"Look Dashie, what those stallions did to you is awful. Sure some ponies might say that it couldn't be that bad since it was only a young teenage romance. But I know you, and how much it must have hurt you. As for Blitz, he disgusts me. Anypony who would treat anyone like that is not worth your time. To top it off, he made it seem like it was your fault." He tipped her chin so that he could see her small face. "What you felt must have been horrible and I'm so sorry. L-Let me help you trust again. I promise that I won't abandon you, or hurt you, humiliate or deceive you. You're way too important to me to even think about doing any of that. Please Dashie, let me help you go from the past to the present?"

It was then that he saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She looked down and bit her lip. At last she nodded.

"Please Soarin. I need help and I want you to help me. I want to forget about them. Well, maybe not forget, but move on."

"Don't worry Dash, we'll take this slow. I'll help you feel secure in any way I can. But first, I should probably help you inside. Does your body hurt from all the shaking? It looked and felt really bad." She surprisingly laughed softly at that.

"It hurts a lot and I'll probably be sore in the morning, but I'll be fine. I'll finally be able to sleep again." They smiled at each other before taking off in the direction of the compound. Night had now fallen and the 'Bolts had turned in for the night. Soarin flew close to Rainbow in case she needed help. He felt so relieved that he had finally told her how he felt. He also felt honored that she had so much trust in him about the matter. He was very happy.

Rainbow watched Soarin walk away from the sleeping quarters and towards his bedroom. She was relieved to have let all her emotions and story out. She was flattered that he spoke so highly of her. She was very happy. Something he said stuck with her.

'Please Dashie, let me help you go from the past to the present?'

From the past to the present... She liked that.

Inside the Captain's room, two very proud and happy mares were looking out the window watching the whole thing happen.

"Clipper actually did it. I'm proud of him," stated Spitfire.

"Awe they're tho cute!" Fleetfoot gushed.

It was a lovely sight to have seen.

Author's Note:

Hey y'all. This chapter is going longer than the rest because a lot is happening. Sorry it took so long to come out but I was busy early last week. Some of this was really hard to come up with, and even harder to write. I honestly felt so bad for some of the parts I came up with. Poor Rainbow couldn't catch a break. If y'all saw my blog, one of my characters pisses my off and Blitz is that character. What a douchebag...that I... came up.. with. Point is I still hate him. Thank the lord Soarin is here.
Also, when I write someone using being gay as an insult, I never mean it in real life. I am queer myself and I would not wish that kind of pain on anyone.
That's all I have to say so I hope you enjoyed. :)