• Published 26th May 2021
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The Harmonizers: Twin Origins - TheEveryDaySparkle

Twilight joins the Harmonizers, an organization of monster hunters that protect Equestria.

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The girls blushed as they briefly pictured the two mares before them fighting evil in the nude.

"Hey! Stop your fantasizing and get over here! You need to pick a weapon!" Trixie called out, waking them from their daydreaming.

You kinda asked for that Trix

If it's weapons, Sunset Shimmer had always felt like a sword type and Twilight Sparkle more a bow/crossbow or dagger type.

Now, this is without going with the obvious answer of magic. Anyways, glad to see another chapter and hope to see more, especially with Sunset and Twilight enjoying each other's company.

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