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The Dark Wolf

This is the name I use to express my fetishes. And my platonic wam interest.

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Kichi #2 · May 24th · · 1 · Chapter 2 ·

Should you not add the "Cake Twins" tag?

great work on story

Dislike! Kid you cause likes disabled. Kind of make you look like you vsbt take criticism

It's because all my stories tend to get a huge amount of downvotes and I know this one would have as well.

Eh tbh; I kinda preferred diapers in this... . Mainly because I like stories revolving around that; that’s all. But either way; nice chapter.

That’s a pretty good story. But then again; I’m not into scat. Whatever... . It’s still a good story; albeit not what I expected to be honest, hehe

Thanks. That does mean a lot from someone who's not into scat.

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