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It took me two years but I made it!

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The cheating warning makes me a bit weary of reading this but except for that it looks to be an interesting and good story.


No worry its not on Zero or anything

He will also not do it?

Whatcha mean?

Will he cheat? Of course not he wouldn't even try and do that!

Let me...

There changed it

Just asking. You never know what someone can come up with.

That explains it better.

Being 'Isekai' protocol?

I assume you meant 'Begin'.

Sorry wrote this at 4:00 in the morning

I can really feel the hard work and spirit you put into this one, I really like the lore you created for Z3-R0. Can't wait for more.:pinkiehappy:


Well either way I'm not going to get those hours of sleep back!

I hope you and the rest of you lads and lasses enjoy it!

An empire that was known as the Enlightened a group of zealots who believe that the entire universe is theirs for the taking and all other groups must bow to them or be destoried. The CU wasn't going to bow down to some genocide group that made dick-stash look nice and nor we going to avoid them for what they have done. So the war began worlds were destoried and many races where whipped out that the Enlighten used as cannon fodder.


Best time to write, short of borderline-delirious.

I'm already on the line of delirious


Good chapter pretty funny

Thanks, that this has returned. And I'm glad that our Protogen and his Harem ( "Pack" ) aren't gonna cheat each other or do foul play.

Their is one question??!! Will the Main Six, and specifically Celestia/Luna act OOC Xenophobic/Racist jerks to our main characters for no reason??!! Other then making them into unnecessary, card board enemies against the main protagonist and his harem???!!!

You’ll find out later but the next chapter will dive deeper into the lore of the history of the CU and the beings known as the ‘creators’ along with their first creations along with some lore on the Enlightened

1n6jx #19 · May 23rd · · · Part 1 ·

happy that you are write this again hope to see completed :pinkiehappy:

Hmm nice rewrite and looks better then before and looking forward to seeing where it goes from here and what will come. As well see who will be in Zeros pack and how this world is like and such and who will be friends or enemies to Zero


Okay! And these "Enlightened" sounds like Genocidal/Xenocidal, Prideful, Dickheads! And I pity the CU, and hope that the creators will help?

Anyway, hope that the Ponies themselves are in character, and be great friends and allies to our Protogen and his Harem. Because, acting like their Racist/Xenophobic, "Master Pony Race" Prideful Jerks like in your previous stories. Does makes them NO BETTER than those murderous Enlightened Assholes that kills innocent species/races from many destroyed planets!!!!

I really like this though to be honest I liked how he was introduced in the last one to be honest but this works to and I can't wait to see how the story goes from here

He hella thick! This is going to be awesome without a doubt!

When are you gonna fuck off cooper, nobody likes you

If you don’t like him just leave.
Ya f*ing A*hole🖕🏽

Una #26 · May 23rd · · 1 · Part 1 ·

Don't drop down to that guy's level, its beneath you.

Comment posted by Connorcooper deleted May 23rd

HAHA ZERO'S BACK BABY!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

All right I shall do that.



Just dab on dem haters

Comment posted by Connorcooper deleted May 23rd

first story was fun. this story seems to be chill. looking forward to some chapters

Comment posted by BionicFox deleted May 23rd

Just finished the first chapter, an interesting start. I'm rather liking it so far.

To be honest I barely remember the original, I don't think I followed that one that closely. From what I remember, I think it was kind of all over the place.

I'll reread it to have something to compare it to.

Are you planning to take this one in any particular direction, or anything you want to focus on more this time?

Just curious.

The Monk
“You’re right. Violence is never the answer.” “Violence is the question.” “And the Answer is YES.” -Illua

Okay, this rewrite comes with a bit of background. It give off a feeling of a scifi story rather than just an isekai one.

'Please be gen 4'

Of course, I of this generation am the coolest of them all. :rainbowdetermined2:
And we have muffins! :derpytongue2:

If I get a chance I'll read the first few ones you had publicly available then I'll go with this one this actually looks interesting I need to read more horse fics 😆😆😆😆!!!! yeahjjjHHHHH

Will other protogen appear sometime later on?

That can be interesting if that happens.

Wasnt there another protogen story featured just last week with one chapter? Is this that? Where did that one go?

Conner didn’t like how that Updating (the story’s name) turned out and deleted it and rewrote it to this one, unless you are thinking about Sepsis.

I'd actually read this if you could stick to at least one story for a change otherwise I expect this to get deleted within the week and I really can't be bothered anymore. :ajbemused:

I'll give this story 3.5 out of 9.0 for at least telling the story somewhat fluently. There's nothing new to see here, just typical scenaria where a non-pony main character meets the M6, one by one.

Also, here're some typos (or grammar disaster) I found in first glance. Try to give due respect to your story, and actually tell it right.

ThiS ISn't fAir. tHEn agAIn notHiNG iS. yoUR dAMagEd... BUt yOu caN bE fIX.

yoU'Re, fIXEd

I have to say though being a protogen is completely different from being a human, to be honest though I barely the life back when I was a hairless ape.

I have to say that, even though being a protogen is completely different from being a human. To be honest, though, I barely want the life when I was a hairless ape back.



Still, stick to what you like and don't get discouraged by criticism. Just improve your basic skills and I'm sure upvotes will come flowing in.

Comment posted by SweetBanana deleted May 24th

Even though this may go against the story idea if there is one planned, please bring back Krystal, as I quite liked that whole story alongside an ass fox, it was a good switch up compared to other stories.
Also I've been waiting for the eventual reboot since last year, Great work so far, Keep it up.

Me gustó mucho el capítulo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Comment posted by SweetBanana deleted May 24th


Well... Some files are fixed but some aren't...

If you catch my drift

Just had to be so mean about it though

what's this a crossover of? i don't recognize it.


Can't tell you without spoiling

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