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Remedy, She/Her, writing bad fanfics since 2011 and not stopping anytime soon.


A call from Ponyville General finds Lyra confronted with her worst fear, her love in a hospital bed.

My entry for Quills and Sofas' "Do I Know You?" panic prompt. Written in 30 minutes, edited in 10.

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God this was heartbreaking and painful to read. Fantastic job.

This was hearthwrenching, but I love the hopeful ending.

A great works ,thank you!
Your works is very well,I think many people may need it.So please allow me to carry your plugin to the fim tale

Nice job! Is this based off of Vyletpony's song?

Haha yeeeeeaaaaaah. That was the inspiration for it, no doubt.

Great song.

It sure is! I loved your story too!

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