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When I look into the future, I see failure.

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This is incredible. It's tender and sweet beyond words, and I found my own aching with a longing for what these two share. I am in awe at your writing, how absolutely natural everything feels, and this is the kind of romance I aspire to be able to write one day.

That was a very pretty little story. I liked it.

This story is great, Dawn. I think the thing that strikes me the most about it isn't how tender and sweet it is -- although it is both of those, to be sure -- but the sheer domesticity of it. It's something that is not explored nearly enough, and you did a great job of it here.

Also, the Advanced Kissing scene was fantastic.

Loved this! Your takes on both feel so new to me yet so natural at the same time, you handled both of them perfectly and I loved the way everything played out from one scene to the next. Fantastic work!

:tears: thank u wish!!! domesticity is smthn i lack in my life so i wanted to write it here so i had smthn to live in for a little while .... im very happy u enjoyed it

“I did not know a mare could make such noises.” Fleur’s voice was tired, stretched thin with exhaustion but heavy with affection.

Dinky in the next room: O__O

This story actually made me cry, so I think it struck a cord with me. Anyway I loved it!

I really want to know more.

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