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a fake Rarity is better than no Rarity at all, right?

That sentence is actually both somber and rather deep.

1 view and 16 likes?...I think fimfiction is drunk guys...

i have a hunch that the "Rarity" Spike is with is the real Rarity and the "white Unicorn" that peeped into the room was one of the changeling that supposed to do business with Spike as Rarity

G-Sec #4 · May 28th · · ·

super easy, barely an inconvenience.

That reference was tight!
As was the story. Thumbs up!

Wow-wow wow, wow... wow.

Spike certainly became a man in more ways than one. And a changeling brothel has oodles of story potential. Really enjoyed this.

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Listen, I'm gonna need you to get all the way off my back about the reference...

G-Sec #9 · May 29th · · ·

Oh okay let me get off of that thang XD

Nice! And kinda sad, too. Sucks when a legit hero's worst enemy is himself.

I haven't even read this yet, but it's clear you're doing God's Work here.

Well, o-kay, then, you utter horndog! Consider myself Gotten Off!

I think somehow that's exactly what happened. Especially considering this dialog.

Mmmmmm - business trip,” she murmured, nuzzling his enlarged frame. “I saw you and had to see what you were up to.”

Knitting his brow, Spike glanced down at the mare. “That’s actually pretty believable…”

Rarity started, before she uneasily laughed. “Believe...Oh, right, of course!” she chuckled, reassuringly patting his hip. “A perfect fabrication!”

Heh. The only way to get what they both wanted was if Spike didn't know what he was getting.

And Twilight is probably going to end up Auntie to a kirin or two after that.

That was wholesome and adorable, I loved it.

We all flocked here for the premise of porn...

Instead we get something that reeks of semi-wholesomeness.

The cigarette scene went on too long for my taste

Spike's inner demons manifest as the asshole teen dragons was a good touch

The receptionist not knowing him or a element barer kinda took me out of the story for a moment

My god Leech, you can always surprise us with a unique idea :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

I like the twist at the end, good shit.

Ahhh, that's the good stuff!


Oh, they probably did.

And there's the distinct possibility that both of them were there for a romp with a changeling copy...but the house thought (correctly) they'd get a feast putting them together and bucking each other's brains out. Can't hide love from a changeling, after all...and it's obvious both Rarity and Spike wanted what they thought was forbidden fruit.

You expected a changeling to be honest?

Wait so that was the REAL rarity?
And one at the end who flipped the sign was the Changling disguised as her?


It could have been another changeling, or possibly the real Rarity had snuck in somehow

I left it up for interpretation =w=

"your room is ready. Suite thirty four - go up the main stairwell and make a left at the third floor. Please enjoy your stay."

That room number.

Wow. Sex with the real Rarity, instead of the Changeling worker?! Now that's one hell of a twist!:pinkiegasp:
Great Job!:pinkiehappy:
Now do a epilogue, with Spike, waking up with Rarity, then taken a shower together, leaving the building, taking the train, walking to her house/business and having tea at her table, while the whole time they keep looking at each other with, Rarity just wait for Spike to ask and/or realize that this is the real Rarity!:moustache::raritywink:

You get +10 points for picking up on that!


I left it up for interpretation

Oh hey, I didn't know you were a writer for the show!


If I was, season 9 wouldn't be a shit-show

Too bad it’s marked Complete. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m pretty sure you’d be able to open every chapter with this.

I like the idea that both of them thought the other was a changeling and the receptionist set the whole thing up lol

That was my first thought as soon as she said Spiky-wikey

Oh shit. I hadn't thought of that.

I think it's HEAVILY implied that's the case.

Discord is a true bro.

I mean, what are the odds that everypony would work out exactly WHAT Spike wanted bits for, AND that Rarity would ALSO take a trip to the brothel at the same time?

awesome story. I would almost expect a sequel of sorts. kind of wondering what kind of reaction Spike would have were his fantasy was reveled to be a reality

Nice... So did Spike just take Rarity or was Rarity the one coming in?...

:facehoof:👍 Totaly see that one coming ♡

Alternately, Rarity keeps "freelancing" by sneaking in and Chrysalis is about to head up there with a hose for the third time this week.

jw278 #41 · May 31st · · ·

I enjoyed this story thanks :pinkiehappy: I gotta say I think I like the idea of them both going to the brothel & not knowing its each other. The best part of that idea is that you could do a sequel where it turns out Rarity is pregnant & has to come out about it to her friends & spike(of course not saying that she slep with a changling that looked like spike. Then have Spike be heart broken at the idea of Rarity being pregnant but as a good friend suports her & goes bk to the brothel with her to get answers only to have the Changelings come out & say that they did it with each other & they didn't say anything cuz there love was very gummy for them :rainbowlaugh:

sorry went on there didn't I lol Thanks for the story :twilightsmile:

So much potential for a sequel or 2nd chapter....

Just started. Tem bits it's actually rarity.

I take it it was the actual Rarity. There was no way she called him spikey wikey if not.
Also, room 34... wonder if all rooms have that same number? well perhaps there's a 69 too? xDD

The changeling brothel is a clever idea, and the Sparity stuff works very well indeed.

Plot twist!

This story NEEDS sequel about what happened next, when they woke up and Spike realises it was really her!

Tem sais h0I to u! Tem gone to colleg and now can writ!

Ok ok ok
That gave me a giggle

Can ChAngeling Haz tem armour nao?

With all the extra legwork leading up to the act I assumed there was going to be more to it than 'they fucked but it was the real Rarity!'

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