• Published 25th May 2021
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Through Despair and Hope - Blue Writer

How does one help a grieving child? How does one heal from losing everything?

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Dr. Graymane’s Report

Author's Note:

I feel the need to clarify a few things, since not everyone reads the comments section. As my profile states, I haven’t seen a single episode of the show. My knowledge is very limited as a result. I don’t know the full limits of MLP’s magic system.

I do know that Twilight and nobody else turned into an alicorn for some reason. This story takes place before that happened, so she’s still a unicorn. I also know that Discord has nigh-unlimited power, but I think his inclusion in this particular story muddies the water because he could probably send Ben back with a finger snap. This breaks dramatic tension, in my opinion.

I apologize if my story feels clunky because of my limited knowledge and unclear timeline. I’m well aware that my writing is far from perfect and I want to improve. I’m trying to make this story as self-contained and character-driven as possible. Please let me know whether or not I have failed in this regard.

Lastly, I hope you all enjoy this report. I wasn’t comfortable putting this in an actual chapter and couldn’t think of a way to include a scene of Ben trying to eat without it feeling clunky or forced. I might try to include that in a flashback, but I fear the story’s pacing is slow as is.

Patient: Benjamin Lewis Walker (M)

Characteristics: Unicorn colt; gold eyes; copper coat; silver mane; allegedly nine to ten years old; below average weight for assumed age due to lack of nourishment.

Known relatives/guardians: None. Biological family not yet located, possibly deceased.

Report: Patient brought in by Miss Applejack Apple at 8:07 AM with numerous bruises and scratch marks. No discernible signs of sexual trauma. Bruises sustained prior to admittance either accidental in accordance with patient’s story, the results of abuse, or self-inflicted (likely one of the latter two). Scratch marks most likely caused by thorns, as told by patient. Description of “wooden wolf thing” matches that of timberwolves, implying a journey through Everfree Forest. Given reason for being in Everfree unreliable, influenced by delusions. Expresses great eagerness to learn magic and be reunited with family. Denies knowing how to use magic or how to grasp objects with hoofs. Suffers from delusions of being human and an adult. Seeks to present himself as older, likely as a defense mechanism. Attempted to flee hospital, apparently from fear of being held indefinitely. Accidentally sustained concussion and sprained fetlock during runaway attempt. Was placed under close surveillance for twenty-four hour period. Highly observant, capable of paying attention and reaching deductions beyond normal age capabilities. Wary of assigned nurses and hospital staff almost to the point of hostility. Believes staff thinks he is “crazy” and rebuffs nurses attempts at reassurance to the contrary. Claims that “people” lie and “make promises they can’t or won’t keep all the time.” Distrustful of adults, saying he is “not some dumb kid who’ll believe any lie” told by adults. Refused offer to be fed when given food, saying it was humiliating and cursed his own body under his breath. Demanded to be taught how to properly grip eating utensils. Became increasingly frustrated with inability to grip following several failed attempts. Calmed down and was happy after eventual success. Refuses offers of assistance with using toilet or bathing.

Diagnosis: Patient most likely foal trafficking victim, as evidenced by wariness and distrust of adults in addition to desperation for familial contact. Lack of knowledge concerning basic facts and inability to perform either magic or certain motor skills indicative of extreme, deliberate neglect befitting traffickers. Delusions surrounding human fantasy likely created to suppress extreme trauma inflicted by captors. Delusion of human family fits patient’s view of himself as human.

Alternate Theory: Runaway, abused and neglected by biological family. Developed distrust of adults as a result. Fantasizes himself and family being human to create idealized life and escape memories of abuse.

Treatment: Bed rest for several days. Patient must be given nutrients to regain healthy amount of body weight. Recommend frequent meetings with foal counselor, beginning as soon as possible. To be referred to foal counselor Dr. Warm Light.

-Dr. Dusty Graymane