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Dulcé once was a magnificent singer, her chances for fame were dashed horribly by a Trio who she had been close friends. Years later she has the chance to let wounds heal, will she take it?

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Be careful who you call your friends.

Well, that was easy.

Overall how did you like the story?

Honestly, the only thing I didn’t like was the dazzlings being forgiven so easily. I’m okay with forgiveness, but only when it’s earned or there’s a process that leads to that forgiveness.

Dulcé thought about for several days and, I also was trying to balance forgiveness with learning to not just other's friendships with you for granted and not just stab em in the back to pull ahead.

Several days?

I really like the concept. It feels like it moves too fast though, you could probably expand on some of the things that happen. For example, what was it like for Dulce in prison? You might be trying to keep it short but a little extra description could liven it up. Also some editing on your spelling and grammar could help, it wasn't unreadable by any means but if you cleaned it up it would be nicer.

You have potential.

I was more focused on the forgiveness aspect and trying to show that people sometimes take for granted the friendships they already had.

I really like this so far!

Yes, and that's important. Just trying to give advice to help you communicate that with an engaging story. Not trying to discourage you by any means.

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Explain? I curious about your thoughts

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This type of story isn't my norm, I've got other stories under a different name that are longer.

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So did you miss the main theme I was trying to focus on? Better yet why don't you go read some of Thundercloud93's stories they seem like your type.

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