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Not bad, story going by their own terms from the series as Twilight had not known of them till around meeting the mane 6 and being friends and yet Luna is around and Twilight knows of their existence.

A Twiset ship, nice. I do wonder, will Spike appear? Can't wait to see your world come alive.

I apologize, but could you please restate your top sentence? I have no idea what you just said.

A sequel to what? I'm afraid I did not intend to make it one, no.

Sorry, just that Twilight knew of the Elements of Harmony and of Luna and yet she isn't friends with the Mane 6 so I can see it is following a different outcome from the series and can either guess 1. Luna never turned evil to use the Elements to purge Nightmare Moon. 2. The Nightmare Moon had happen and some other event saved her.

Seeing how you needed the power of Friendship to "use" the Elements. If it is option 2, I am curious about that.

You'll find out about that next chapter, actually. Just give me a little more time to piece it together in a way that makes sense.

"just give up already!" yelled the NightmLare.

Spelling error.

A smile crept its way across her face as she thought of this, and she placed a hand to her chest. Deep down, she hoped she still felt the same when she saw her burning away in the night.

Stock up on marshmallows 😋

The girls blushed as they briefly pictured the two mares before them fighting evil in the nude.

"Hey! Stop your fantasizing and get over here! You need to pick a weapon!" Trixie called out, waking them from their daydreaming.

You kinda asked for that Trix

If it's weapons, Sunset Shimmer had always felt like a sword type and Twilight Sparkle more a bow/crossbow or dagger type.

Now, this is without going with the obvious answer of magic. Anyways, glad to see another chapter and hope to see more, especially with Sunset and Twilight enjoying each other's company.

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