• Published 6th Sep 2012
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Another Ship-Fic - Whitestar1802

Mac unknowingly falls in love with Princess Luna.

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Mid-Fall. A gentle breeze blew through Luna's mane. Splotches of red and yellow leaves broke the contant wall of lavender granite that was Canterlot. The leaves were changing, and soon Luna would pay a visit to Ponyville for Nightmare Night. She'd been looking forward to it all year, and being less than a week away made the alicorn radiate joy like Celestia's blazing sun radiated warmth.

Until she was brought back to reality. Oh cruel, cruel reality.

Several of the noble lords and ladies had gotten together to view an art salon, and somehow Celestia and Luna had gotten caught up in it. Row after row, the colorful canvases, pottery, and sculptures filled the room with their beauty. The night mare remained mostly silent, Celestia giving all the opinions. That was okay. Luna didn't really see anything that caught her eye, every piece adhering to the old traditions of oil painting or being so out of the scope of imagination only Discord could fully appreciate it's beauty.

"Who is this one by?" Luna heard one noble ask. As she tried to figure out how water dripping into a bowl was considered art, another pony replied, "A newcomer, by the name of...Klimt."

Luna turned away from the odd display to find something she never expected. A unicorn colt in his twenties, lemon yellow with a curly brown mane, turned away suddenly. It was painfully obvious he'd been staring at her flank. Wonderful, after 1000 years of progress, perverts remain the same, she thought, glaring at the stallion as she asked, "And what hath thou contributed to this gallery, sir?"

He cleared this thoat, a bit of sweat reflecting off his brow as he said," G-Good afternoon Your Grace. I am Klimt, and this...is 'Tree of Life'."

With his magic, Klimt pulled back a curtain and unveiled his work. At first, Luna thought it was a sculpture, for it glittered like gold and copper. But as the curtain continued to part, she saw something absolutely unique. On one side of the painting, two ponies kissed beneath a swirling mass, obviously the titular Tree of Life while a mare watched the two with a somewhat envious look on the other side. It...was facinatingly strange. The figures had no shadows, instead their forms defined by subtle changes in colorful patterns. The textures played beautifully to create a dreamlike feeling, and the warm color scheme reminded Luna of one of Tia's sunsets.

That was half the truth at least. Looking at the two ponies embraced beneath the tree, Luna thought back to Mac beneath the apple trees near the pond. She imagined what it might be like, the two of them together under one of the massive trees. How would it feel being hugged by a stallion like Mac, body warm, muscles taught, the scent of musk and apples-...Ugh, we fear this Klimt fellow's perversity is contagious. Point is, it was a pretty picture. Moving on.

Luna smiled at it, unable to take her eyes off this creation unlike anything she'd ever seen before. However, to her side, the pompous nobility sneered and rejected the piece. What irony posessed thee to name such creatures "noble" sister? she wondered before someone asked, "What do you think of this one Your Majesty?"

Celestia shook her head, giving Luna a nudge as she said," I think you should ask Luna. She hasn't been able to take her eyes off this one."

Suddenly every eye was on her. It made her feel uncomfortable, but looking at the sex addicted artist (who was now not so subtly staring at Celestia's flank) and hostile nobles, Luna knew she couldn't pass up the chance to shock them all. With a grin, she said, "We find it lovely."

A wave of gasps flew out at her remark. Every noble assaulted her with questions as to why she liked such an odd piece, or simply looked at her with mouths agape until she explained," It's unlike anything we have seen before. The patterns and swirls are lovely. The textures and use of gold are unmatched, and the style is instantly recognizable. In fact...we would find it wonderful if thou would accept a commission, Master Klimt."

Klimt just stood with impossibly wide eyes, staring into space as he was suddenly bombarded by requests from the same nobles who had shunned his work moments ago. Luna chuckled, and saw her sister doing the same. They are like children or lost sheep, flocking to Tia and ourself like we are shepherds Luna thought of the shallow nobles that she couldn't really bring herself to hate.

Looking at those ponies crowding the artist, and then turning her gaze to the painting that reminded her of Macintosh, Luna suddenly realised she couldn't imagine herself with any of these pampered princes, no matter how high their birth.

* * *

Ponyville was alive and bucking this afternoon. A chorus of voices flooded Mac's ears as he strode through streets packed with ponies of every color imaginable. The almost overwhelming pink and pastel architecture of the town was muted against the green and blue landscape. Soaring above the other shops and stores was his destination: the Golden Oaks Library. Some sort of strange vine from the Everfree Forest had found it's way onto the farm, and he needed a way to get rid of it. Of course Applejack said she had it handled, but knowing her it wouldn't hurt to keep the book just in case.

He stepped inside, a tiny bell ringing above his head to mark his entrance. In one of the corners of the library, Spike was putting away multiple scrolls and research books Twilight had used in one of her study sessions. The entire building smelled of old paper and ink. Colorful shelves of books, too many for the average colt to finish in a lifetime, stretched to the ceiling to greet a wooden chandelier. Desks and chairs littered the main room, two such seats facing an ornate fireplace in the corner. It was there that the librarian sat reading. No surprise there.

"Just one second," Twilight said, levitating a bookmark to her side. She was obviously in her own world, but at least Spike said, "Hey Mac."

"Howdy," was all he said before the unicorn came over and asked," So, what can I help you with?"

"Somethin' on weedin'. Somethin' from the Everfree's invadin' the orchards."

"And Applejack...?'

Mac just shook his head as she said knowingly," Right, lemme see what I've got."

In an instant a cloud of books surrounded Twilight, each wrapped in the purple aura of unicorn magic. She shifted through the jumble of knowledge, returning each book back to the shelf as she crossed it off some sort of mental list. Mac just watched until only one book was left, which Twilight kindly handed him.

"Here you go, 'A Guide to the Everfree' is probably the best book for something like this," she said, obviously trying to avoid eye contact. Mac just sighed. Confound it, not this again. During Discord's reign, one of the odd villain's pranks had been to make Mac act like a dog, during which he...licked Twilight's face. It was awkward, but he'd gotten over it, like everypony else had after the temporary reign of chaos. He craned his neck, trying to face the unicorn as he asked," Miss Sparkle, are y'all ever gonna get over that? How many months has it been since mah sis' and y'all stopped Discord?"

At that, Twilight's face twisted into what looked like a painful smile. A few hairs on her mane curled and split, her eyes shrinking as she assured him," What? Why would I need to get over anything? I am perfectly fine around you! I'm fine! We defeated Discord seven months, two weeks, four days, ten hours and roughly thirty seven minutes ago! Whatever you think I need to get over is just like anything Discord related: IN THE PAST!"

By now her nose was pressed right against his face, not too unlike AJ during that awful conversation when he wrecked his back last year. Realising what had come over her, Twilight simply forced Mac out the door with her magic, placed the book beside him, and shouted," You take care of that book! Good luck with the weeds!"

The door shut behind him, and Mac let out another sigh. Not for the first time, he questioned his sister's choise of friends.

* * *

Next stop, Rainbow Dash. Mac found her lounging on a cloud in the middle of a field outside town. It was a nice spot, the wind blowing leaves the same shade as his coat, the approaching sunset painting the clouds a yellow not unlike that of his mane. It was nice, until Dash's very audible snores broke the peace like a pane of glass.

Mac cleared his throat, trying to get the pagasus' attention. Not surprisingly she just kept napping like a bum. Must be nice, not havin' to work all day Mac thought. "Rainbow Dash!" he called out, to no success. After a few more tries, he cleared his throat, put on his "serious buisness" face, and in the same tone he used when Apple Bloom was in trouble, shouted," RAINBOW DASH!!!"

"Wha-!? I swear dad, Fluttershy put those magazines in...my...backpack?" she sputtered for a bit, trying to come back to reality. Soon she focused on the stallion sitting beneath her makeshift bed and said," Oh, hey Big Mac."


"What's up?"

"Ah need t'ask a favor," he asked, taking a few steps closer," Ah heard a few o' the pegasi in town sayin' there wasn't any rain scheduled for awhile, and-"

"And you wanted my help watering trees?" she replied, holding back a yawn," Sounds kinda boring. And if it's so important the trees get water, why didn't AJ ask me herself?"

Mac just raised an eyebrow, to which Dash said," Oh yeah, right...Still, why should I waste my awesome skill and talent watering plants?"

A sigh escaped Mac's lips," So, y'all can't do it?"

Dash's eyes flew wide open," What did you say!?"

"Ah mean Sweet Apple Acres is uh big property, and Ah would understand if it were too much for just one flyer to water all them trees by her lonesome."

Gotcha was all Mac had time to think before Dash flew in, cornering him as she verbally beat him" Now wait just one bucking minute! It's NOT too much for me, I CAN water that entire orchard, and I'll do it before you can blink! You got that!?"

"Ee'yup," was all Mac said, smiling at himself," Ah'll seeya tomorrow then?"

"Count on it," she said as she waved a hoof. At that, she reclined on the puffy mass. Soon the sound of her snoring resumed, and Mac took it as his cue to leave. Unlike some ponies, he still had work to do.

* * *

Once again Macintosh made his way to the pond. This time however, it was in broad daylight. The leaves had been raked, the vine invading the orchards had been identified, all the apples were collected, and it was time for Mac to relax. The sky was a swirl of pink and yellow, but it was far too early for the songstress to come by. Instead, a fishing pole was firmly held in his teeth, and hopes of game fishing filled his head.

The forest was alive with familiar sounds as Mac took a spot by the water. Birds sang and the nearby creek babbled as he secured the rod in his hooves. With a quick flick, the bobber was a good thirty feet away.

For a while, Mac was alone with his thoughts. The thing about his line of work was he spent alot of time thinking. Politics, arts, philosophy, culture, they were all subjects he'd spend hours contemplating as he plowed the fields. Thing is so much thought made him naturally quiet, so few ponies understood what went on in his head.

"It's okay. Come on down little guy" he heard a tiny voice whisper. It was soft, and fragile, and Mac probably wouldn't have heard it if what breeze there was hadn't died down. To his side, Mac saw Fluttershy, another one of AJ's friends, with a group of squirrels. One much smaller than the rest was up in one of the trees, so the pegasi floated to catch it. How she held all those squirrels in her hooves was anypony's guess.

Horseapples! Ah didn't think there were any other ponies here he thought. Of course, Fluttershy was a bit difficult to notice anyway, but it still made him feel bad that he hadn't seen her. Should ah say howdy? Or just pretend she aint there? Maybe ah should just walk away...? No! Ah'd be cold as molasses in January if ah left now.If she saw me, ah might hurt her feelin's.

The pegasi looked at him, her face immediately turning as pink as her mane. Their eyes locked for a good three seconds before she turned away. There was no pretending she wasn't there now.

This is bad. Ah don't want her thinkin' Ah'm ignorin' her! Maybe...Ah'll just say somethin'! Ee'yup, just talk t'her normally. No problem.

Mac took in a deep breath, puffed out his chest, summoned his courage and said," Howdy miss-"

She was gone. Only a few yellow feathers marked her escape, the tiny things floating to meet the soft grass. What...what in the hay just happened?

He looked back at the pond, the crystaline waters reflecting the array of gold and peach like some watered down painting. The little hollow once again brought his thoughts to the singing girl. When he compared her to the mares in his town, he just couldn't see himself with any of his sister's friends. Fluttershy's timidness, Rainbow Dash and her laziness, Twilight's mix of brains and insanity...they were just friends to him. According to the town census, there was a 5 to 1 ratio of mares to colts in Ponyville. Yet, they were all friends to him.

That mare who's name he didn't know, she had that spark, that special something that made him feel complete.

* * *

Luna stared out the window. The last fleks of gold were starting to vanish as her night began to dominate the night sky. Around her, the various nobles gossiped over food that had been twisted and warped so as to resemble some sort of "art". As Luna picked at what looked like chariot accident but Tia insisted was a sandwich, she thought about excusing herself to raise the moon. At least, she thought about it until one pony's shrill voice paralized her from sheer volume.

"A plebian!?" the mare practically screamed. Luna rolled her eyes at how every voice in the room hushed at that simply awful word.

"I kid you not, it was some woodworker," an older girl in front of the first replied," We tried to tell her, but she just wouldn't hear it. Now my little Lotus Blossom's off with some awful common boy."

"Scandalous," one pony said as the room started to sound like a swarm of angry bees. To Luna's side, Celestia just sipped her tea and said," You'll get used to it."

She looked back at the pampered lords and ladies and started to laugh. Tia chuckled a bit too, but all went dead when the noble Luna hated most asked," Do you find this funny Your Grace!?"

Of course, 'tis nearly as good a jest as thy actions upon our return Luna thought. Across the table from her, Prince Blueblood stared at her with thinly veiled outrage. His face was red, and Luna's would be too if she didn't have better control of herself. Aside from being as spoiled and rude and twice as oblivious as the average lord, Blueblood was on Luna's bad side. On her first night back to Canterlot, Blueblood had mistaken her for Nightmare Moon. That alone wouldn't have upset her, but he proceeded to have his guards arrest her, bind her, and throw her in a cell until Celestia came by.

Luna spent all three of her hours in that little box memorizing that colt's name, branding it onto her heart, waiting for revenge.

But not tonight. Victory over the pearl white unicorn would need to wait another day. Instead, through clenched teeth she replied," Indeed, Thou acts as thou somepony has broken the law."

"He has!" Blueblood shouted, pointing a hoof skyward as he bellowed to the great Faust herself," The girl has associated herself with a pony of no noble blood, and this commoner has made the mistake of corrupting a lady of Equestria. He must be hanged!"

"Thou should be hanged, Prince Blueblood," Luna muttered under her breath as Celestia said," That's not a law, Blueblood. It's just another silly tradition you need to stop clinging to."

"We do not see what the problem is," the night mare muttered again, but this time, loud enough that Blueblood heard. By now the entire table was hushed again, and the prince across from her asked in a normal voice," You don't see anyproblem with this, Your Majesty?"

Luna looked past Blueblood, at the rolling hills and mountain ranges. She felt like if she looked hard enough, she might be able to see the pond and Sweet Apple Acres from here. With that came the image of Macintosh, his smile, the simple moment when she was healing the cut on his side. That image stayed close to her heart as Luna replied," No. Regular people are kind and true, and down to earth and moral. Thou may not see it Prince Blueblood, but "plebians" as thou so likes to call them, are simply a different type of noble from what thou hath grown up knowing. If the boy is as noble as the 'common' ponies I know, then she is a very lucky mare."

Less than content with their infinitely wise leader's explanation, the dinner continued until Luna left to raise the moon.