• Published 25th May 2021
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Through Despair and Hope - Blue Writer

How does one help a grieving child? How does one heal from losing everything?

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Chapter 15 (Improved)

Author's Note:

The previous version of this chapter was rushed and I realized that I was padding the story. Sorry about that. I hope you guys like this new version.

As princesss of the night and mistress of dreams, Luna was quite devoted to her responsibilities. How she had missed being able to move the moon and rescue her little ponies from bad dreams. Thus, when asked by her dear sister Celestia to seek out a certain troubled colt in the dream realm, she was more than willing to oblige. Having been separated from her own family for a thousand years, it pained her to hear of such a thing happening to a pony, especially since they clearly didn’t deserve it. Having heard that the Pony in question was a mere foal, she simply could not refuse to help. One of many steps towards atonement for her actions.

Luna began her search among the residents of Ponyville. Sensing a disturbance from several ponies, she moved to lend her aid. The first bad dream she encountered was that of a little green filly with a black mane, who was running away from her food, which had somehow gained sentience and was trying to eat ponies. Slightly amusing to an adult, perhaps, but it was clearly terrifying to the filly. Luna stepped into the dream and disintegrated the mutant meal monstrosity with a look. Turning, she gazed down at the filly. “Thou’rt safe now, my little pony. Dream peacefully.” The dreamscape changed into a flowery meadow as Luna moved onward, leaving the filly in a far more cheerful dream environment.

Luna continued her search for the colt called Ben, moving from pony to pony and putting a stop to any nightmares she found. Some dreams she encountered were rather exciting, such as one a small pegasus filly was having about flying with the Element-bearer Rainbow Dash; one of them was wearing a bat costume for some reason, but dreams could be strange like that. Other dreams were quite romantic, but Luna did not tarry for those, believing them to be far too personal. There were, of course, some very surreal ones as well. One in particular involved a glass of milk, shouting, and a muscular stallion with a great mustache.

Eventually, the princess reached Sweet Apple Acres, home to the Element of Honesty, Applejack. Luna saw pleasant dreams from all the inhabitants save one. This dream belonged to a unicorn colt whose coat was a lighter orange than Applejack’s and his mane was silver. In the dream, the colt in question was slowly wading through a thick substance of some sort, trying to reach a strange bipedal creature. Upon closer examination, Luna recognized it as the species from the other world her sister showed her. Human, if she remembered correctly. Why would a colt be dreaming about a creature that, in this world, only existed in myth? Curious, she continued to observe.

The colt struggled to move through the muck and attempted to reach the human with his hoof. The human did not respond. “Come! On!” yelled the colt, pulling himself through the liquid and sinking. Luna sensed desperation and frustration. “Do something, body!” the colt yelled at the human. Very strange, Luna thought.

The human’s body suddenly began to shift. Sensing the beginnings of a nightmare, Luna prepared to intervene. The body shrank and crouched onto four limbs. It’s skin and mane changed color. The clothes it wore faded away. Its eyes grew to the size of a pony’s. In fact, the human had transformed into a pony, one identical to the colt.

“No!” cried the colt, half in anger and half in grief. “No! No! No! No!” The viscous liquid trapping him was now gone and he ran at his duplicate body. He raised a hoof and struck the doppelgänger. It turned to mist, only to reform into the copy. The colt struck again, only for his hoof to pass through it.

“Face it,” said the duplicate, which spoke in an adult’s voice, “There’s no way out.”

“LIAR!” screamed the colt, continuing his attack, “I’ll find a way, do you hear me? I’ll find a way!”

Luna did not need her powers to feel the anguish rolling off the child. She did not fully understand this dream, but it was time to put an end to his torment. In a burst of blue light, the doppelgänger vanished and she made her presence known. The colt cried out, having been taken by surprise, and fell backwards.

“Fear not, my little pony!” Luna declared, “Your nightmare is at an end!” The colt blinked, staring at her in confusion. “We saw that thou wast in distress and acted,” she continued, “For it is our duty.”

The little pony was still visibly confused. “Uh, who’re you supposed to be?”

It was Luna’s turn to blink. Had so little time passed since her return that there were yet ponies who did not know her? Still, this was a foal, so perhaps a bit of ignorance was to be expected. It was likely that he simply did not recognize her. “I am Princess Luna,” she declared, “Raiser of the Moon and Mistress of Dreams. Our powers permit us to enter the dream realm and save you and anypony else from nightmares, that all Equestria may sleep peacefully. Might we ask of thy name, little colt?”

The colt in question stood silent and Luna patiently waited for him to take in what she had said. It was not the first time her little ponies were hesitant to speak in her presence. “Well,” he said slowly, “My name’s Ben.” He looked around the starry expanse that was now all around them. “Are we in my head right now?”

So, thought Luna, this was the one about whom Twilight Sparkle had written. She pitied the poor thing, being separated from his true family, but what had caused such a peculiar dream? “In a way,” she explained. “We are inside the dream dimension and thy dream was produced by thy mind.”

Ben hummed, once again taking a moment to process. “Is there a way to show memories in here?”

“Indeed,” Affirmed Luna, “It is possible for somepony to relive memories through dreaming.”

Ben started to smile. “Can you show me one of my memories?” He seemed very excited all of a sudden.

“Tis ye who must provide the memory, if thou canst concentrate.”

Ben’s smile widened into a borderline unhinged grin. “YES!” he shouted, “YES! YEHEHES! HAHA!” He briefly held up a hoof. “Okay, gimme a sec, I gotta focus.” He shut his eyes and his face scrunched up in concentration.

The dreamscape shifted and bright lights shone above the two ponies. Rows of chairs appeared around them. In front of the chairs appeared a stage with a podium. In each chair a human was seated. More humans stood in a column near the stage. The ones at and near the stage all wore black robes and tasseled caps. The imagery reminded Luna of a ceremony that had been invented in her absence. Perhaps this was the human equivalent, and Luna now had a vague idea as to why this unicorn colt’s memories featured humans.

“That’s me!” Ben exclaimed joyfully, pointing to one of the robed humans, who was identical to the one in his nightmare, “I’m that human and this memory you’re seeing is my college graduation ceremony! There’s no way I could just imagine something this vivid!” He then pointed to the crowd of seated humans. “Mom and Dad and almost all my siblings are there in the audience! Abby, that’s my older sister, couldn’t come on account of med school. Demanding schedule and being in another state and all. Anyway, I’m not from this universe and I need a spell to get me back home. You’re basically Cthulhu, so you can definitely handle that, right?” Ben’s grin was an odd mix of determination and desperation. There was no doubt that Ben was, in fact, a human.

“My sister and I know of the human world,” said Luna. “We are unaware of any spell that can send somepony to another world, but there are portals for such a purpose.”

Ben was completely ecstatic, his whole body shaking with excitement. “Sweet! Point me to the nearest portal and I’m outta here!”

“Patience,” Luna cautioned, “Ye shall hear from my sister and I on the morrow. Rest assured, we shall do all in our power to return thee to thy family.”

A loud squeak escaped Ben’s lips and he lunged, wrapping his small legs around the tall Alicorn as much as he could. Luna found herself chuckling at his newfound joy. “Thank you!” he cried, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Thou’rt most welcome,” Luna replied. “We must now leave thee, for there are many ponies in need of pleasant dreams.”

Ben chuckled and let go of her. “Right, right, of course. See you tomorrow, Cthulhu!”



The princess of the moon left the human and proceeded through the dream dimension. Celestia definitely needed to know about this. She would also have to ask if her sister knew anything about this Cuthooloo that Ben kept mentioning.