• Published 31st May 2021
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A Soarindash Memoir - Crystalline Waters

Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies attempt to find what they've been silently craving for a while: love.

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Author's Note:

Hey y'all! This is my first attempt at a fan fiction so any critiques are very much appreciated. I am going to try to keep characters' personalities similar to what are seen on the show, but I am also going to tailor them a bit to appear how I imagine them. This first chapter is really trying to set the scene and establish some things that y'all need to know, so others will include less background unless it is necessary. I will try to update weekly, but I will just write these as ideas pop into my head so you may get 2 updates weekly. However, it is finals season so should I have any finals or major projects, my time will be devoted to them. Anyways, I hope y'all enjoy what I write and thanks for reading!

It was by all definitions a normal day inside and out of the Wonderbolts compound. Celestia's sun was high in the sky and the Wonderbolts had just finished another day of rigorous workouts. They were sweating and panting slightly as they made their way towards the locker rooms. Rainbow Dash was chatting away with Soarin Skies, Spitfire Flare and Fleetfoot Frost about the new move that their captain had come up with. They soon reached the mare's locker room where Soarin broke off from them and continued off to the stallion’s locker room.

Once the three reached the showers, Rainbow let out a quiet sigh and pinned one of her ears to the side of her head. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower once it was at the right temperature. Feeling a bit relieved upon feeling the cool water on her face, she began to think. Lately she had been feeling off and she knew exactly why.

Even before she had become a 'Bolt, she had had opportunities to talk and interact with the top three rankers: Spitfire the captain, Soarin the co-captain, and Fleetfoot the third in command. They had shared good moments as well as less positive ones together such as the Equestria Games tryouts. Since she had become a full-fledged member, she had quickly developed a strong friendship with the three. It was funny really, once she had gotten to see each member outside of their flight suit, they turned out to be quite the silly bunch. Once around her teammates, Spitfire was actually a big softie and very caring towards her friends, especially her marefriend Fleetfoot. Fleetfoot ended up being a somewhat shy and delicate mare when outside of the public eye, and it was honestly very heartwarming to see her absolutely melt in Spitfire's hooves.

Then there was Soarin Skies. Ever since she had met him, he had never been anyone other than what he had always shown her. He was a lovable goofball who was always very protective of his friends. She was the closest to him out of all of their teammates. There were many things that Rainbow admired about him. On top of being incredibly skilled, he was very smart, so optimistic and hardworking, and above all else so incredibly welcoming. Not to mention good looking. She hadn't even noticed until Fluttershy and Rarity decided to point it out one day. After that day, she had made an effort to see just what they were talking about and by the end of the day had felt enlightened. From his muscular stature and broad chest to his caring smile and eyes, Rainbow liked what she saw. He stood a few heads taller than she was due to her being the smallest mare any of the 'bolts have ever met. She even had Fleetfoot beat by half a head!

What she found amusing was that she had started to develop a crush on him a short while after she joined the team. And it took her a while to even take the time to focus on or notice his looks. The Wonderbolts lived in the compound together six months out of a year for show season and had regular practices during the winter off-season. It had been hard for Rainbow to adjust to being away from her friends in Ponyville and for the first few months she had felt incredibly homesick. Soarin was always there to make her feel better and to ensure she knew that she was now part of a new family. While she loved the feeling of being around him and wanted something more, she couldn't bring herself to make a move. She had been involved romantically with two stallions before and both of their relationships had ended poorly. She didn't want to be hurt again, so she did everything she could to protect herself from that feeling. Sure she was only twenty, but she was still so incredibly afraid of being alone again. She hated being alone.

Rainbow let out a low groan as she turned the shower off and stepped out with a towel around her shoulders.

"You okay there Crash?" asked Fleetfoot. "You look bothered by thomething."

"I know that look'" Spitfire added as she moved up beside Fleetfoot. "She's got her mind on someone," she said with a grin.

"N-No. I-I'm fine. Really." Rainbow quickly tried to deflect the statement and make it seem as though she was okay. She sighed again and looked away. "I'm just a bit..." she trailed off lamely.

"'A bit' what Rainbow?" Fleetfoot asked gently, as she managed to catch a glimpse of Rainbow's eyes before she turned away.

"I'm just tired," the mare answered weakly. She lightly shook out her mane, letting out a barely audible whimper. "I'm just going to go to bed." She walked out of the lockers towards the sleeping quarters, head drooping slightly. She felt her heart sink as she walked down the hallways. Why couldn't she get him out of her head? She liked him so much she couldn't focus on much else. But she knew there was no way in Equestria she'd let anyone know. Though she was unconvinced that she was fooling Spitfire or Fleetfoot. They were smart mares, especially Fleet, who had a knack for getting to the bottom of things.

By the time she got to the sleeping quarters, everyone else, with the exception of the two mares she was just speaking to and the stallion in her thoughts, was already there getting ready to sleep. Rainbow followed suit and by the time everyone was in bed, her head was literally spinning and her heart was beating much faster than was normal. Sure she had been confused and nervous with previous crushes, but this one was giving her legitimate anxiety. She hated feeling so afraid. Hated feeling so overwhelmed. She hated the shaking and nausea that came with her feelings. It had been this way for months now. Celestia knew she was absolutely exhausted, and not from her long training days. She bit her lip and focused on taking in long, deep breaths as she drifted off into Luna's night. She hoped to the stars that she'd feel okay soon. Though she knew that wouldn't be the case.

The two mares watched her go with concerned expressions on their faces. Rainbow had become a close friend to them, and they hated the thought of her keeping in all of her negative emotions. Besides, they had yet to ever see her look so dejected. It wasn’t majorly noticeable but they could see she was holding back. She was stubborn like that. "Should we athk her again? It theemth like there'th more that she'th not telling uth. I mean, do you think her having a crush would make her thith upthet?"

"I don't know Fleet. She's super private. Even if there is something specific bothering her she'll never tell anyone. We'll just keep an eye on her in case she gets any worse. "

"Agreed. But..." Fleetfoot paused and let a smile slowly creep onto her lips as her eyes suddenly widened. "Do you think it hath anything to do with how she'th been acting around Thoarin for the patht few monthth?"

Upon hearing this, it was Spitfire’s turn to go wide-eyed. Of course. The rainbow maned mare had never been very subtle about well... anything. But as of late, around Soarin... An extra pep in her step, a certain look in her eyes when she saw him or spoke about him, and the way she'd stare in his direction with a small smile on her face whenever he left the room she was in. Spitfire smelled a crush. "Fleety. You're a genius. I just wish I knew what was making her look so defeated."

"We'll figure it out Thpitty," Fleetfoot assured her while nuzzling under Spitfire's chin, making the taller mare giggle. "For now, let'th go to thleep. We'll try to get anthwerth tomorrow."

"You're right. I mean we know that there's definitely a chance of them working out. But for now," she led Fleetfoot out of the locker room and into her private room. "We sleep." She wrapped Fleetfoot in her hooves and wings as the two drifted off to sleep.

Soarin couldn't sleep that night. It was midnight and he was in his private room. He had tried everything to fall asleep. He had gotten water, counted sheep, and even stretched a bit. But he could not get his mind off of a certain tiny mare. He couldn't tell anyone when he had developed a crush on the prismatic ball of energy, because even he didn't know. It had to have been sometime in the past few months. Though he had not liked her then, since the day he met her, he had known that she was special. From her saving himself, Spitfire, and Misty Fly at the Young Flier's competition, to her staying loyal to him and encouraging his teammates to do the same at the Equestria Games tryouts. Even when she crashed into a trash can during her first day as a 'Bolt, he saw her determination to prove herself to everyone around her, especially Misty Fly. He had seen that she was a fierce, brave mare. Everyone on the team agreed that Rainbow was the bravest mare they had ever encountered.

But all her toughness aside, she had deeper feelings under everything. He could see that her determination was driven by fear. Of what, he didn't know, but he knew it ran deep. He had also seen first hoof how devoted and loyal she was to her friends. Her maternal tendencies towards her little sister Scootaloo, and her protectiveness towards her twin sister Daring. What he enjoyed the most though, was how adorable she was. Her rainbow mane shone in the light and her eyes reflected so many emotions and lit up whenever she was excited about something. Sure there was the fact that she was a head and a half shorter than all of the mares and a good two heads shorter than the average stallions, but it was the way she acted when she felt safe around him, Spitfire, and Fleetfoot. He, along with the rest of the team often had to resist the urge to openly d'aww at her whenever she was tired. She'd curl into herself and yawn a small, dainty yawn that most of the team was very fond of. He swore she was some kind of shape-shifter. Rough and tumble, ambitious, and daring by day, and kitten by night. Though, she'd almost always straight up deny it whenever somepony pointed it out. "Heh.." he chuckled to himself as he thought about her.

She was indeed something else. Of course, being twenty-four years old, he had had multiple crushes over the years. Since he was a shier, more dorky stallion, he had never acted upon them though. Spitfire used to tease him all the time about it, while Fleetfoot constantly nagged him to just "stallion up" and talk to them. This was not the case with Rainbow Dash however. She was special to him. He felt the need to make a move, because he feared that if he didn't take his chance, she'd wiggle her way out of his grip and never return. He felt that she was worth all the effort of growing a pair and asking out.

But he was afraid. Overwhelmed. As much as he wanted and needed to do this, he was so inexperienced. There had been a general sense of worry following him around ever since the idea popped into his head. He wanted to ask Spitfire and Fleetfoot for help but he kept chickening out. "Ugh!" He rubbed his temples and came to a decision. The next day, he would ask for help, and hopefully ask Rainbow out. It had to be the next day or he'd never do it.

With his decision made, Soarin turned over in his bed and tried to calm his beating heart. as he fell asleep. It would be interesting to see how the next day played out.