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Mean Twilight Sparkle created by queen Chrysalis was able to escape the Tree of Harmony's clutches in time. Understanding already after seeing the other five clones Twilight was aware of her own fate if she so had dared to get near the Tree of Harmony. Knowing better than to keep trying to get to the elements Twilight instead decides to travel, as indeed she was quite curious of the world as well. Her great thirst for knowledge and power halted her from having the means of not traveling around Equestria to seek it.

As Twilight's clone self begins her travel she comes across many to many things that had caught her interest. Such as figuring that she had another twin along with the other forms of the other five clones who we're apparently gone at the moment. Somewhere at a point, she makes her way to the north of Equestria far beyond the boundaries of the Crystal Empire. Somewhere there was where she discovered a crimson-colored unicorn horn to which had soon turned out to be the return of the tyrant of the frozen north, king Sombra.

After some time of the two trying to understand one another as their first encounter may not have turned out too good, they eventually settle. Soon the two realized that despite their great differences and the fact that Twilight is a fake, they couldn't help but feel more comfortable in each other's presence.

Just something that randomly popped in my head however, it does happen to be my first story on this site. And yes. it does feature mean Twilight Sparkle, the clone created by queen Chrysalis. I love her ok there's nothing you could do to stop me. Along with king Sombra which I couldn't help but adore any less. What happens though when you bring them together?

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Very interesting, I had read a lot of twibra fanfinc before but they had a very common footprint between them, but yours is well differentiated I liked it a lot and I hope you can continue.

Comment posted by GalaxyNight deleted Jun 10th, 2021

Thanks! And don't you worry cause I will continue.

Really just one chapter?

Yup it's not that long. I'd be a bit too lazy for a long story unfortunately.

Shame...feels like there could've been a portion of this story where Mean Twilight and Sombra team up to try and take over Equestria and the Crystal Empire.

eh I'll think 'bout it. Maybe for a future story or sequel. Mainly when I get some gut in me, not when I'm lazy as shit. Just be patient and we'll see.

I don’t know what surprises me more: The fact that you just admitted you can be lazy (which is just not something anyone should be saying about themselves) or the fact you didn’t think to have Mean Twilight and King Sombra try to take over the Crystal Empire & Equestria until I brought it up.

Don't get me wrong but that that idea had long been in my head ever since I first started to write this. And I do feel like writing it out. However, it all depends on my mood cause there have been a few times since I lost my motivation. I am too an artist as well as a writer and I'm constantly trying my best to improve my talent. So when I feel like I'm motivated enough I will certainly start to put my ideas out there and inspire you.

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