• Published 31st May 2021
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Silver and bone - ThePinkiepie

It started at the beginning of the school year and it just seems to get worse

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Only the beginning

Author's Note:

Hey ok so I know this is a bit short.. Sorry about that I have been busy but I hope everybody likes it I will try to post a new chapter every week! Have a good day:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Nobody POV

Silverstream kept looking at herself in the mirror as she thought back to all the things Seaspray had told her.
She just kept looking at herself seeing how fat she was getting and rubbing her talons on her stomach.

"you have become a disgrace to your country and the royal family"

Silver felt water in her eyes and just let them drip, she just let herself silently cry.

Silverstream cried for, She's not sure how long. But she had suddenly herd a knock at the door and quickly wiped her tears and looked over to make sure the bag was out of sight. she was unable to see said bag so she thought it was good. "Come in" she said through a fake smile.A few seconds later a orange dragon and a cyan changeling walked in.

well crap

"Hey guys!" she said through a fake smile and waving her talion "I thought you were going to Sugarcube corner?" She questioned.

"Gallus, Yona, and Sandbar, all went and they're bringing food back, then we are going to the lake for a picnic." Ocellus answered
"Well why aren't you with them?" Sil Questioned with a bit of attitude.
"OK 1 watch your attitude, and 2 we came to check on you because you just didnt seem right" Smolder explained.

"Oh you don't need to worry about me I'm fine I'm just tired from school and stuff." Silverstream protested. For a second there was silence the 3 creatures just looked at each other for what felt like forever. Silver saw Ocellus open and close her mouth as if she was trying to say something, but Silverstream knew what she was doing.

Great she's tasting my stupid feeling....

"your lying Silver.." Ocellus said "I tasted your emotions your hurting, so what's wrong?" Silver looked at Ocellus. "Jeez celly, ever heard of privacy?" Silver rolled her eyes.
"have you ever heard about talking to your friends about your problems?" Smolder fired back.
Silverstream started walking toward the dragoness and Changeling.
"for your information I'm perfectly fine, the only problem I have right now is you two bugging me." The creatures started backing up to the door as the young royal walked to them with anger in her eyes. "And for your information Ocellus the hurting your feeling is probably because I ran into a door and my head still hurts from it!" By now Smolder and Ocellus were outside the dorm.

"Now here is how its gonna go" Sliver continued, she looked at Smolder. "Smolder I would like it if you spent the night in a different dorm room tonight. Its nothing against you I just feel like being alone right now, and I will just get dinner in the school cafeteria so don't worry about that. If needed you can come by later and get your stuff to sleep in a different dorm ok. that's all goodbye, have fun!" She then proceeded to shut the door in their faces.

Smolder and Ocellus just stayed in silence not sure what to do now. “So...” Smolder started “was she lying?” She asked looking at the Changeling. “Are you stupid! Of course she was lying” Ocellus stated “I mean yes we can sense psychical pain but it tastes different hers was emotional and her emotional pain tastes like Black licorice cotton candy! And-.”

“CELLY CALM DOWN!” Smolder yelled, she then started whispering “Silverstream is still in the room right in front of us and she can hear you. So if we are going to talk about this let’s start walking to the lake.” Oculus looked to the door, then Smolder, then the door, then Smolder again, and nodded. And they began walking to the lake.

“So...” Silverstream her Smolder say from the other side of the door. “was she lying?”
“Are you stupid! Of course she was lying” She heard Ocellus state, “I mean yes we can sense psychical pain but it tastes different hers was emotional and her emotional pain tastes like Black licorice cotton candy! And-.”

“CELLY CALM DOWN!” Smolder yelled, she heard Smolders horrible attempt to whisper, “Silverstream is still in the room right in front of us and she can hear you, so if we are going to talk about this let’s start walking to the lake.”

Silverstream waited for a few minutes with her ear still pressed against the door. after a few minutes of not hearing anything she slid her back against the door and started sobbing. Silverstream hated herself, she hated that she was still alive, she hated the way she looked, she hated everything about herself. She didnt even know why she hated herself. She had an awesome group of friends, she doesn't get bullied by any creature here, the only person who ever gives her a hard time about anything is General Seaspray. All he ever talks or writes to her about is grades and how to act like some high class snobby princess. Silverstream suddenly felt a sharp pain in her talion "Son of a hot spring!" She screamed in pain, She looked down at her and saw she had dug her claw into her pawl causing it to bleed.

"Ugh" she proceeded to walk to her bathroom, open the drawer that was connected to the sink, and pull out a small blue box that says First-AID.

"Not again..."

She grabbed a paper towel to clean the blood off and proceeded to grab a few band-aids form the kit and put them on her pawl. She looked over her talion it seemed good and unnoticeable. She started walking around her dorm see if she could see the band-aid while walking, "Nope all good!"

Silverstream looked at the mirror again. She started looking around her dorm through the mirror, her eyes landed under her bed where she had thrown that bag. "I guess I can weigh myself just to see how much I need to loose.." Before she could talk herself out of it, Silver quickly snatched the bag and opened it, and grabbed the scale.

She carefully set the scale on the ground. She already knew how to use one, in fact it was Sea Sprayer who showed her how to use it after everygriff came back to land. She thought it was the best thing in the world, she would use it everyday just for fun! but as time had gone by she started caring about the numbers on the scale. Sea Spray constantly told her to "watch the numbers and make sure they never get to high," and soon it wasn't something fun for Silver to use anymore. It became one of the reasons she would cry herself to sleep sometimes.

She kicked the scale making it turn on and waited for the 00 to come up. When it did she made sure all four legs were standing on it. She waited for it tell her. she was scared about what it was going to be, the number had finally come up..


123.8 was what it said on the scale. "N-No" Sliver started crying. how could she let herself do that. Soon her cry's turned into sobs. She was disgusted in herself. Shes 14 and is 123.8 basically 124! As she cried she went over to her desk and grabbed a pencil and an empty note book. She wrote down the date and time.

Friday, October 12.

weight: 123

She wrote down stuff she could do

what I need to do:

If I cut off more foods I might loose a few, and if I start working out more that could help to

She closed the note book, and hid it under her bed along with the scale and bag.

"OK....I know I usually workout in the morning and night but I guess I could do one now.." She looked out the window to see what she could do. "I think the track is open, I could run or fly a few laps around it."

After a bit of thinking Silver flew out of her dorm and went to the vending machine right outside the students cordons, And grabbed a few waters. While she was waiting for the waters to leave the machine she looked at the other treats that were in there. She saw some crackers that had cheese or peanut butter in the middle, it made her stomach growl in hunger. "Will you shut up" she whispered while hitting her stomach.

She looked back at the food, "Maybe i can just have one snack?"

"UGH" she proceeded to hit her claw on her head "No Silverstream NO more of that." She heard a loud thud and looked down to see the few water bottles had come out. Before she could think anything else Silver grabbed the waters and flew as fast as she could to the track.

Thus beginning her workout....